From London with Love by Diana Quincy

February 3rd, 2017 Kimberly Review 14 Comments

3rd Feb
From London with Love by Diana Quincy
From London with Love
by Diana Quincy
Series: Rebellious Brides #3
Genres: Historical Romance
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Emilia St. George is moments away from marrying the admired grandson of a duke when the man who once jilted her decides to kidnap her at the altar. It’s the second time in five years Hamilton Sparrow has ruined her wedding day, and Emilia isn’t about to forgive him. The mere sight of her ex-fiancé revives painful memories—and, most regrettably, aching desires that refuse to be ignored.

Scanning the guests at Emilia’s wedding, Sparrow spots a familiar face: an assassin he recognizes from his days as a spy in France. Whisking Emilia away, he’s pleasantly surprised by her newly formed curves. Could this be the same flame-haired slip of a girl once promised to Sparrow? And does the fop she still insists on marrying realize what a prize she is? True, Sparrow left Emilia at the altar. But he’s afraid that the only way to right that particular wrong is to risk the one thing he’s always guarded: his heart.

ROMANCE SUSPENSE mystery historical

From London with Love by Diana Quincy is the third book in the Rebellious Brides series. Regretfully I have not read the first two books in the series, but thankfully each works as a standalone. This was an engaging, touching and sometimes humorous second chance romance that I devoured in two sittings.

Coffee dates with From London with Love

First date: Hamilton Sparrow abducts Emilia St. George moments before she is about to wed the grandson of a duke. This is the second time he has ruined her wedding plans. The first time was when he jilted her. Ooo right away I am intrigued! Quincy further ensnares me when we discover someone is attempting to kill Emilia. I enjoyed their initial interaction but can see both of these two need work. It will be interesting to watch this tale unfold.

Second date: Quincy shares some back story, as another attempt is made on Emilia’s life. I like Emilia despite her self-esteem issues, and I must say I blame her mother for some of those problems. She is about to marry into a loveless marriage, but I understood her reasoning. With her reputation still intact, Sparrow, the St. George’s, and Emilia herself try to discover who wants her dead. The list of suspects is long from the obvious- her fiance to a shady art collector. Of course, all of this has Sparrow, now Lord Vale and Emilia spending time in each other’s company, While they may have been childhood neighbor’s Vale begins to realize there is so much more to Emilia. I loved seeing him become more aware of her. It was surprising, tender and lent to delicious moments of laughter.

Third date: Emilia surprised the heck out of me. She is quite the forward-thinking woman.  This slow building, unplanned romance begins to heat and I am quite enjoying myself. I always laugh when characters make these plans in their heads or have preconceived notions. We all know it never turns out as expected and such was the case here. I will readily admit I love seeing it all unravel! With the suspect list narrowing, Quincy had me flipping the pages as intentions are made, traps are laid, and danger ensues. The build to the climax was not rushed allowing the case and the romance to weave together. While nothing was surprising I enjoyed watching the events unfold and Quincy left me grinning.

A little suspense, a little romance and two characters who deserve to find their happy. From London to Love was an addictive read.

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14 Responses to “From London with Love by Diana Quincy”

  1. Dragonfly

    I was also intrigued at “This is the second time he has ruined her wedding plans.” 🙂 good that is deliver good, addictive, mix of suspense and romance 🙂

  2. Geybie's Book Blog

    Great review, Kim! I cant remember the last time I read Historical Romance. This one sounds right up my alley. Hehe… she is about to get married? Kidnapping? Hehe love it. Haha.. Sounds interesting. Want to try it so bad but I just purchased a bunch of books. Urrgg. Let me think about it.

  3. Melissa (Books and Things)

    I like the sound of Emilia and this book. This really makes me want to scour my shelves for a good romance. I do think I’ll add this one to the wishlist. *shakes fist at you* 😉

  4. Lily B

    oh how romantic, abducted at the altar by the very man that jilted her 😀 now I’m curious about this one

  5. Bookworm Brandee

    This sounds like it has all the ingredients for a nice historical romance, Kimberly. I really like the fact that romance blooms between Emilia and Sparrow unexpectedly. That’s always a treat. And I like that Emilia was more than she seemed. Glad you enjoyed this one!

  6. Cyn

    I’ve been meaning to check out Quincy! I didn’t realize it was also suspense! Definitely excited, sounds like this is a lovely series. Great review, Kim!

  7. Melliane

    it’s nice to see you can read this one without the others. I didn’t know about the series but it’s always nice to have a good romance with a story behind