Keeping It Hot by Sydney Landon

July 3rd, 2017 Kimberly Review 39 Comments

3rd Jul
Keeping It Hot by Sydney Landon
Keeping It Hot
by Sydney Landon
Series: Breakfast in Bed #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Source: Publisher
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The New York Times bestselling author of Wishing for Us delivers a new novel about finding love and adventure with the sexy businessman next door....
Zoe Hart owns the coffee shop in one of the hottest upscale resorts in Florida, run by her childhood best friend, Dylan Jackson. Even though Dylan is a workaholic, he still finds time to enjoy the beautiful women who pass through his hotel all of them except Zoe. She has been in love with Dylan for years without him noticing. But with her thirtieth birthday fast approaching, she realizes she can't keep pining away for a man who doesn't show the merest sign of romantic interest in her.
When Zoe launches her plan to shed her tomboy image in Dylan's eyes, she's thrilled once he starts to notice her in a whole new way. But she ll have to face the risk that seducing her best friend might come with lasting changes to their longtime friendship..."

Humor ROMANCE Brothers Beach Read

KEEPING IT HOT by Sydney Landon is the first in the contemporary romance series Breakfast in Bed.  Zoe Hart has been in love with her best friend Dylan Jackson forever and he’s about to see his best friend in a whole new light. Filled with humor, first times and delicious heat, KEEPING IT HOT is the perfect fun, sexy read to take to the beach this summer.

This was my first read by Landon who reminds me a bit of Jill Shalvis and Lauren Blakely. Told in dual perspectives, Landon immediately pulled me in their story. Zoe owns a coffee shop, so of course, I immediately loved her. Zoe is that best friend who is gorgeous but wears unflattering clothes. She goes to work in khakis and a golf shirt matching what other hotel employees wear. When she spends time with her BFF Dylan she wears sweat pants and t-shirts. Zoe isn’t real confident about herself, despite her business success. So as she approaches her thirtieth birthday she decides things need to change. With encouragement from her friend and employee Dana, she has a complete makeover. Bye-bye pony-tail and seven-day packs of cotton underwear.

The set-up was perfect and I enjoyed being inside Dylan’s head as he takes in Zoe for the first time. Landon did a fantastic job of allowing the reader to experience all the reactions and thoughts. I love how cool Zoe played it, even if she was only following advice. I laughed and smiled as the storyline moved towards the inevitable.

The romance delivered the perfect blend of sweet and heat. From conversations, foreplay and tangled sheets, Landon scorched my kindle and had me swooning for Dylan. Both characters felt genuine and it was clear these two know and care for each other. The drama was kept to a minimum due to level-headed Zoe and a suspense thread.

Secondary characters really rounded out this tale and added humor, snark, and meddling. Asher, one of Dylan’s siblings has me quite curious and Dana is off the charts hilarious from her love life to snark. Just wait until you meet Zoe’s mom. I laughed so hard I had tears.  I loved all the one-liner zings, teasing, and banter that developed between all of the characters. It flowed wonderfully and endeared me to them.

As for the Breakfast in Bed series, Landon has me excited.  We get a little hint of another possible romance and I can hardly wait. KEEPING IT HOT left me smiling with its unrushed and satisfying ending.

If you are looking for a fun, sexy contemporary romance then add KEEPING IT HOT to your list.

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39 Responses to “Keeping It Hot by Sydney Landon”

  1. Cyn

    Oh my gosh! This sounds perfect for me!! I love stories were one person finally realises the other might be perfect for them haha. I’m glad you loved this! Will definitely check it out ASAP! Great review!

  2. Geybie's Book Blog

    Awesome review, Kim. Sounds amazing. I saw a book by this author on Amazon sale list. I’m curious now. I didn’t put the book on my latest news because I wasn’t familiar with the author. Yay, you make me curious about her. Thanks for sharing, my friend.

  3. Jennifer

    Glad to see you enjoyed this one. I was going to read it this weekend but decided to do a relisten of Burn for Me. So I’m reading it soon!

  4. Lorna

    I really think this sounds good, but I wish he’d have SEEN her before her transformation. A bit shallow. However, you make it sound so good, I’ll probably be reading it at some point. Thanks for adding more to my wish list!

  5. Suzanne

    Oh gosh, this does sound like the perfect beach or poolside read. I love what you said about it being the perfect combo of sweet and heat. That’s my kind of romance right there 🙂

  6. Heidi

    I think I would like this one. I adore romance novels with a dual perspective and of course, the coffee shop, win! I am going to see if I can get this.

  7. Kristin

    Well, HELLS BELLS!!!! Looks like I’m buying a book today!!!! This sounds like exactly what I need!!! I haven’t read London, either, so I’m totally stoked to discover her with you, too!!! Thanks, doll!!!! Excellent review!!!

  8. Quinn's Book Nook

    I do love best friend romances, but I the whole tomboy makeover things turns me off a little. So he doesn’t notice her until she has a makeover? Glad you liked it though. 🙂

  9. Nick

    Just added this to my TBR, Kim. I will be buying it when it releases tomorrow. It sounds like the perfect read for me. I love a good friends-to-more romance, so this is right up my alley and of course, I’m totally already swooning over Dylan! Plus, how cute is that cover! Love it! 🙂