The Purloined Poodle by Kevin Hearne

February 28th, 2018 Kimberly Review 45 Comments

28th Feb
The Purloined Poodle by Kevin Hearne
The Purloined Poodle
by Kevin Hearne
Series: Oberon’s Meaty Mysteries #1, Iron Druid Chronicles #8.3
Narrator: Luke Daniels
Length: 2 hours and 57 minutes
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Mystery
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Narration: 5 cups

Thanks to his relationship with the ancient Druid Atticus O’Sullivan, Oberon the Irish wolfhound knows trouble when he smells it—and furthermore, he knows he can handle it.

When he discovers that a prizewinning poodle has been abducted in Eugene, Oregon, he learns that it’s part of a rash of hound abductions all over the Pacific Northwest. Since the police aren’t too worried about dogs they assume have run away, Oberon knows it’s up to him to track down those hounds and reunite them with their humans. For justice! And gravy!

Engaging the services of his faithful Druid, Oberon must travel throughout Oregon and Washington to question a man with a huge salami, thwart the plans of diabolical squirrels, and avoid, at all costs, a fight with a great big bear.

But if he’s going to solve the case of the Purloined Poodle, Oberon will have to recruit the help of a Boston terrier named Starbuck, survive the vegetables in a hipster pot pie, and firmly refuse to be distracted by fire hydrants and rabbits hiding in the rose bushes.

At the end of the day, will it be a sad bowl of dry kibble for the world’s finest hound detective, or will everything be coming up sirloins?

The Purloined Poodle is another exciting novella entry in Kevin Hearne’s New York Times best-selling Iron Druid series.

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I adore Oberon the Irish Wolfhound who is Atticus O’Sullivan’s companion in the Iron Druid Chronicles.  The series mentions Oberon’s Meaty Mysteries and I knew I had to listen. The Purloined Poodle is the first and while it takes place in the world of the Iron Druids it is more of a mystery that Oberon solves with the assistance of Atticus. Suspenseful and hilarious this was splendid.

When a prize-winning poodle is abducted in Eugene, Oregon, Oberon learns that it’s part of a rash of hound abductions all over the Pacific Northwest. He decides they need to investigate. For justice and for gravy! They soon begin interviewing owners for clues and end up at the home of a Boston terrier named Starbuck whom Oberon recruits to help him.

Police detectives, wibbly wobbly timey-wimey timelines, and squirrels interfere with the investigation but soon they are hot on the case. The interactions between Atticus and Detective Gabriela Ibarra were hilarious and I almost felt sorry for the poor woman. It was such fun to see Oberon, The Humble shine.

Kevin Hearne has a ridiculous sense of humor and I loved his portrayal of Oberon, the geeky references and of course Atticus the Iron Druid. It was fun sniffing for clues and seeing our four-legged heroes save the day. Talk of sausages, gravy and of all things humping kept the tale light while offering an engaging mystery.

I once again went with the audiobook and was pleased that with my Audible membership it was actually cheaper than the eBook. Luke Daniels is brilliant and has become the voice of these characters.

The Purloined Poodle was a fast, fun mystery that anyone can enjoy, even those not familiar with the Iron Druid Chronicles.

(Voice of Oberon) I just heard him ask Atticus, “Can I help you?” in a sort of tight, muted English accent, like he had lived with severe constipation all his life and hadn’t heard about fiber.” … “This guy sounds like he hasn’t laughed since Doc Brown invented the flux capacitor.” … “Atticus, he looks like Jafar! Watch out! Don’t let him hypnotize you!”

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45 Responses to “The Purloined Poodle by Kevin Hearne”

  1. Trin Carl

    Interesting that you reviewed one of the books Lukas Daniels narrated. I’ll be interviewing Daniels on blog this week if you’re interested.

  2. Laura Thomas

    Your review had me giggling and excited for this series. I’m finally going to get started on it this weekend. I can’t hold off any longer. LOL

  3. Stefanie

    LOL! This sounds like a fun read. I may have the Druid series on my TBR. I’ll check. I have to be honest and say lead, male character books I tend to walk by as kicking butt females attract my attention more.

  4. Melissa (Books and Things)

    I’ve been meaning on bugging my library to get this one. I may have to bug them soon. I’ve been wanting to listen to this one (I’ve done all on audio so far). So glad you enjoyed this novella!

  5. Lily

    I really hope to get to his series this year 😀 it looks like so much fun. This mystery especially looks like a great ride 😀 I don’t know if I can find audio at the library but it looks fairly quick

  6. Heidi

    I listened to this one last Fall and really enjoyed it. I love Oberon and I liked that this one was set in Oregon!

  7. Daniela Ark

    I want to read this series so badly just because of all the humor your mention! It reminds me of First Grave on the Right series!

  8. kindlemom1

    I absolutely love the cover for this! You have convinced me to pick this series back up sooner than summer Kim, I need a little humor in my reads right now I think. 😉

  9. Sophie

    I love your review and your use of “wibbly wobbly timey-wimey timelines” but I wonder how squirrels can interfere with investigations!

  10. Mary

    This sounds like a great book. I love humor in a book. I think I secretly like when I am laughing at something in a book and people look at me. I feel like it’s my private joke. =) I have to get this series. Great review!

  11. cindy

    I love a characters with a sense of humor and fun interactions! I keep debating should I get audible or not? I do check out audio-books from the library but sometimes what I want isn’t always available. Great review!