Room for Two by Sydney Landon

February 7th, 2018 Kimberly Review 25 Comments

7th Feb
Room for Two by Sydney Landon
Room for Two
by Sydney Landon
Series: Breakfast in Bed #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Source: Publisher
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When Asher Jackson, the playboy co-owner of the Oceanix Hotel Chain, meets Dana Anders, manager of the gourmet coffee shop within the Oceanix Resort, he longs to strike up a good rapport with her. But to his surprise, his typical charm immediately fails him and he can't help but provoke her with sarcastic remarks at every turn.

Even though Dana can give as good as she gets, she's confused by Asher's hostility toward her--especially when she harbors a secret attraction toward him. When she finds herself with unexpected bills to pay, Dana strikes up a deal; Dana will pose as Asher's jealous wife and drive away the lingering ex-girlfriends that Asher desperately wants to get rid of. Asher hasn't engaged in a serious relationship since his heart was broken five years previously, so he thinks playing husband to a fake wife won't be a problem. But as the relationship continues he's no longer quite so certain. And as the line between false animosity and real attraction becomes blurred, Dana begins to realize that the one thing she wants is what she's pretending to already have.

INFURIATING RomCom Brothers hot

Room for Two by Sydney Landon is the second novel in the Breakfast in Bed series set in sunny Florida featuring brothers who own the Oceanix Hotel Chain. Landon gives us a sexy, snarky tale with two damaged individuals who ultimately find love. While I had some issues with the characters Landon delivered and I look forward to reading more about the Jackson brothers.

Caffeinated Aspects:

  • I love the hotel setting and I have a weakness for brothers.
  • This story features Dana Anders, the manager of the gourmet coffee shop within the Oceanix Resort. Her best friend Zoe Hart whom we meet in Keeping in Hot owns the coffee shop. Dana is snarky, fun and was a good friend who motivated Zoe in book one.
  • Asher our hero is Dylan’s brother and also made an appearance towards the end of the first book. From the moment Dana and Asher met we felt their chemistry and a whole lot of bite. I was excited about their story and what I thought would bring a “enemies to lovers” romance. It did sort of, but with a twist thanks to baggage Asher carries.
  • The story focuses on the romance, but we also become caught up in the Jackson family from step-sisters to history with the boy’s mother. It adds interest and explains some of our boy’s behavior.
  • Secondary characters like Asher’s maid brought humor, warmth, and understanding.
  • Stories about Asher’s previous dates and their attempts to snag the hotel tycoon left me in stitches.
  • Dana and Asher exchange barbs, he attacking her short curvy figure with munchkin comments and she him with talks about the bevy of emptyheaded Bettes he dates. It was fun, but there was also a mean side to some of these barbs that didn’t set right with me. (see decaffeinated aspects)
  • The two enter into an arrangement, where she pretends to be his “girlfriend” at functions. This offered some really fun moments that allowed the couple to get to know each other. I always enjoy arrangement tropes and this was delightful.
  • This is a Romcom, but it also touches on emotional scars, human fears, and happily ever after. By the end of the story, I was completely caught up in this couple and their relationship.

Decaffeinated Aspects:

  • I really struggled with Asher’s behavior and the cutting remarks he made towards Dana. In fact, I was angry enough I almost set the book down. Dana is short and curvy but physically fit and struggles to maintain her figure. She isn’t anything like the tall, barbie types Asher typically dates. When I first saw these two together in book one, I was so sure there was a story behind the digs. Like they had some sort of the previous encounter, but NOPE. Asher was simply an ass and the fat jokes were mean. The thing is, he knows he is an ass but cannot seem to stop himself. Fortunately, this behavior soon stops and we get to know them both. Landon allows for a lot of character growth.
  • My second issue still centers around Asher’s barbs and comments towards Dana but it is directed at Zoe and Dylan. I found it horrible that neither put a stop to the behavior and was further angered when Zoe defended Dana against a woman behaving badly towards Dana but didn’t flatten her brother-in-law. Yes, it was explained, but it still irked me. Bullying is never ok and wrapping it up in humor doesn’t make it ok.

While I struggled with some character behavior, Room for Two ended up being a fun, sexy romantic comedy with all the feels. I am looking forward to the next brother’s fall, err, book.

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25 Responses to “Room for Two by Sydney Landon”

  1. Debbie Haupt

    I too have a weakness for bros Kim but you know abuse comes in many forms and verbal abuse is a big no no for me so I think this may have been a dnf for me. Thanks Kim

    • Kimberly

      I try to hang in for at least the first 25% and it ended by then and we knew he hated himself every time he did it, otherwise, I would have done it myself.

  2. Lorna

    It does sound pretty annoying at times.-from what you say anyway. I don’t remember you ever using the infuriating icon before so that part must be bad. Glad though that it got better and you were more invested in the couple by the end

  3. Anna

    You and I agree about bullying. Funnier makes it worse. Hiding anything inflammatory in a joke is just cruel.

  4. Sophia Rose

    The hotel setting and the brothers does sound like a good start, but mean remarks about a person’s looks would be too much of an enemies bit for me.

    • Kimberly

      Yeah, and in the beginning, there was no reason for his bitter jabs, however, it was short-lived and we do get a reason..but so not cool.

  5. Nick

    Yikes. A hero that fat shames? I don’t think I can handle that. I was looking forward to this series, but I think I’ll stay away from it. That’s one of those things like cheating that I don’t like reading about at all. I’m glad you still found some redeeming qualities however, Kim!

  6. Silvia

    I’ve been seeing this one around lately, but for some reason I wasn’t completely sure about it . . . Yet, after reading your review, I think it could be a nice read 🙂 I’ll also have to see if I can grab the first instalment!