The Italian Screwjob by Chris Tullbane

March 9th, 2023 Kimberly Review 20 Comments

9th Mar

I love when a series just gets better as you listen. Such is the case with the Many Travails of John Smith. The Italian Screwjob by Chris Tullbane is the fourth audiobook narrated by Joel Richards. John travels to Rome with the vampire Queen, or should I say exiled Queen? Suspense, surprises, and a race against the clock to save the vamp he loves await you…..

The Italian Screwjob by Chris Tullbane
The Italian Screwjob
by Chris Tullbane
Series: The Many Travails of John Smith #4
Narrator: Joel Richards
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Source: Publisher
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Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Narration: 5 cups Speed: 1.5x

It's been several years since John Smith became San Diego's supernatural mediator, and he's as surprised to still be alive as anyone. A lot of the credit goes to Anastasia, the vampire whose relationship status with John can be safely filed under 'It's complicated.'

So when Ana's boss, Lucia, informs John that Ana has been imprisoned for killing Tomas, King of the Italian Court, he drops everything to go to her defense. If he can find the real killer--and unravel a centuries-old mystery in the process--his trip to Rome might just have a storybook ending. Assuming that Anastasia isn't the killer, anyway, which is far from a certainty, given both her career as an assassin and the very public blood feud between Tomas and Lucia.

John has survived a lot of things--divorces, conspiracies, even insane demigods--but politics can be deadly even before regicide is thrown into the mix. This case is looking more and more like an Italian screwjob.

Humor Supernatural SUSPENSE urban

If you enjoy urban fantasy with snark, cultural references and a protagonist who gets himself in and out of situations by the seat of his pants… you’ll love this series. I recommend listening in the order of their release. Character relationships, allies and consequences make starting from the beginning a must.

After John’s near-death experiences in Ghost of A Chance, we get an update on his life. He’s got roommates and working his private investigation business with them. Ana, his vampire love interest, is in Europe and things are fairly quiet. Until he awakens to find Queen Lucia in his kitchen. The story that unfolds pulled me in and never let go.

Nothing says fun like traveling to Rome with the ice queen to rescue your love from death, but here we are. Apparently, Ana has been charged with killing Tomas, the vampire king (Lucia’s brother). They, or should I say John, will have three weeks to gather evidence before facing the tribunal.

I absolutely love the world Tullbane has created, and traveling to Rome was a blast. We got to see more unique creatures and some scary old vampires. We also had to deal with bugs. Enormous bugs. Something I am not prepared to talk about. (the horror)

I think this was the longest audio of the series. The pacing and story were so well done that it just flowed and I lost myself in the tale. The mystery of who killed Tomas was grounded and the evidence against Ana seemed overwhelming. Is it a frame job? Is it the same person who killed Lucia’s father? Assuming Lucia is telling the truth about events from her past.

I loved how the bond/link between Lucia and John works. It was interesting being privy to both of their thoughts. John has a way of making allies and seeing things others don’t. One of the council hinted about John not being entirely human and it has me bubbling with curiosity.

If you haven’t started the series, I highly recommend you dive in! Rich characters, and fantastic world-building combined with suspenseful mysteries and humor make them a must listen/read.

Joel Richards narrates and does such a stellar job with the voices of these characters. He captures their attitude, humor and emotions perfectly. The story/series lends itself to this format and I have been devouring them as quickly as they release.

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About Chris Tullbane

Chris Tullbane

Chris Tullbane began as a gleam in someone’s eye, but birth and childhood were quick to follow. He’s been fortunate enough to live in Spain, Germany, and all over the United States of America, and is busy planning a tour of the distilleries of Scotland. He currently lives in Nevada with his angelic wife and ever-expanding whisky collection and occasionally ventures outside to peer upwards, mutter to himself about ‘day stars’, and then scurry back into the house. Chris is the author of two series; The Murder of Crows and The Many Travails of John Smith, as well as a collection of novelettes and stand-alone novels, Stories from a Post-Break World, which are set in the world of The Murder of Crows.

About Joel Richards

Joel Richards

Joel Richards was the kid who did crazy things just to have a good story to tell afterward. On deciding to make his affection his profession, he received a BFA in acting and a BA in English from the University of Utah, and later an MA in oral storytelling from East Tennessee State University. He has narrated over 150 audiobooks (fiction and nonfiction) and continues to tell his original stories to live audiences.

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20 Responses to “The Italian Screwjob by Chris Tullbane”

    • Kimberly

      One of my favorite genres. This is hilarious, with a solid mystery/case all in the present day with sups living beside us but hidden.

  1. Wendy

    I love the sound of this series. I like that it’s filled with humor and adventure