Dare to Lie by Jen McLaughlin

March 10th, 2017 Kimberly Review 46 Comments

10th Mar
Dare to Lie by Jen McLaughlin
Dare To Lie
by Jen McLaughlin
Series: The Sons of Steel Row #3
Narrator: Eric London, Caitlin Elizabeth
Length: 9 hours and 39 minutes
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Source: Publisher
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Heat Level: One FlameOne FlameOne FlameHalf a Flame
Narration: 4 cups

As an undercover DEA agent in the most powerful gang in Boston, Scott Donahue accepts the risks of living a double life. But when Tate Donovan, leader of the Sons of Steel Row, assigns Scotty to take his place in a bachelor auction sponsored by his sister's sorority, he's exposed to a whole new level of danger. Even though Tate makes it very clear-Skylar is off limits-the second Scotty sees her, he's a goner. But how does he tell Sky she's falling for a man who doesn't exist? Sky can't resist Scotty's cool confidence or the raw, edgy power oozing from his perfect body. She's always been the good girl, but he brings out the bad in her. And even though she knows so little about who he really is, Sky's willing to take the biggest risk of all. But putting her heart on the line is no guarantee that Scotty won't slip through her fingers . . . Contains mature themes

Audiobook yummy alpha SUSPENSE ROMANCE

DARE TO LIE by Jen McLaughlin is the third audiobook in the Sons of Steel Row, contemporary romantic suspense series set in streets of Boston. DARE TO LIE story belongs to Scott(y) Donahue an undercover DEA agent and acting member, of the Sons of Steel Row. I have been waiting for his story, and McLauglin delivered giving me, suspense, heat, and heart.

I loved the set up for DARE TO LIE. Tate, the leader of the Son of Steels, assigns Scotty to guard his sisters. The first assignment involves a bachelor auction at Skylar’s sorority. Getting involved with the leader’s sister is an executable offense, and I loved seeing it all unfold. Skylar is pretty sheltered and isn’t privy to her brother’s business practices. Most of the men she has dated have been boring suits or “Tate approved.” For Skylar, this equates to “boring.” Scotty is none of those things.

The romance started with insta-lust and frankly had me rolling my eyes at Skylar. It quickly moved to something more and I ended up loving their chemistry. The heat was electric and their chemistry felt genuine. I just wish this forbidden romance had begun more slowly.

Scotty’s involvement with the gang and his position working for the DEA made for some serious tension.  It provided plenty of life and death moments giving the suspense thread of DARE TO ME depth. It also caused some relationship problems and awkward moments when Tate was present. The overall ARC of the series involving the Sons of Steel, DEA, and AFC make this a series to read/listen to from the beginning. It helps to understand the players and know the battles Scotty and the Sons of Steel face with the Bitter Hill Gang. I appreciated the way in which McLaughlin has taken us into the gangs and government agencies involved. She showcases Scotty’s struggle with loyalty and his dealings with law enforcement. Scotty is a standup guy and ultimately wants to protect and save his hometown. All of this gives the story some serious heart. Despite the darker aspects of Scotty and other members of the gang, the author made me understand them, and it was only inevitable that I fell for them too.

Eric London and Caitlin Elizabeth narrated giving us both Scotty and Skylar’s voices. I loved this dual point of view and felt the narrators did an excellent job of capturing their voices and emotions. The Sons of Steel series works well on audio bringing the tension, romance, and characters to life.

DARE TO LIE was another addictive edition in the Sons of Steel Row. Now, I need Tate Donovan’s story. Pretty please.

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46 Responses to “Dare to Lie by Jen McLaughlin”

  1. Lover Of Romance

    Oh wonderful review. I am so glad that you really liked this one. I have heard some great things about this author. And I love LOVE the setting here.

  2. cindy

    What a great review! I have to read this book now , based on your review and it is set in my hometown of Boston! Thanks for this review.

  3. Nadene

    I love romantic suspense, and this sounds like a story I would enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Vanessa

    Haven’t heard of this series before but reading all these amazing review, I think one of these days I’ll be reading this one too 🙂

  5. Bookworm Brandee

    I love the premise for this one! It seems like the suspense element would be taken up a notch. I have this series in audio and need to get to it. I’m looking forward to meeting the Sons of Steel Row. 😉

  6. Sophia Rose

    Scotty’s story was the one I thought I really had to have and it was great, but now I see that it’s his boss that I really need his story now.

    Enjoyed your review, Kimberly! 🙂

  7. Angela Adams

    “oozing from his perfect body” — that description sure does match the book cover (smile!). Have a great weekend, Kim. Hope you’ve felt better this week.

  8. Mckenzie

    Yummy cover is YUMMY! I want this one! Thanks for the heads-up about the insta-lust. That’s annoying, but I’m glad it moved to something more. I really like the sound of the rest. Adding it! Awesome review! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  9. Heidi

    When you mentioned insta lust and eye rolling, I almost stopped reading, glad that this settled in and became a romance worth reading.

  10. Lily B

    aww I’m with you, I love my forbidden romances to start slower. But you still ended up really liking it in the end, that’s a great thing

  11. Angela

    This series sounds like something I would enjoy, Too bad it had the insta-lust thing going on at the start.

  12. Lisa

    I can’t believe I still haven’t read anything by Jen McLaughlin yet. I’ve heard time and time again how wonderful her books are. I’ll have to check one out soon! Do you have a recommendation of a good one to start with?

  13. Cyn

    I’ve been eyeing this series for a while! Happy to see it’s still going strong. Definitely hard to resist alpha males haha. Glad you enjoyed this, great review Kim!

  14. Silvia

    I loved the first instalment! I still have to read the second book, but I’m really happy to know you keep having a great time with this series 😀

  15. Geybie's Book Blog

    I always love undercover agents in books or movies. They are badass. This book sounds something that I would love. I’m not sure with the insta-love, though. Sometimes if not written well it could be a major turnoff.
    Thanks for putting this on my radar. Awesome review as always, Kim. 😀

  16. kindlemom1

    This sounds great, both book wise and narration wise. I like the idea of dual narrators. Great review Kim and I hope you have a lovely weekend! 😀