Mulberry Moon by Catherine Anderson

January 3rd, 2017 Kimberly Review 40 Comments

3rd Jan
Mulberry Moon by Catherine Anderson
Mulberry Moon
by Catherine Anderson
Series: Mystic Creek #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Source: Publisher
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After a career on the rodeo circuit, Ben Sterling longs to settle down on his farm and start a family like his brothers. He’s searched all over for the woman of his dreams. Yet the only one to spark his interest is the new owner of the local café. Getting her attention, however, won’t be easy.

Sissy Sue Bentley has worked hard to make it on her own, and she doesn’t need another man in her life. From her alcoholic father to the men she’s dated, who were after only one thing, they are nothing but trouble. Except Ben keeps showing up whenever she really needs help. Sissy struggles to deny her growing feelings for him—but soon Ben’s tender concern has her hoping for a happier future. Then her past comes barreling back into her life, and it will take more than the love in Ben’s heart to hold them together.

ROMANCE Small-town well written Truffles

There is something about small-town romance series that make me want to pack my bags and move there. Mulberry Moon by Catherine Anderson is the third book in the Mystic Creek series. Once again Anderson transported me to this small Oregon town and pulled me in as she shared Ben Sterling and Sissy Sue Bentley slow-burning romance. Filled with heart, a dash of heat, humor, and suspense Mulberry Moon satisfied.

Each book in this series features a new couple and the town of Mystic Creek. I love this small, quaint town with its mix of Main Street businesses and farmland. Ben Sterling has left life on the rodeo circuit and returned home.  He has begun to set down roots and plans to train horses for his income. The only thing missing is a wife and children to fill his home.  Sissy Sue Bentley has caught his eye, but for some unknown reason, she hates him.  His luck changes when he spots a chicken in the road. Yep, that’s what I said, “a chicken.” The tale that unfolds will have the reader smiling, wiping a tear and giggling as they root for a happily ever after.

One of the things I enjoy about Anderson’s stories is the depth she brings to her characters. She doesn’t rush her stories, and while bits may be too sugary sweet for others, I find them to be a refreshing change in a sea of angst filled romances. In Mulberry Moon, Sissy is a bit standoffish, and Anderson takes the time to allow both Ben and the reader to understand her. Ben works with troubled horses making him the perfect guy to take on Sissy. What starts out as neighbor helping neighbor slowly evolves into something sustainable.

Ben and Sissy’s relationship has some unexpected hiccups from accidents to Sissy’s past rearing its ugly head. As they slowly developed trust this delicate romance bloomed into something more. Theirs’s a slow-burning romance that fades to black, with just enough detail to curl your toes but not enough to have you blushing. Both characters are likable. They’re honest folks who appreciate the meaning and rewards of a hard day’s work. They look after others around them making their journey to happiness all the more enjoyable.

Anderson had me laughing, sighing and she even made me cry over chickens, a kitten, and a rat. I kid you not. A rat. If you love animals, Mulberry Moon will delight you with its array of four-legged and winged friends.

I loved the folklore Anderson shared about a Mulberry Moon. It added a nice touch to an already beautiful story. I hope you decide to take a trip to Mystic Creek.

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40 Responses to “Mulberry Moon by Catherine Anderson”

  1. RO

    There are certain authors that I’ll purchase without looking at the blurb, and Ms. Anderson is one of them. As you mentioned, her novels are about relationships that we can relate to, and there has never been one of her books that failed to bring a few tears. I’m looking forward to checking this one out and loved your review. Hugs…

  2. Ethan

    I really like the idea of using the setting to unite the books in the series. It kind of reminds me of Tana French’s books. She focusses on different characters within the same world.

  3. Kristin

    This sounds so good. I love how you explained that Ms. Anderson takes the time to really develop the story through the characters. A guy chasing a chicken in the road? Fantastic!!! I remember we had these books stuffed on the shelves at the library, all thoroughly read through 😀 Great review!!

  4. Sophia Rose

    I still have the first book in this series on my shelf. Love the small town romances, too.

    How cute with the little animals. I’ve cried over some odd things in books so no harassment from me. 🙂

  5. Angela Adams

    Right before Christmas I finished “Silver Thaw,” the first book in the series. looking forward to books 2 and 3. Thanks for the post.

  6. Laura Thomas

    I sometimes enjoy a story that isn’t filled with danger and takes it slow and easy. And I’m very much into character driven ones. Such a lovely cover too.

  7. Lorna

    Oh you get me every time! I say this because I am already reading something else you recommended as I write this(The Hating Game)This sounds amazing. Can it standalone? Love good small town romances:)

  8. Quinn's Book Nook

    I adore small town romances, too. I don’t know if I would really love it in reality, but in my fantasy they are always just so perfect. I’ve never read Catherine Anderson but she is on my list.

  9. Heidi

    I am going to reserve a copy of this at my library. I need more sweet romances without drama and you know I am always up for an Oregon setting.

  10. Kathryn

    I enjoyed this one too and I think they are like real characters that just could be living in a town where I live. Loved all the chicken stuff, I know she has or had her own (CA) so she is very knowledgeable about them. Now I draw the line at the pack rat though!!

  11. Laurel-Rain Snow

    That gorgeous cover first attracted me, and now, reading your review, I can visualize the little town in Oregon…and I, too, want to go there.

    I love the sound of this book…so thanks for sharing it, and adding it to my wish list.

  12. Katherine

    I have seen Catherine Anderson around but I’m not sure I’ve ever read anything by her. Like you I love a small town romance and especially a slow burn one! This sounds like a book I would love and I’m more than a bit curious about how the rat fits into all this.

  13. Tracy Terry

    Oh yes, I could see myself living somewhere called Mulberry Moon which is why, odd as it sounds. this might not be the read for me. After all how could any book compare with the things a name like Mulberry Moon conjures up.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      The stories take place in Mystic Creek, but there is a Mulberry Moon. I am forever wanting to pack my bags and live in these small towns 🙂

  14. kindlemom1

    Ooo I love that cover, so pretty and soft! I haven’t tried this author but it looks like she is one I need to add to my list to try this year.

  15. Debbie Haupt

    You know its been a long time since I’ve read anything by Catherine Anderson, maybe its time I pick her up again! Thanks for the great review Kim