Southern Bred and Dead by Angie Fox

October 21st, 2020 Kimberly Review 15 Comments

21st Oct
Southern Bred and Dead by Angie Fox
Southern Bred and Dead
by Angie Fox
Series: Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries #9
Genres: Cozy Mystery, Paranormal
Source: Publisher
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A haunted church. A ghastly death. Can Verity clear up the case before she’s buried way over her head?

Verity Long would really like a day off. Between uncovering the culprit who capped her gangster ghost housemate and dodging the bomb her boyfriend just dropped on their relationship, her spiritual calling has gotten complicated. But when she steps out for a little fun at a church fundraiser, she has another mystery on her hands when a family friend plunges from the bell tower.

With her pet skunk and a spectral mobster buddy in tow, Verity charges back into the world of furious phantoms. But as she follows a shocking trail of clues through a dangerous speakeasy, a possessed movie theatre, and a spooky mob safehouse, she could end up sleeping with the ghostly fishes.

Can Verity lay everything to rest before a mysterious murderer reads her last rites?

mystery Small-town paranormal Humor

Today Sophia Rose is here to share the paranormal cozy mystery, Southern Bred and Dead by Angie Fox. Grab a pumpkin spiced latte and check out her thoughts.

Sophia Rose’s Review

A Gangster ghost dead set on finding out why he was killed and his ‘not-so Girl Friday’ who is determined to solve the death of her grandmother’s friend and the uneasy ghosts in the church graveyard raise more than a little ruckus in their small southern town.

Southern Bred and Dead is the ninth of the Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries that work best when read or listened to in order.

Verity always has good intentions, but she is not naïve and knows that Frankie will lead her into trouble faster than she can wink.  She has promised to help him confront his brother about the shocking reveal they got at the end of their last ghostly adventure even if it means pushing her caring, responsible boyfriend, sheriff’s deputy, Ellis Wydell, too far when she rubs shoulders with gangster ghosts, bends the law, and tracks down a possible killer.  She knows she scared him when she almost died on a few of her ghost cases, but she’s miffed that he can’t seem to accept that the ghost cases have become her career and she’s good at it with Frankie’s help.

Things have been building to a head in recent books between Verity and Ellis, but also to Frankie’s investigation into his own murder.  I was wary of what was going to break loose in this book as a result.  It did get more angsty and I worried that Verity would stubbornly hold her no-compromise position that refused to see any other perspective save her own, but it was great how her friends gave good advice and she listened.  I was starting to mutter at her and especially because she does have a tendency to go rip roarin’ into the thick of things with no thought to danger until she’s looking death in the eye and poor Ellis and sometimes Frankie have to get her out of it.  But, it turned out much different than I feared.

The mystery was clever and there wasn’t even evidence that it was a murder for the longest time.  There are a few possible suspects and I didn’t figure it out early.  I loved how more Sugarland history from the 20’s was woven into the mystery and we finally get the answers along with Frankie for his murder.  His early years and more of his gangster past are a big focus in this one along with Verity’s relationship.  It was great getting all that background since I have loved Frankie’s character since the beginning of the series.

There was a rumor that this was the last of the series and I could see why people would think that since a couple big series arcs were addressed, but I’m relieved to see that the author plans on more ghostly detecting for Verity, Frankie, and Ellis.  Those who enjoy a paranormal twist to their cozy mysteries should definitely give this series a try.

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15 Responses to “Southern Bred and Dead by Angie Fox”

  1. Carla

    I read the first four in this series, but for whatever reason, I have gotten behind. I need to catch up. Nice review Sophia Rose, it is a fun series.

  2. Lorna

    It sounds like a fun read as well as series. I don’t read that many cozy mysteries-once in awhile-but I think the paranormal aspect would really add to it.

    • Sophia Rose

      I am the same way. I enjoy a few cozy mystery series now that all have paranormal elements. I see them as more of a light urban fantasy that way.

  3. Katherine

    I have seen so many fabulous reviews for this series and I desperately need to pick it up! I think I’ll start at the first one but I’m glad to see that she’s wrapping up story arcs and continuing a series. I hate when story arcs go to long.

    • Sophia Rose

      Yes, try it. I saw the first one is still free.

      I like that things are getting resolved, too. She wrote it in such a way that dealing with story arc situations do not have to mean the end of her series.

    • Sophia Rose

      Haha! I did the same thing. I picked up book six first, loved it, and went back and binged the early ones. Thanks, Angela!

  4. sjhigbee

    I like this one! It being the ninth book, I’m not tempted to jump in – but I always like a clever mystery – thank you for sharing:))