Coffee Pot Reviews: Uncharted by Tracey Garvis-Graves & Until Fountain Bridge by Samantha Young

July 4th, 2013 Kimberly Review 40 Comments

4th Jul

Coffee Pot ReviewsWelcome to Coffee Pot Reviews! These are short and sweet reviews done in the length of time it takes my coffee pot to brew! I have two novellas to share with you today both from authors I love. Adult books contain mature content and are not intended for readers under 18 years of age. Grab a cup of coffee and a slice of coffee cake!



Coffee Pot Reviews: Uncharted by Tracey Garvis-Graves & Until Fountain Bridge by Samantha Young
by Tracey Garvis-Graves
Series: On the Island #1.5
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Source: Purchase
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Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star

Tracey Garvis Graves - and Anna and T.J. - return in this companion novella to the New York Times bestseller On the Island. When twenty-three-year-old dot-com millionaire Owen Sparks walked away from his charmed life, he had one goal in mind: get as far away as possible from the people who resented his success, or had their hand out for a piece of it. A remote uncharted island halfway around the world seemed like a perfectly logical place to get away from it all.  Calia Reed wasn't part of Owen's plans. The beautiful British girl - on holiday in the Maldives with her brother, James - made Owen wonder if getting away from it all might be a lot more enjoyable with a carefree girl who didn't know anything about the life he left behind.  But Owen had no idea how much his carefully detailed plans would go awry. Nor did he realize that a decision he made would have such a catastrophic effect on two passengers who boarded a plane in Chicago.  And when Owen shows up at Anna and T.J.'s door with an incredible story to tell, everyone involved will learn just how much their lives are intertwined. Uncharted includes an early look at Covet, coming September 2013.

I was completely taken by surprise with how much I enjoyed On An Island as it embraced a subject I wasn’t sure I could accept. I loved it, adored it and shared it with everyone. I even bought copies for family members at Christmas!  So when the publisher informed me there was a novella that tells the story about some of the mysteries on the island I about flipped at the chance to review it. I devoured Uncharted in one sitting and found Owen’s story to be touching, captivating and intense. I loved the growth we see in Owen and enjoyed the tale he shared with us. A lot of the unanswered question I had from Anna and T.J.’s time on the island are answered. Of course, it was also delightful to see Anna and T.J. again. Tracey Garvis-Graves has so impressed me with her ability to give you a glimpse into others lives and to share their experiences. She makes you rethink taboo subjects and the people involved in them. There is a sneak-peak of her Covet, her next novel due out in September 2013.

Coffee Pot Reviews: Uncharted by Tracey Garvis-Graves & Until Fountain Bridge by Samantha Young
Until Fountain Bridge
by Samantha Young
Series: On Dublin Street #1.5
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Source: Purchase
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Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star

Ellie Carmichael had a crush on Adam Sutherland, her brother, Braden’s, best friend, for years, and although Adam treated her with proprietary concern he made it clear he thought of her only as a little sister. Over the years, as Ellie’s crush develops into love, her romantic idealism makes it difficult for her to move on. To make matters worse, as she’s gotten older, Adam’s attitude has changed toward her. His affection for her is now joined by attraction, but his loyalty to Braden, and his fear of losing the only family he has, stops him from claiming Ellie the way she wishes he would.  But one night his attraction is put to the test, and as much as Adam would like things to remain the same everything changes between them in a simple brush of the lips. Soon lust, love, jealousy and heartbreak combine to force change upon their relationship… and Adam discovers the hard way that life is too damn short to spend it on regret.

So far I have read and loved On Dublin Street and Down London Road and while Ellie and Adam were present in both books, we never really got their backstory. Until Fountain Bridge delivers just that through some flashbacks using Ellie’s diaries as a guide. It was sweet, tender and adorable giving us a glimpse at Ellie and her crush on Adam through the years. I enjoyed reading about their interactions. Fans of the series will enjoy this short and sweet novella. I read this in under an hour and laughed, giggled and sighed.

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40 Responses to “Coffee Pot Reviews: Uncharted by Tracey Garvis-Graves & Until Fountain Bridge by Samantha Young”

  1. Andrea

    I just finished Uncharted at 2am this morning! I adore Tracey and think she is a brilliant writers I loved Owen’s story.

    I can’t believe I haven’t read Until Fountain Bridge! I love Ellie and Adam.

    Great mini-reviews, Kim!

  2. Jenea Whittington

    I am thinking that this is a series that I do need to read,. Great reviews.

  3. Melissa (Books and Things)

    I think I need to read On the Island. I think I would appreciate the novella more that way. Plus, you make it sound so good! I also like the sound of Bridge. I love to giggle in a book and it does sound sweet!

  4. Heidi

    I still need to read On the Island and Down London Road. I did love On Dublin Street. These novellas sound like quick, easy little reads that will help satitate my need until the next book comes out. Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Bella's Shelf

    On the Island sounds AWESOME. Is it only the dot com millionaire living there or are there others? Is it s vacation island or pretty much deserted? Sounds good to me!

  6. Anna

    Oo love when an author can take something you aren’t sure about and make it work. I think I actually have On the Island in my Nook. Huh. Gonna have to track it down.

  7. Marlene Harris

    I loved On the Island but I forgot that Uncharted was coming out. Thanks for the reminder. I bought it this afternoon. There goes a couple of hours!

  8. Lindy Gomez

    I love these Coffee Pot Reviews Kimba! Awesome Idea! I haven’t read either of these series, but On Dublin Street is right up my alley! I love a good book that makes me laugh, giggle, and sigh! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  9. kimbacaffeinate

    Thanks Lindy, it is a post I do monthly and it helps me share novellas, or books that I have personally purchased or series..they are such fun posts to write as well. This week I have a few of them to celebrate the holiday weekend.

  10. Toni

    That is awesome that you bought copies for family for Christmas! My tastes in books are too different from those of my family. My dad reads Stephen King, Dean Koontz, etc.. and then Westerns. He would hate the books I read. hahaha. My sister reads more biographies and things I have no interest in. I have yet to read anything by Samantha Young, though I desperately want to!

  11. Sharon - Obsession with Books

    I adored On Dublin Street & still need to read Down London Road; I have never been a big fan of novellas but I’m curious about both of these.

    I always <3 your coffee pot reviews Kimba! 🙂

  12. kindlemom1

    I had no idea On The Island had a novella, I think I am getting behind on all these releases!

  13. Michelle

    I completely forgot about On The Island! It’s one of the ones I had marked down to check out…and of course lost the list. Duh…I still need to read On Dublin Street too. I’m going to see if the library has either of these.

  14. Nick

    I haven’t read any of the series that these novella belong to yet, but I know I want to read the Samantha Young one. I’ve heard so many fantastic things about it. The novella sounds like a cute read too! Ellie and Adam must be a really cute couple especially since she has had a crush on him since forever! Lovely reviews, Kim!

  15. Ellen

    I can’t wait to read both of these. I loved On the Island also, and I totally agree that the author did such a wonderful job with a taboo subject and made it just come together and work so well. I love Samantha Young’s books also. Thanks for the great reviews. I just know I am going to love both of these.

  16. Laurel-Rain Snow

    Who doesn’t love the idea of an escape to an island? It would be worth the read to immerse yourself in that setting. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Krazzyme

    Ooh I’ve been thinking about getting my hands on Until Fountain Bridge and now I’m convinced. I love reading diaries 🙂

    Krazyyme @ Young Readers

  18. Danielle Chapman

    I got Uncharted and am sooooo looking forward to find a moment to read it! Great reviews as always! 🙂