Whispers from the Dead by Karen Ann Hopkins

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17th May
Whispers from the Dead by Karen Ann Hopkins
Whispers from the Dead
by Karen Ann Hopkins
Series: Serenity's Plain Secrets #2
Genres: Mystery
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Some Amish communities aren't so cozy. Whispers From The Dead is the powerful and thrilling sequel to Lamb to the Slaughter in the Amish mystery series, Serenity’s Plain Secrets. Sheriff Serenity Adams and Daniel Bachman are once again partnered up in a criminal investigation, when they travel to a northern Amish settlement that has been riddled by arsons for the past two decades. Serenity quickly discovers that there is a lot more going on than just barns being set on fire in the touristy community of Poplar Springs. And this group of Amish has their own secrets to hide. Serenity begins to unravel an extensive criminal underworld that threatens to destroy everything that the simple people of Poplar Springs hold dear, and once again puts her own life in jeopardy. And even though Serenity tries desperately to avoid it, things begin heating up between her and Daniel, making her wonder if true love and happiness are really within her grasp.

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Whispers from the Dead by Karen Ann Hopkins is the second book in the Serenity’s Plain Secrets.This is a mystery series set against the backdrop of Amish country. Whispers of the Dead offered a unique mystery with plenty of twists and a continuation of the slow burning romance that began in Lamb to the Slaughter.

Five Caffeinated reasons to read Whispers of the Dead

  • Sheriff Serenity Adams worked a case in Lamb to the Slaughter surrounding a murder that took place in the Amish settlement within her jurisdiction. She enlisted the help of Daniel Bachman a former Amish member and together they solved the case. When an Amish settlement in northern Indiana is riddled with a rash of arsons that have escalated to possible murder they call Serenity and ask for help. Serenity takes her vacation and along with David travels to Popular Springs.
  • All of the stories take place within and surrounding Amish communities and Hopkins does a wonderful job of sharing insight into these close-knit communities. The stories are well researched and share the differences between each sector. There is a religious aspect to these tales, but it would be unrealistic not to mention religion in an Amish community. The stories are not preachy and mentions of God where in context with the characters.
  • In Whispers of the Dead, a rash of unsolved barn burnings recently escalated when an unknown female was found burned beyond recognition. The local Amish feel that Popular Springs Sheriff is doing little to solve the case. Hopkins introduced characters and suspects within the community and I found them to be well-developed and interesting. She weaved in different threads about the families, the Sheriff’s resistance and more giving me a wonderfully detailed and suspenseful read.
  • Since Lamb to the Slaughter, there has been delicious chemistry between Serenity and Daniel. Serenity has some hang-ups but the more time they spend together, the more she lets her guard down. This is a slow-burning romance and the reader is rewarded in Whispers of the Dead. I am looking forward to spending more time with this couple in the next book. I picture Daniel as Jeffery Dean Morgan (John Winchester; Supernatural) and can I just say- Yum. He is patient, soft-spoken and sexy. Serenity is compassionate, sensitive and a total kick-ass when on a case making both of these characters likable.
  • The mystery in Whispers of the Dead was well done and I liked how Hopkins weaved in events from the past into the crime. We had plenty of suspects and dealing with a tight-knit community gave Serenity some difficulties but she is tenacious. Red herrings, twists and reveals made the story a page-turner and I enjoyed how the pieces clicked together.

Fans of mysteries with a light serving of romance will enjoy Whispers of the Dead and these small-town unique cases.

