🎧 The Wicche Glass Tavern by Seana Kelly

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Narrated by Samantha Desz, The Wicche Glass Tavern by Seana Kelly is the third audio in the fast-paced urban fantasy series, Sam Quinn. With Sam protected, her aunt raises the stakes by going after her inner circle and a threat looms against the vampires. Action-packed, Kelly takes on one heck of a ride.

🎧 The Wicche Glass Tavern by Seana Kelly
by Seana Kelly
Series: Sam Quinn #3
Narrator: Samantha Desz
Length: 11 hours and 45 minutes
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Source: Publisher
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Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Heat Level: One FlameOne FlameOne FlameOne Flame
Narration: 4.5 cups Speed: 1.3x

I'm Sam Quinn, the werewolf book nerd owner of the Slaughtered Lamb Bookstore and Bar. Clive, my vampire gentleman caller, has asked me to marry him. His nocturne is less than celebratory. Unfortunately, for them and the sexy vamp doing her best to seduce him, his cold, dead heart beats only for me.

As much as my love life feels like a minefield, it has to take a backseat to a far more pressing problem. I need to deal with my aunt, the woman who's been trying to kill me for as long as I can remember. She's figured out how to weaponize my friends against me. To have any hope of surviving, I have to learn to use my necromantic gifts. I need a teacher. I need to determine what I'm capable of in a hurry because my aunt doesn't care how many are hurt or killed as long as she gets what she wants. What she wants is my name on a headstone.

I'm gathering my friends - werewolves, vampires, wicches, gorgons, a Fury, a half-demon, an elf, and a couple of dragon-shifters - into a kind of Fellowship of the Sam. It's going to be one hell of a battle. Hopefully, San Francisco will still be standing when the dust clears.

howlinggood KICKASS ROMANCE urban

Each audiobook in this series strengthens the character and story arc while pulling me further into their story. Sam is a necromancer werewolf and bar owner. She is dating vampire lord Clive Fitzwilliam. Until recently, Sam was protected and hidden from her aunt. Now, her aunt is seeking her and won’t stop until she is dead. With each installment, we learn more about Sam and her newfound skills, heritage and more.

A lot happens in The Wicche Glass Tavern and, like most urban fantasy series, it is important to read/listen to them in the order of their release. Sam no sooner reopens the Slaughtered Lamb Bookstore and Bar when her aunt uses patrons and friends alike to attack her. She seeks the aid of a family member she didn’t know she had and with this discovery come more questions.

On the home front, a vampire named Leticia wants Clive dead. We learn a lot about his history as Sam gathers vampires, the fae, werewolves and others to address both threats. We even get to travel to Fae!

Sam has several near-death experiences and suffers loss. Listeners are treated to climatic battle scenes, magic and more. Between her bar patrons and the friendships she has forged, Sam’s allies offer aid. We see growth in her superntural abilities and her ability to trust.

I love the supernatural elements. The creatures comprise werewolves, vampires, witches, gorgons, furies, half-demons, an elf, and a couple of dragon-shifters. Then we’ve got the magic, necromancy and kickassery. Toss in bookish talks, snark, and swoons and you’ve got some pretty cool elements for a series.

The romance feels genuine, but with all the action, it is a sidebar. We get sprinkled moments of intimacy and tender words. With Sam’s near-death experiences, she makes clear her wishes should one prove fatal.

Samantha Desz, does a stellar job of capturing Sam and other secondary characters and creatures. I wish Clive’s voice wasn’t so soft spoken, but it suits his mannerisms. Desz uses tone and pacing to enhance the tale and makes listening a pleasure.

We get some resolution and teasers of things to come, leaving me curious about the next installment. Fans of urban fantasy, shifters, magic and the fae will enjoy the Sam Quinn series.

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About Seana Kelly

Seana Kelly

Seana Kelly lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, two daughters, two dogs, and one fish. When she's not dodging her family, hiding in the garage and trying to write, she's working as a high school teacher-librarian. She's an avid reader and re-reader who misses her favorite characters when it's been too long between visits. She's represented by the delightful and effervescent Sarah E. Younger of the Nancy Yost Literary Agency

About Samantha Desz

Samantha Desz

Samantha Desz is a classically trained actor with extensive theater experience. She also is an experienced voice actor, working on a variety of long form voice-over projects. Samantha has a passion for learning about different cultures and lifestyles. She's lived around the US and in London, England, called New York City home for nearly twenty years, and is currently living in the Midwest.

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