Wolfhunter River by Rachel Caine

April 22nd, 2019 Kimberly Review 28 Comments

22nd Apr
Wolfhunter River by Rachel Caine
Wolfhunter River
by Rachel Caine
Series: Stillhouse Lake #3
Narrator: Lauren Ezzo, Will Ropp, Emily Sutton-Smith, Don John Miller
Length: 11 hours and 10 minutes
Genres: Thriller
Source: Publisher
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Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Narration: 4 cups Speed: 1.3x

She can’t ignore a cry for help. But in this remote hunting town, it’s open season.

Gwen Proctor escaped her serial-killer husband and saved her family. What she can’t seem to outrun is his notoriety. Or the sick internet vigilantes still seeking to avenge his crimes. For Gwen, hiding isn’t an option. Not when her only mission is to create a normal life for her kids.

But now, a threatened woman has reached out. Marlene Crockett, from the remote town of Wolfhunter, is panicked for herself and her daughter. When Gwen arrives in the small, isolated rural community, Marlene is already dead—her own daughter blamed for the murder. Except that’s not the person Marlene feared at all. And Gwen isn’t leaving until she finds out who that was.

But it may already be too late. A trap has been set. And it’s poised to snap shut on everyone Gwen loves. Her stalkers are closing in. And in a town as dark as Wolfhunter, it’s so easy for them to hide…

SUSPENSE thriller twisted Audiobook

Wolfhunter River by Rachel Caine was one of my most anticipated audiobooks for 2018 and Caine delivered a chilling, heart pounding over the top tale that actually ended on a high note.

Strap in if you’ve never read or listened to the Stillhouse Lake series. I began with the first book in the series when it became available as a Prime monthly free book, but upgraded to audio and it’s been an addictive thriller from its inception.

Gwen Proctor formly Gina Royal was married and had two children with a serial killer until the ugly truth was revealed. Gina herself was accused and acquitted of being an accessory to her husbands heinous crimes but that hasn’t stopped victims and extremists from coming after her. They weren’t even safe from her ex-husband who was safely behind bars. If you haven’t read the first two books go grab them on eBook, from Kindle Unlimited or on Audible.

After the events of the previous books you would think things would settle down. Gwen has made the decision to remain at Stillhouse Lake. When a call comes from a woman in Wolfhunter, TN who asks Gwen to help her, she ignores it, until the woman’s daughter calls back while sitting over her mother’s dead body. Something is hinky in Wolfhunter and it might just cost them all.

O. M. G. talk about nail-biting suspense, intense action scenes and diabolical twists! Sure, some of it was statistically impossible but I was all in. I didn’t even cringe when reading about the good ole’ boys police department and corruption. Caine made me believe as she carefully weaved all of the story threads into this explosive tale.

We learn about Sam, the victim’s families, and more as Caine continues to showcase the power of the internet, rumors, and conspiracies. While her husband may be dead he is far from done with her.

The story is delivered from the POVs of Gwen, Sam, Lanny, and Connor. Each has their own narrator. I thought this worked well from a listening standpoint. Not only did if give them a unique voice it helped intensify the often intense story.

The narrators were Lauren Ezzo, Will Ropp, Emily Sutton-Smith, Don John Miller. They have all become the voices of these characters and I was glad to see them back.

Caine gave some closure for the Proctor family, but also gave us an epilogue that opens the door to a new stories/series. I am all in…take my money!

If you are looking for an edge of your seat thriller with plenty of twists and a kickass momma bear…come to Stillhouse Lake.

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28 Responses to “Wolfhunter River by Rachel Caine”

  1. Mary @StackingMyBookShelves!

    OMG, I LOVE THIS SERIES!! LOVE IT!! I have the audio and it’s one of the books I plan to listen to back and forth to school after – The Kiss Quioient. I can’t wait! I think this might be the book I have most looked forward to. I love the series that much. =) Great review. I can’t wait!


  2. Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    I love nail biting suspense and diabolical twists! This sounds so good, and the kind of book that will keep you reading without wanting to stop! Excellent Review Kim!

  3. Lorna

    Oh I shouldn’t have read this. I still have book one in my tbr. I didn’t even remember the blurb from that one. This is so right up my alley or it used to be anyway. I’m glad it was so suspenseful!

  4. Suzanne @ The Bookish Libra

    I have the first book in this series on my kindle and have been meaning to start it for a while now. I’m glad to hear the series is still so good three books in. Great review!

  5. sjhigbee

    Great review! I did enjoy the first book – but found it too scary (I’m SUCH a wuss!) to continue with the series. But at least I get to read the reviews:))). Thank you!

  6. Heidi

    I was just reading Ali’s review of this one. I should jump on this series. It sounds intense and so good!

  7. Sophia Rose

    I really need to start this series. I always sounds so good when I see the praise for it. Yay for the first one being on Prime.

  8. Laurel-Rain Snow

    I had Stillhouse Lake, free from Prime, just resting quietly on my Kindle…and then last week I read and loved it! I’m now eager to read the second and third book.

    Great review!

  9. Lily

    Gah I still need to read book 2, but since it sounds amazing on audio maybe I will do that when I renew my account

  10. Melliane

    It’s been a while since I haven’t read a book by this author and I haven’t tried this series yet

  11. kindlemom1

    *highfivesyou* Woot! review twins Kim! And yes, I really was surprised with how much I liked this and how it didn’t seem old or overdone but actually flowed with the rest of the storyline *at least I think it did).