An Occasionally Grim Fairy Tale by Ann M Noser

May 25th, 2018 Kimberly Review 27 Comments

25th May
An Occasionally Grim Fairy Tale by Ann M Noser
An Occasionally Grim Fairy Tale
by Ann M. Noser
Series: Desiderata #1
Genres: Fantasy
Source: Author
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Prince Bane Baronne has baby fever. He is in search of a wife with the proper mystical bloodline to bear him the heir of prophecy. Anna Leon is chosen, but Bane only pretends to be Prince Charming. When Anna questions his intentions, she vanishes from the castle.

Convinced she is to blame for her younger sister's disappearance, Maria Leon is coerced into the royal marriage instead. She is older, wiser, and should know better—but Bane always gets what he wants. And he is not above using trickery or treachery to do so.

Maria attempts to salvage what she can of a "happily ever after" by working hard to be the best mother and wife. Until the day she learns that every woman who has married into the Baronne line disappears soon after they have produced an heir.

And she is next in line.

Fairy Tale magical fantasy Monsters

An Occasionally Grim Fairy Tale by Ann M Noser is the first in the Desiderata series and shares a complete story about sisters, a Prince and the chosen one. Magic, dragons, giants, shifters and more await you within the pages of this dark, suspenseful series.

Prince Bane Baronne is in search of a wife with a mystical bloodline to bear him the heir of prophecy. He searches the kingdom far and wide with the aid of his seer. His search brings him to the county where sisters,  Maria and Anna Leon reside.

Maria and Anna can speak to plant life and bend them to their will. On the verge of financial ruin, their parents push Anna towards the young prince, and soon Bane believes he has found his vessel. The two become engaged, and the family is settled into the castle. When Anna learns more about Bane, she seeks the help of the stable boy to aid her escape. Convinced she is dead, Bane sets his eyes on Maria and soon they are wed. Suspenseful and dark the tale that unfolds was captivating as the night of the prophesized birth approaches.

Noser created quite the tale that spans two generations as the chosen one comes of age. Dark magic, secrets, deception and a ruthless King intent on power made for an addictive tale.

The story centers around the prophecy and shares different POVs from Maria to a Sister who hides a secret. It was all rather clever and suspenseful. This is light fantasy and falls into the young adult category, but with its historical tones, it can be enjoyed by young and old.

Dragons, slayers, shifters, giants, and magic fill the pages as secrets and betrayal run rampant. I loved the thread concerning the prophecy and the discovery that there was more to it. We get a few romantic threads and an unacted upon triangle, but Noser handled it all smashingly.

The tale has dark tones and plenty of suspenseful and action-packed scenes as it builds to the climatic outcome. While this is the first in the Desiderata series, it is a complete story from beginning to end as Noser wraps things up the main storyline and romantic threads.

Fans of Grimm’s fairy tales, magic, and mystical creatures will quickly find themselves immersed in this world.

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27 Responses to “An Occasionally Grim Fairy Tale by Ann M Noser”

  1. Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight

    I’ve read some of Ann M. Noser’s other books and loved them! I’m not sure the baby aspect would be my kinda thing tbh, but this does sound dark and interesting, and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  2. lisa thomson

    This sounds quite dark with twists and turns. I’m not one for shape shifters per se but dragons and princes — guilty. This sounds like quite the epic story. Thanks for sharing, Kim.

    lisa thomson recently posted: Back In Time
  3. Angie @ Ba_BAMB

    That blurb left me a bit confused. LOL I’m glad you enjoyed this one. I am intrigued by the sister’s secret.

    Great review.

    • Kimberly

      I didn’t read it until after I read the book so it makes sense to me. Basically, the Prince believes a prophecy about a birth of a son who will rule great lands. When he finds the girl he believes will birth the child he proposes.

  4. Melliane

    I’m not a fan of the cover but the story could be interesting, I like what you say about the tales and all

  5. Debbie Haupt

    A very interesting premise and great review and I love the play on words title.
    you really are in a fantasy kind of mood

    • Kimberly

      Yep, I’ve been binging it, but have added some romance and women’s fiction to the mix.