Stone Cold Cowboy by Jennifer Ryan

February 19th, 2016 Kimberly Review 55 Comments

19th Feb
Stone Cold Cowboy by Jennifer Ryan
Stone Cold Cowboy
by Jennifer Ryan
Series: Montana Men #4
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Source: Publisher
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With their hearts' desires on the line, nothing can stop the Montana Men Sadie Higgins has a bad habit of bailing her brother out of trouble. But when he rustles a herd of cattle from the tough, honorable Kendrick brothers, it's Sadie who's in for it. Because the cowboy tracking them down is big, silent, and forbidding as hell. Rory Kendrick is on the hunt to find out who's been stealing from him. When he stumbles upon Sadie in the woods, he barely recognizes the quiet, vulnerable beauty who has always taken his breath away. His mission shifts in an instant: He will do anything it takes to keep her safe . . . and make her his. Sadie has always protected her family—no matter the price. But when Rory ropes her heart, she's forced to take a look at her life and make a dangerous choice—one that could cost, or gain, her everything.

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Stone Cold Cowboy by Jennifer Ryan is the fourth novel in her Montana Men series. Her brand of romance and suspense is addictive. I devoured Stone Cold Cowboy in one sitting. Ryan had me laughing, crying and swooning.

Coffee Dates with Stone Cold Cowboy

  • First Date: Ryan started things off with an intense scene that quickly lets us into Sadie Higgins’ world. Her brother is bad news and she has bailed him out repeatedly. When she catches him stealing cattle she ends up in some serious trouble. Thankfully, Rory Kendrick is out searching for his cattle and finds Sadie. I loved all the details Ryan gave us about Sadie and Rory. Rory may be one of the honorable Kendrick brothers but he is also intimidating. Although they have never met, Sadie is convinced he hates her, but we soon realize all that staring he did was because he likes her! At this point, I am very addicted and jump right into my second date. This first date has some dark elements and may be upsetting to some. View Spoiler »
  • Second date: Ryan knows how to flesh out her characters. Sadie is strong, confident and proud. You cannot help but admire this young woman. Ryan tries to intimidate everyone, but I am not fooled. He is such a romantic on the inside. (Sheesh, do not tell him or his brothers that though.) They are good people who have suffered and their chemistry, banter and stubbornness was hilarious, hot and swoony. The suspense thread with Sadie’s brother and scary partners had me holding my breath. Ryan also weaved in a thread about Sadie’s Dad and I pretty much cried my way through it. I adored the time we spend at the Kendrick’s house. Rory’s brothers and Grandpa were such fun. I loved all the teasing, camaraderie and love this family has for each other. The romance at this point is developing wonderfully. Their feelings and the slow build feel genuine.
  • Third date: The outside world has slipped away and I am in Montana. Both characters struggle with expressing themselves, but the suspense, and other threads kept things out of the drama zone. My only complaint was a small thread involving the couple. A little obstacle that I felt was unnecessary. Despite that, I enjoyed these characters and their story. It was completely addictive. There were some truly tender moments and some heart stopping ones as we reached a climactic scene involving the suspense thread. My third date left me giddy and riding that book high we all crave.

Stone Cold Cowboy was addictive and while it will work as a standalone, I recommend meeting all the Montana Men! Ryan left us with a thread about another Kendrick brother and I cannot wait for his story.

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55 Responses to “Stone Cold Cowboy by Jennifer Ryan”

  1. Debbie Haupt

    O this sounds good Kim, thanks for sharing. I’ve heard of this author but she’s new to me.
    Sorry I’ve been awol last week but my whole family has been down with an awful bug

  2. MarthaE

    Just great — Your review makes me want to start this series. So many good books and not enough time.
    I’m glad you enjoyed this.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Mary

    Always enjoy when there’s a strong family element — parents, siblings, aunts/uncles — it really makes me enjoy the story more.

  4. Lorna

    As usual, I am intrigued. Do you have to read these in order or can they standalone? I think I will put this on my GR list 🙂

  5. Kristin

    This book was really perfect in everything. I keep thinking about my star rating. I think I need to change it up – I think my head cold got the best of me in MY review. Reading yours has me revisiting what I said about the book – why did I give it only 4 “loved it” stars? It really is a flawless entry to the series 🙂

  6. Liz

    This sounds really good, I can see why you read it all at once. And man, I do love a broody cowboy!!

  7. Cyn

    Ooh a one-sitting read! Hot cowboys, suspense and romance definitely sound like a winning combo. Glad this was an awesome read for you! Will probably need to put this on the TBR. Lovely review!

  8. Heidi

    I read a review for this yesterday on Kristin’s blog, and you both have made me want to read this, I do enjoy a good cowboy romance.

  9. Quinn's Book Nook

    I really struggle with Jennifer Ryan’s books. I always love the premise and the plot, but the characters just never quite work for me. But, I’m so glad you enjoyed this one.

  10. Bookworm Brandee

    I’ve got to check out this series, Kimberly! I think I need some cowboys in my diet. 😉 I really like the sound of SCC – especially that Sadie is such a strong heroine. I love reading a heroine that I can admire. And I’m also fond on well developed characters and it seems as though Ryan does this very well. I’m happy you enjoyed this installment in the series! 🙂

  11. Stormi

    I so need to read this series. That cover is very nice. 😉 Cowboys is all I need to know about this series. 🙂

  12. Laurel-Rain Snow

    Whenever I hear the term “stone cold,” I think of a fictional character on General Hospital…Jason Morgan. LOL.

    I haven’t read a cowboy romance in ages. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Nick

    Sadie sounds like a really brave girl and I love heroes like Rory who are tough and scary on the outside, but really are total marshmallows on the inside.
    I’m glad this cowboy series is still going strongly for you, Kim!
    Great review!

  14. Silvia

    Sounds really enjoyable and a cowboy read would be good at the moment . . . Guess I’ll have to check this out, huh? Yep! 😉

  15. ailyn

    cowboys feeding me truffles might be a good thing, or you mean that truffles go well with the book? Your icons are so cute

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I think that would be a good thing, I tend to say truffles are needed to read a book when I get emotionally involved Ailyn, and Stone Cold Cowboy made me weep a little.

  16. Melliane

    it’s great to have a heroine like that, strong, proud and all! And well cowboy story!!! yay! it’s been a while!