Review Request

Authors and Publishers: Please read the criteria below before submitting a request.

  • Be sure to include, title, link to website/Goodreads or Amazon, synopsis, and formats available in your email. Reviews submitted without this information will be automatically rejected.
  • I love ALL adult fictional genres, but my personal favorites are paranormal, urban fantasy, dystopian, mystery, science fiction, and most romances. For the YA genre, I like dystopian and fantasy….please no contemporary young adult.
  • Children’s Books for Nonna’s Corner. I will ONLY accept finished print copies. I review these books with my grandchildren. I will be reviewing/spotlighting several books/products each month. Children’s audiobooks will be accepted. If it is meant to be listened with the book (page turn sounds) please provide physical copy as well.
  • I love books with diversity.
  • I will accept eBooks and, of course, I love physical books.
  • Audiobooks are a new passion here at Caffeinated, and I am now accepting them for review consideration.

What you can expect

  • I blog ahead and work six-eight weeks out from today’s date.
  • I read/listen to books in order of release date, and try to accommodate your requests. If for any reason, I am unable to fulfill my obligation, you will be notified immediately. I will tell you what month your book review will post. Your review may be a single post or be featured as part of my Coffee Pot Reviews.
  • I cannot guarantee a favorable review, but I will be honest, respectful and fair.
  • When I review a book/audio, I will post a review on my blog that includes the cover, synopsis, review, Goodreads add button and buy links.
  • My review or link to my review will also post on my blog’s social links: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest.
  • I will post reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. If applicable, I will post a review on Smashwords.(must provide free code to purchase the book from this site)
  • After I have posted my review, I will email you and provide a direct link.
  • If I DNF your novel, I will email you directly why. I do not rate or review books I haven’t finished. I will add it to my DNF shelf on Goodreads and state reason I did not finish. Again, I am honest and fair.

Please Include the Following With Your Request

  • Title of Book
  • Link to Goodreads or Amazon
  • Genre
  • Series
  • Page count

*A book gifted to me from Amazon or attached in an email does not guarantee a review unless I have made a specific arrangement with you. I will showcase said gift on my Sunday Post if it fits my genre requirements. Thank you 🙂

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Review Request

Please note that I will only respond if I am interested or able to honor your request. Unless we make other arrangements, I will give you the month you can anticipate my review posting.