Blogger Tips and Tricks

How the Heck Did You Do That?!?


How the Heck Did You/They Do That ??
Blogger Tips and Tricks


Each month I will share tips on Blogging with you and then archive them here for easy access. If there is something you want to learn about, please contact me with the subject line Blogger Tips and I will try and feature it.


1.  HTML Codes/Quote box/Goodreads button/Comment links
2. Placing images side by side
3. Favicon and Blog Button 
4. Scrolling Blogroll/How to Grow Your Blog/Posting Daily
5. Slider for popular posts/ Requesting an ARC
6. Social Icon Buttons and Utilizing Social Sites for Your Blog
7. How Do I Grow my Blog? Get Comments?
8. Keeping New Visitors and RSS readers
9. Commenting Platforms and Should You Reply to Comments
10. All About Reviews
11. Writing A Negative Reviews and Dealing With the Fallout
12 . Great Websites to Utilize
13.So You Want to Move to Self-hosted WordPress? Things to know before the Move
14. Related Content
15. Organization and Avoiding Burn-Out
16. Tags and Categories
17. More Plugins
18. Comments, Replies, and Socializing
19. Let’s Talk Sidebars
20. Giveaways
21. Gadgets & Apps For Book Lovers
22. Contacting An Author Or Publisher
22. Test It Tuesday-Comments
23. Test It Tuesday- What Does My Blog Look Like To Visitors?
Why You Should Have Share Buttons on Your Blog
25. Searching for Images for Your Website -don’t steal them
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