Read an Excerpt

I was slipping my gloves on and almost to the car when I noticed Daniel standing beside his Jeep. Apparently he was waiting for me. I was in the process of weighing the pros and cons of stopping to talk to him when he pushed away from his vehicle and strode over, meeting me halfway to my cruiser.
“Happy New Year,” he said sweetly.
I chuckled and my breath spread out into an icy mist between us. “Not much happiness going on around here.”
“It could be worse.”
I risked looking directly into his eyes and said briskly, “Oh, yeah, no one’s dead this time, but Jory probably wishes he was.” I shook my head. “Dammit, I don’t understand why people do this to each other. If Ruby wanted out, why not just tell Jory and be up front about it. And then again, why would she even want out; three beautiful girls and nice house in the suburbs, a great guy. What’s the matter with her anyway?”
Daniel smiled at my little tirade, looking down at his booted foot as he pushed the snow around briefly before meeting my gaze once again.
“I’d really rather be talking about us.”
“You know, you…me…us.” His white teeth flashed in a brilliant smile and I was once again completely at a loss as to why this gorgeous guy was stalking me.
He was so tall and his shoulders were so broad that he actually provided a nice break from the wind that was gusting hard enough to catch the loose snow in the parking lot and spray it up into the air in wild sheets of bitter cold around us. I was even tempted to take another step closer and steal some of the heat that seemed to radiate off of him, but I controlled myself and stood still.
I had a sudden vision of Daniel, minus the Carhart jacket and the flannel shirt. I knew that underneath all those winter clothes was a well-defined chest that connected to washboard abs. I definitely didn’t want to think about his firm butt or his strong thighs so I quickly forced the image to evaporate, and met his gaze squarely. Unfortunately, looking at his wide spaced brownish-black eyes and the amused set to his jaw that was covered with a few days worth of black stubble wasn’t much safer. He was too dammed handsome for his own good.
“We’ve already discussed this. It’s not a good time for us to get involved.”
His amusement quickly changed to frustration and he snorted. “What are you waiting for? We’re both available, we’re highly attracted to each other, we survived a harrowing experience together…what more do you need to simply go out for dinner and movie with me?”
Maybe I was being a complete idiot. I had issues—I knew it. But letting Daniel into my life was about the scariest thing I had ever faced. A gun pointed straight at my head was more welcome than the prospect of putting faith in any man, especially him.
“This is just a game to you, isn’t it? The minute I agree and go out with you, you’ll grow bored and move onto someone else. So why the hell should I even bother.”
His eyes widened for an instant in understanding and then he took a measured sigh. “Someone must have really betrayed your trust for you to be so paranoid.”
I smiled and nodded, “Yep, I won’t deny it. Just look at what went down in there tonight.” I pointed at Charlie’s with an angry thrust of my arm. “Jory and Ruby were supposed to be a happily married couple, with kids and a dog, the whole package. Now their lives are ruined. They’ll probably be divorced and both sleeping with new partners by this time next year.”
“I get what you’re saying. I really do. But it doesn’t have to be like that for everyone…or for us. I’m a patient guy, Serenity. And I have no problem waiting for you to figure out how unreasonable you’re being. Besides, we’ll have that long drive up north with only the two of us in the Jeep and then a whole week in a secluded Amish community together to talk more about this. So I’m not overly concerned with your avoidance at the moment.”
The return of his smug expression cut through the honey warm desire that had been spreading through me for simply standing too close to him. He thought he had it all figured out, but I was determined to show him that he didn’t know anything at all.
The cold air once again sent a chill through me and I zipped my jacket up to my neck and said, “Actually, there’s been a change of plans.” The sudden arch of his eyebrows was priceless and I quickly hurried on, “I’ve decided to leave tomorrow after all.”
“But you know that I have to finish the Mayor’s guest suite. He has visitors arriving this week and I promised him,” Daniel said carefully.
I shrugged. “Sorry, Daniel, I have a tight schedule also. Since I’m officially on vacation in six hours, I’d like to be on my way. Perhaps I’ll get lucky and Bishop Esch and that Rowan fellow were overreacting about the mystery on their hands. I might be able to wrap things up quickly and you won’t need to make the trip at all.”
Daniel took a step closer and looked down at me. I couldn’t help but swallow hard at his close proximity.
“I thought you wanted my company on this one.”
Seeing the resolute look on Daniel’s face, a shiver of fear passed through me when I realized I could definitely push Daniel too far and then he would give up on me. As bitchy as I was being to him, I didn’t want to completely run him off. Part of me wished desperately that he’d stick around.
“Sure, I’d like your help with the investigation. God only knows how bat-shit crazy this Poplar Springs community probably is. But I don’t want to put you out either.”
Daniel took a long breath and stared at me for several more seconds before he finally said, “I’ll join you as quickly as I can. I’m sure you can handle the locals on your own until I arrive.” He suddenly had his arms around me in a tight, but quick squeeze. He whispered into my ear, “Happy New Year. I’ll see you soon.”

He turned and went to his Jeep without another glance in my direction. The infuriating emptiness that I had felt when he let go said plainly that I was already in way over my head with Daniel Bachman. But I reasoned to myself as I walked to the cruiser that we hadn’t even had sex, so I was still in a good position. He did not have a hold of me—yet.

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42 Responses to “Whispers from the Dead by Karen Ann Hopkins”

  1. Melanie Simmons

    This sounds really interesting. I keep seeing all the Amish romances out there, but never really wanted to try any of those. This on the other hand sounds much more interesting. I don’t live too far from Amish communities, though I don’t see them on a regular basis. Great review.

  2. Bookworm Brandee

    I don’t think I’ve read any books involving the Amish community but I did enjoy Witness. 😉 I think this is a mystery I’d really like, and you know I don’t read many. It seems to have a lot of depth and complexity and the characters sound interesting. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Kim!

  3. Lekeisha

    I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan! If I decide to read the first book, I’m definitely gonna picture him as the male lead to make the reading experience better.

  4. Lorna

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan in anything-love him! I really love the cover on this one. This sounds like it was a good read for you, don’t think I am familiar with this author at all. Interesting review!

  5. Sophia Rose

    Ha, and I got egg on my face when I thought oh yay, I’ll add it to my wish list and…this one and the first one are already on my Kindle. Oys…
    But this was a nice, compelling review, Kimberly. 🙂

  6. AngelErin

    Ooo an Amish mystery. I think the only thing I’ve read with the Amish in it was that one Jodi Picoult book. I can’t think of the name right now. Anyway this sounds great and excellent review!!! 🙂

  7. Stormi

    I think you had me at the title, but then I read on and I am really intrigued so this series is going on my list. 🙂

  8. Debbie Haupt

    I love Amish mysteries all the way back to the movie Witness, then on to Karen Harper stories, Yeah its time I get back to them. Thanks Kim!!

  9. Runwright

    Murder in the Amish community? I didn’t know there was such a thing so I’d read it just for that reason alone.
    Great reviews.

  10. Jenny

    My mother in law is starting this series soon, she’s a huge mystery person and she’s looking forward to getting started! So glad to hear this was a winner for you Kim!

  11. Kathy

    This looks like a good mystery, and I haven’t read anything with an Amish community. I hadn’t thought about that until now, but I think I might like this one.

  12. Nick

    I’m fascinated by Amish communities. Honestly, I’m fascinated all kinds of cultures, so I’ve wanted to pick this one up for a while. Add to that, the fact that Jenny designed these covers, I knew I needed to check these out. The tension between the characters sounds amazing! And that the mystery also involves past events is very interesting.
    Fabulous review, Kim!