Veiled Menace by Deborah Blake

May 23rd, 2017 Kimberly Review 26 Comments

23rd May
Veiled Menace by Deborah Blake
Veiled Menace
by Deborah Blake
Series: Veiled Magic #2
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Source: Publisher
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From the author of Veiled Magic and the Baba Yaga novels, comes an exciting new paranormal romance...

Since Witches came out of the broom-closet in the early 21st century, they have worked alongside humans as police officers, healers, stock traders, and more. But they aren’t the only paranormal entities in our world...

Witch and police officer Donata Santori is no stranger to magical mayhem, but lately her life has been unexpectedly charmed. Her job as a Ghost Yanker now includes the occasional paranormal investigation, and she’s advancing her magical abilities with the help of an ancestor’s treasured spell book. And while both of her former love interests—reclusive half-Dragon art forger Peter Casaventi and disgraced Shapechanger Magnus Torvald—are nowhere to be found, she’s not averse to being wined and dined by wealthy businessman Anton Eastman.

But Eastman isn’t what he seems, and what he wants from Donata is far more than she’s willing to give. When a mysterious relic, the Pentacle Pentimento, resurfaces, along with Peter’s Dragon father and a shocking Santori family secret, Donata must fight to save herself, her friends, and just maybe the fate of the world from a magic as old as it is dangerous…

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VEILED MENACE by Deborah Blake is the second book in the Veiled Magic series. Almost six months have passed since the events of book one, and there is an increase in paranormal crime against humans. Donata hasn’t been sleeping well, and her new love interest might be to blame. While this wasn’t as fast paced as VEILED MAGIC, Blake offers plenty of reveals as Donata’s role for the police department expands.

Donata is busy assisting the Cheif on cases and missing both Peter and Magnus.  Neither has bothered to even drop her a postcard and she is both concerned and hurt. She has begun dating wealthy businessman Anton Eastman, and while being wined and dined is fun, she isn’t feeling a connection and misses Peter. Meanwhile, there has been an increase in paranormal crimes against humans. This shocks her because most aren’t willing to break the agreement with the Church. To do so would mean death by the Council. To complicate matters, she isn’t sleeping well, and Ricky is about to tell her why. Oh and that painting that burned…it’s still around. Yep. Things are about to get crazy for Donata.

I was excited to return to this world, and Blake rewarded us with progression in the overall arc and answers to questions. The world is well developed, and the introduction of Anton proved an interesting one. When the painting and dragons resurface Blake gives us a compelling case, but it didn’t have the edge I loved from the first book. Middle book syndrome? Mayhaps.

Donata spends time with her great aunt practicing spells. This was perhaps my favorite part of VEILED MENACE. We learn about their family history, the Pentacle Pentimento and Donata herself. She wants to strength her skills as her job on the police department increases. The magic is familiar, but Blake adds her own uniqueness to it. We also spend time with the family and surprise, surprise they are impressed by the black sheep of the family.

The romantic threads are perhaps my least favorite. While it’s not truly a love triangle or square, it’s messy, and I prefer no romance or one suitor. While Magnus isn’t present, we have Anton and Peter. One is dismissed rather quickly, but the resulting tumble in the sheets lacked chemistry or an emotional connection leaving me unsatisfied.

While I had some minor issues with VEILED MENACE, I enjoyed the book as a whole. I look forward to returning to this world and its magic.

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26 Responses to “Veiled Menace by Deborah Blake”

  1. Lorna

    I’ve read two books by this author. One I really liked and one not so much. I hope the next book in this series is better for you. And four possible love interests doesn’t interest me much I am afraid-even if one is out fast 🙂

  2. Naomi Hop

    A shame that this has that middle book feel. And you really want to get an idea of the love interest, not some weak attempts. Hopefully the next book steps up for you.

  3. Tanya

    Do you think it would be a big jump if I missed book 1 or should I read it before this one? I’m not a fan of messy romances with triangles and the like, but if the story outside of the bedroom is good it is worth a try. I enjoyed the Baba Yagas for sure, so I’m hoping I’ll get a kick out of this one too.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I think you probably could, she does enough of a recap. The romance isn’t a real triangle, but it’s complicated. The overall arc makes up for it though.

  4. Melanie Simmons

    I still need to try her Baba Yaga series. I’m really not a fan of love triangles (or whatever is messy romantically in this book), but if the rest of the story is good, I can overlook it. I will probably start the Baba Yaga first, since I already own book one. Great review. 🙂

  5. Adriana

    A half dragon love interest… That sounds odd but amazing. I really like the world. I just recently finished watching Charmed again so I’m really into witches. Everything feels very complicated though. It feels like there is a lot going on but it’s possible the reasoning has to do with it being the second book in the series.

  6. Michele

    Glad you enjoyed this despite some of the issues! It does sound like it suffered a bit from middle book syndrome — hopefully, the next book will be better.

  7. Heidi

    There are definitely some interesting things. I am all about the magic and paranormal parts, but not the messy romance. That puts me off.

  8. Mary Kirkland

    This sounds good. I like paranormal elements in a book and shifters, magic and ghosts are great in books. I haven’t read this author so I’ll have to take a look at her books.

  9. Debbie Haupt

    Deborah Blake sounds familiar I’m going to check out her website to see if I’ve read her before but I am definitely not a fan of messy romances one boy and one girl for me.

  10. kindlemom1

    Triangle is bad enough but a square? No thank you. I’m so done with those I think. Sorry this wasn’t quite as good as you were hoping it would be but I’m glad the romance aspect didn’t screw it up completely either.

  11. cindy

    I like this world! I could definitely give this series a go. Great review and thanks for bringing this book and series to my attention.