Sworn to Protect Diana Gardin

July 7th, 2017 Kimberly Review 39 Comments

7th Jul
Sworn to Protect Diana Gardin
Sworn to Protect
by Diana Gardin
Series: Rescue Ops #1
Genres: Romantic Suspense
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To keep her safe, he'll have to uncover all her secrets...

Rayne Alexander. A face I never thought I'd see again, and one I never could forget. Nine years ago, she left town-and me--without a backward glance. But now she's back, with a haunted look in her eyes and a feisty attitude that didn't exist when we were teenagers. Seeing this grown-up--and sexy--Rayne is something I wasn't prepared for... and it's bringing up feelings I'd thought I'd buried years ago.

Although I want to demand answers from Rayne, working on black ops at Night Eagle Security has taught me that it's sometimes better to keep my mouth shut. So when I catch her hiding a photo of a little boy, I'm curious. When I see her jump as her phone rings, I'm concerned. But the second I notice a car following her home, I know she's hiding something. Something dangerous. And while I may not know why she left or why she's back, if there's someone out there Rayne is afraid of, I'll make damn sure that threat is eliminated.

yummy alpha hot ROMANCE SUSPENSE

SWORN TO PROTECT by Diana Gardin is the first novel in the  Rescue Ops series. This fast-paced, heated and sweet romance suspense introduces readers to the Night Eagle Security team as one of their own gets a second chance at happiness.

Coffee Dates with Sworn to Protect

  • First Date: Gardin hooked me from the opening scene as Ryne Alexander stumbles on to a secret at work. A secret that has her fleeing with her son and heading home to Wilmington, NC. I was a little worried as some tropes I am not fond of popped up View Spoiler » but Gardin soon puts those fears to rest, and I immediately liked both Rayne and Jeremy. Right away I was intrigued by the team at Night Eagle Security. We see some banter, comradery, and individual personalities emerge. Rayne is in serious trouble.  Between the reconnect and danger I knew I am in for a fast paced ride.
  • Second Date: As Rayne and Jeremy come to terms with their past and begin to reconnect attempts are made to grab her. It’s soon clear that her former boss is determined to silence her. While the Night Eagle Security team begins to investigate, Rayne, her son Decker and Jeremy get to know each other. The chemistry between these former high school sweethearts is off the charts, and I enjoyed their interaction both alone and with Decker. Jeremy is swoony, from his alpha need to protect and the love he has for his dog. Not to mention the man can cook and that is always a turn on for me. He is definitely, book boyfriend material ladies. As the danger increases so does the risk, and we are made privy to her pursuers perspective.
  • Third Date: Gardin wove the past into the present as the suspense angle moved towards a nail-biting climax. While the story isn’t necessarily anything new, Gardin does provide a storyline that is fast paced and intense. We get to meet other characters, and I am curious about their stories. The romance was super sexy with plenty of heat, but it also came with a tender, sweet side complete with picket fence. The author wrapped up the tale wonderfully delivering a finish to both the suspense and romantic angle that is sure to leave readers smiling.

SWORN TO PROTECT delivered a fast-paced tale I devoured in a single Sunday evening. We got to know some other characters and gained a sense of things to come. I look forward to the next Resue Ops tale.

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39 Responses to “Sworn to Protect Diana Gardin”

  1. Angela Adams

    “SWORN TO PROTECT delivered a fast-paced tale I devoured in a single Sunday evening” — Now, that’s a great read!!!

  2. Michele

    Romantic suspense and Wilmington, NC — that’s my neck of the woods! This is going straight on the list. I can’t wait to devour this one! 🙂

  3. Heidi

    Like the sound of the romance and the nail biting suspense. Plus, I always love a book that drags me in and holds my attention for one read.

  4. Evie

    I’m not a fan of that “kind” of trope you mention in your spoiler. I usually turn away from those but your review is making me want to go read this book like now! 🙂

  5. Sophia Rose

    Ah, it does have some sweet aspects it seems. Glad the issues mentioned in your spoiler were addressed satisfactorily and early on- those are touchy ones for me. Sounds good and I can see why it read quickly for you.

  6. Nadene

    Ooh. This sounds good. I am a not bog fan of those tropes so it is good to know it was handled well.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Yeah, I almost set it down, but the story was good so I rolled with it. I am so glad because she really handled it well,

  7. Sarah

    Oh man do I want to know all Ryne’s secrets – and who’s trying to kidnap her! Great review, adding to the tbr 🙂

  8. RO

    Girl, who in the heck is that cover model? lol I always like a security or black ops romantic suspense. because they have plenty of action and love. But following a series is rough for me these days. Love your review! Hugs…

  9. Cyn

    Sounds like a good romance and introduction to a new series! Glad you enjoyed it, lovely review!

  10. Nick

    OMG those tropes, Kim! I would have wanted to run away too. I’m glad that they were handled well though. Adding this to my TBR!