Owl and the City of Angels by Kristi Charish

October 5th, 2015 Kimberly Review 56 Comments

5th Oct
Owl and the City of Angels by Kristi Charish
Owl and the City of Angels
by Kristi Charish
Series: The Adventures of Owl #2
Published by: Simon and Schuster
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Source: Publisher
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

The wild second adventure for unforgettable antiquities thief Owl—a modern-day “Indiana Jane” who reluctantly navigates the hidden supernatural world—from the pen of rising urban fantasy star Kristi Charish. For fans of Kim Harrison, Jim Butcher, Jennifer Estep, Jenn Bennett, and the like. Alix Hiboux, better known as Owl, international antiquities thief for hire, is settling into her new contract job for Vegas mogul Mr. Kurosawa, a red dragon with a penchant for ancient, supernatural artifacts. And now he has his sights set on some treasures of the mysterious Syrian City of the Dead that are sitting in a recluse’s private collection. There’s just one wrinkle. To stop the resurrection of an undead army that could wreak havoc on Los Angeles, Owl must break into a heavily guarded archaeological sight in one of the most volatile regions in the world. A detour through Libya and a run-in with Somali pirates sends the clock ticking hastily toward total paranormal disaster. Meanwhile, Alexander and the Paris vampires have stopped stalking Owl’s apartment, but they have by no means forgotten their death grudge against her. To top everything off, Owl finds out the hard way that there is nothing heavenly about the City of Angels...

Owl and the City of Angels by Kristi Charish is the second book in the Adventures of Owl series. I just learned that these will also be available on Audible and yep, I intend to check them out. Owl and the City of Angels has our thief extraordinaire, Owl and her sidekick, Captain traveling the globe and escaping trouble. Once again I slipped into the world and had a blast reading about her adventures.

I recommend reading the Adventures of Owl series in order.

Five reasons to grab Owl and the City of Angels

  • Alix Hiboux, known to all as Owl is a unique, outspoken, stubborn, risk-taking antiquities thief. Owl is a complex character who is brilliant when it comes to artifacts, solving puzzles and escaping danger but equally stubborn and immature. I adore this spunky, snarky girl. Sure, she is unreasonable at times, but she does not gripe and somehow manages to get the job done. She is a gamer and plays the multiplayer game WorldQuest with an elf. Until a few years ago, Owl knew nothing of the supernatural creatures dwelling in her world; that was until she messed up a heist and pissed off a vampire. Now she finds herself living in Vegas and working for Mr. Kursosawa, a dragon who has a fondness for ancient and supernatural artifacts. While I did not see as much growth, and her wavering opinion of the supernatural annoyed me, Owl lives up to the hype of being a modern-day Indian Jones. While I wanted to see more growth in Owl, I do think we saw some progress. She is always going to be outspoken, hotheaded and a little rough around the edges, but she does seems to have a strong moral compass.  We see hint that are attitude regarding supernatural creatures is softening a little.
  • The world Charish has created is fascinating, never have I met so many unique supernatural creatures as we travel the world in search of ancient artifacts. We meet zombies, vampires’ sirens, succubus, snake people, Jinn, and elves. While the creatures may appear in other stories, Charish has given them unique attributes and destroyed myths about garlic, life forces and more – giving me a unique story full of surprises.
  • While the overall story arc involves Owl, each book takes us on a madden quest that has our heroine in peril. In Owl and the City of Angels the IAA (the international archeology responsible for keeping supernatural artifacts and creatures secret) are after Owl, whom they believe has stolen artifacts from the City of the Dead. These objects are cursed and her boss wants them retrieved and the identity of the person impersonating Owl caught. Poor Owl, the girl has people and things chasing her from every angle. Even, the creators of WorldQuest are gunning for her because they believe she is using the game to plot robberies. All of this led to an action-packed game of chase that took us all over the globe and deep into ancient burial sites. While at times the story read like an Indian Jones movie with improbable action scenes, I had a blast as we raced through streets and fought off the dead. Owl and the City of Angels was fully developed providing readers one heck of a ride. I loved the little tidbits weaved into the tale about the burial sites, and artifacts.
  • Owl and the City of Angels has a nice blend of humor, similar to those one would find in the Hollows by Kim Harrison, or the snark in the Kate Daniel’s series by Ilona Andrews. The author has done a fantastic job of fleshing out the characters; expect maybe Ryan, Owl’s love interest, but we keep learning more. Lady Siyu is the dragon’s assistant and oh man, I love this dreadful, snarky seneschal. Even, Captain, Owl’s vampire hunting cat adds humor. Friendship and a slow-developing romance round out Owl’s crazy life, along with her relationship with Carpe, her elfin gaming partner.
  • Fans of quests, action-packed danger and unique characters will enjoy Owl and her merry group of friends and enemies. Charish has offered us a unique world and the storylines are unlimited when it comes to Owl and her quests. Each book develops the overall arc while still giving the reader a satisfying conclusion to the current predicament. I highly recommend this fun, engaging series.

About Kristi Charish

Author of OWL AND THE JAPANESE CIRCUS, an urban fantasy about Ex-archaeology grad student turned international antiquities thief, Alix— better known now as Owl—a modern-day “Indiana Jane” who reluctantly navigates the hidden supernatural world. She write what she loves; adventure heavy stories featuring strong, savvy female protagonists, pop culture, and the occasional RPG fantasy game thrown in the mix. The second instalment, OWL AND THE CITY OF ANGELS, is scheduled for release Jan 2016. Her second series, KINCAID STRANGE about a Seattle voodoo practitioner who rooms with the ghost of late grunge rockstar, Nathan Cade, will be out May 2016.

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56 Responses to “Owl and the City of Angels by Kristi Charish”

  1. Jenny

    “Each book develops the overall arc while still giving the reader a satisfying conclusion to the current predicament.”

    Love that Kim! It’s why I’m such a big fan of the Kate Daniels series and Jennifer Estep’s books – I know I’m going to get a complete story in each installment with no cliffhanger to drive me crazy. Glad this series is in the same vein, I definitely need to give it a try:)

    Jenny recently posted: Review: Six of Crows
  2. Christy

    I grabbed the first one awhile back. It’s on my must read list, but I kind of want to wait for more installments to come out before I start. I don’t think I’ll be able to wait much longer though.

    Christy recently posted: The New Hunger by Isaac Marion
  3. melliane

    I’m a little late I confess so I’m just reading it right now but I’m so curious to see if we’ll have the same feelings about it! I really liked book 1!