Protector for Hire by Tawna Fenske

June 10th, 2016 Kimberly Review 40 Comments

10th Jun
Protector for Hire by Tawna Fenske
Protector for Hire
by Tawna Fenske
Series: Front and Center #4
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Keeping her safe is crucial. Guarding his heart is impossible. Haunted by his time in Iraq, former soldier Schwartz Patton goes off the grid, retreating deep into Montana’s untamed wilderness. Now, ten years into his self-imposed solitude, his brother tracks him down and asks for a favor. A woman is in danger, and she needs help...and Schwartz is the only one who can protect her. Designer-loving city girls like Janelle Keebler don't belong in the wilderness. Unless, of course, they're witnesses to a murder by their psycho drug-trafficking ex-husbands. Still, Janelle can't help the immediate physical response she has to her sexy-as-sin protector that leaves her wanting more than she could have ever imagined. Even if he does make terrible coffee... Every word, every touch, every kiss ignites a need Schwartz thought he’d lost forever. He can't stop the desperate attraction simmering between him and Janelle, even if he wanted to. Even if it means it could get them both killed.

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Protector for Hire by Tawna Fenske is the fourth book in the Front and Center series. Somehow I read book one and then fell behind but no worries as each works as a standalone. If you are looking for a quick, romantic escape with snark and sexy moments, Protector for Hire is the perfect read.

Coffee Dates with Protector for Hire:

First date: Take an ex-Army soldier living in a remote cabin in Montana and add a city girl and you have the makings for Protector for Hire. Schwartz Patton is doing his brother a solid by hiding a young woman on the run from a nasty ex-husband. He just needs to protect her until the law makes an arrest. Add banter, mix in sexual attraction and pop-tarts and you have a F-U-N fun first date!
Second date: Schwartz was a little intimidating on the first date, but the man is really a teddy bear. Do not be fooled. He has lived alone for ten years with only a dog for a companion. He struggles with events from the war and is not much of a talker. He does however have eyes and Janelle Keebler is quite the looker. What he did not expect was to like Janelle. She is fun to tease and gives as good as she gets. There was chemistry from the onset, but I loved the banter as these two built a friendship.
Third date: *wipes moisture from windows* It’s a little steamy in here, but the heat feels delightful.  Protector for Hire is light on the suspense angle and focuses more on the romance but we do get some dangerous moments on our last date. Events  that push our characters to express their feelings. Sure it was instalove but it was sweet, adorable and wildly sexy!  I ended this date grinning.

Protector for Hire is the perfect date for a quickie romance that will make you laugh and swoon.

Read an Excerpt

Janelle glanced out the window again. A funny-looking black-and-white bird was picking at the remains of a box of french fries squashed into the asphalt. A woman in chaps walked bow-legged from a horse trailer at the gas pumps toward the front of a convenience store, a gust of snow dust swirling around her boots. Next to the bus sat a pickup truck so ancient, it had five colors of paint on its rusty hood. There was a man in dark sunglasses motionless behind the wheel.

Janelle stared. The driver stirred, then opened the door. A leg the size of a tree trunk swung out, followed by another, and Janelle felt her heart surge throbbing into her throat. There was nowhere for her to run. Nowhere to hide if Jacques and his men came looking and—

The man slammed the door of the pickup and stared up at the bus, a permanent scowl etched into his clean-shaven face. As he tugged off his sunglasses, Janelle felt her heart skid back to a normal rhythm. Well, mostly normal.

The guy was huge. The guy was terrifying.

The guy was Schwartz.

The photos she’d seen of him were nearly a decade old, but she would have known those eyes anywhere. The clear gray-brown hue, their haunted depths, the deep fan of lines spread out from each corner.

But as much as she fixated on his eyes, she had to admit the rest of the package was pretty fine to admire as well. He was scary-big like his brothers, but well put together with broad shoulders and a chest that looked like he might be wearing armor plates under his faded flannel shirt. He had a slim waist and well-worn jeans that strained a bit over his—

“Ahem.” The bus driver cleared his throat. “You getting off, miss?”

I will be if I keep staring at that guy’s crotch.

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40 Responses to “Protector for Hire by Tawna Fenske”

  1. ailyn

    i love your snarky icon! and nice storyline and cover. have to say i like snarky characters they are not boring at all

  2. Katherine

    All 3 of those dates sound pretty fantastic! I love this kind of couple and premise. This is definitely a book I need on my Kindle!

  3. Ramona

    I have to agree with you, Kimba – the combination you describe on “the first date” paragraph does sound delightful. Just the kind of light, frothy narrative a girl could tuck into her beach bag before setting off… 😀 Brilliant review!

  4. The Bibliophile Babe

    I love when romantic suspense is heavier on the romance and lighter on the suspense! It’s usually the other way around, so that’s nice. 🙂

  5. Lorna

    It sounds like you had a good time reading this book and you can’t ask for much more with a romantic comedy mixed with a bit of suspense!

  6. Angela Adams

    “He has lived alone for ten years with only a dog for a companion. ” — I like him already! Thanks for the post, and have a great weekend!!

  7. Sophia Rose

    City girl and strong and silent type, sounds fun. I think I have a Felske book on my pile, but not sure if it’s part of this series. I’ll have to look.
    Always fun when a book leaves you with a smile on your face.

  8. Cyn

    This sounds like a quick, fun romance! Schwartz sounds awesome and I like that there’s a bit of suspense too. Glad you enjoyed this, might have to give it a go soon! Lovely review, Kim!

  9. Melissa (Books and Things)

    I usually gravitate toward books that are more suspense than romance, but this one sounds like it is so well done and I wouldn’t mind at all. Sounds like it is a fun relationship. 🙂

  10. Debbie Haupt

    Oh that sounds good Kim, the hero reminds me a lot of JT Ellison’s Xander Whitfield character in her Sam Owens series. I don’t know if you read her or not. Great review, thanks, definitely on my wish list

  11. Jenny

    “If you are looking for a quick, romantic escape with snark and sexy moments, Protector for Hire is the perfect read.”

    That just happens to be EXACTLY what I’m looking for Kim, thanks so much for the recommendation! And I love that we get a little danger and suspense mixed in with the romance, I like that kind of drama way more than any kind of relationship drama!

  12. kindlemom1

    Is it weird that all I could picture at the third date was the scene from Titanic where they are ummm, busy in the car and the windows are all fogged up? 😛

    Wonderful review Kim, I hope you have a great weekend!

  13. Nick

    Oh I love book boys like Schwartz who are real teddy bears even though they are super intimidating on the outside. This sounds like a really fun and cute read and it wasn’t on my radar, so thanks, Kim! 🙂

  14. Angela

    I read a book similar to this one from Tule publishing and really enjoyed it. He was a military man who came back home and hid out in a remote cabin until a woman needed his help finding her missing son. I really enjoyed his entrance back into the real world. So, this one sounds like something I would like. Adding it to my ever-growing TBR list.

  15. Leona

    I liked all three dates! If I am ever in the mood for a light (compared to what I read) story this’ll be definitely something I would consider. I love stories that can make me laugh.