Memory Man by David Baldacci

June 19th, 2015 Kimberly Review 56 Comments

19th Jun
Memory Man by David Baldacci
Memory Man
by David Baldacci
Narrator: Orlagh Cassidy, Ron McLarty
Length: 13 hrs and 17 mins
Genres: Crime Fiction, Thriller
Source: Publisher
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Narration: 4.5 cups

Amos Decker's life changed forever--twice. The first time was on the gridiron. A big, towering athlete, he was the only person from his hometown of Burlington ever to go pro. But his career ended before it had a chance to begin. On his very first play, a violent helmet-to-helmet collision knocked him off the field for good, and left him with an improbable side effect--he can never forget anything.  The second time was at home nearly two decades later. Now a police detective, Decker returned from a stakeout one evening and entered a nightmare--his wife, young daughter, and brother-in-law had been murdered.His family destroyed, their killer's identity as mysterious as the motive behind the crime, and unable to forget a single detail from that horrible night, Decker finds his world collapsing around him. He leaves the police force, loses his home, and winds up on the street, taking piecemeal jobs as a private investigator when he can. But over a year later, a man turns himself in to the police and confesses to the murders. At the same time a horrific event nearly brings Burlington to its knees, and Decker is called back in to help with this investigation. Decker also seizes his chance to learn what really happened to his family that night. To uncover the stunning truth, he must use his remarkable gifts and confront the burdens that go along with them. He must endure the memories he would much rather forget. And he may have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Annd I have a new series to follow on audio. Memory Man by David Baldacci is the first in the Amos Decker series and one I will continue. A murder mystery thriller that came to life on audio thanks to narrators Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy. Memory Man not only had a compelling mystery but its hero made it even more interesting.

Five Caffeinated Reasons to Grab your earbuds and listen to Memory Man

  • Amos Decker suffers from hyperthymesia a unique ability to remember everything he smells, sees, hears, and feels because of a football injury. It makes him one helluva detective but doesn’t allow this tormented soul to forget.  Readers will love his Sherlockian methods and quirky mannerisms. The tale opens with Decker discovering his family violently murdered and then we fast forward a year later. He is no longer on the force and has lost everything. Frankly he is doing a damn fine job of emulating the walking dead. When a man confesses to the heinous  crime, his family’s cold case begins to heat up and Decker might have found a reason to join the living.
  • The mystery coupled with Decker’s own unique story is intense and filled with twists. I enjoyed the chase and watching Decker work with his former partner Mary Lancaster. Decker is also called in to assist with a mass school shooting at a local high school and he slowly begins to see a connection between the crimes. All I could do was hold on as we encounter twists, turns and startling revelations. It is well thought out and Baldacci kept it real as he tied the threads together.
  • The characters even the secondary ones are fleshed out and unique from the suspects to the FBI agents. Each added to the story, creating a realism that I appreciated. Kudos to the author for his ability to flesh out the villain and dare I say allowed me to sympathize with them.
  • Memory Man unfolded in such a way that I was riveted from the first chapter. The writing  was evenly paced with a tight, believable plot that held my attention. The final chapters had me listening into the wee hours. Baldacci did a wonderful job of preparing this to be a series will still giving us closer to these crimes.
  • The narrators did an excellent job of drawing the listener in and giving authentic voices to the characters. I loved the addition of a female narrator for Mary, even though most of the tale is Amos’s. I fully intend to continue the series on audio.

If you are looking for a well-spun crime mystery with an intriguing hero, look no further as Memory Man should be your next read/listen.

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56 Responses to “Memory Man by David Baldacci”

  1. Nise'

    This narration duo is excellent. They do many of Baldacci’s books. I look forward to his audio.

  2. Kathy

    I got this one when it first came out because it looked so good, but I started second guessing buying it. It’s my first Baldacci book, so I’m happy to see that you loved it. Maybe by the end of summer, I’ll have a chance to actually read it.

  3. Lorna

    I used to get his books for my dad and then on cd when his eyesight started going before he died. He was one of my dad’s favorites. The book sounds heartbreaking-but I do have 2 credits at audible so…

    • kimbacaffeinate

      It was a nice mix of feelings Lorna. I love that you got your Dad audio books. This was my first by this author but certainly not my last

  4. Braine Talk Supe

    I guess because the plot is great, the audio version made for a very compelling book to listen to. I listened to the sample, the narrator sounds good. I don’t think I’ll feel sleepy listening to him. He’s like a NatGeo narrator or something like that.

  5. Lindy

    I’ve never heard of hyperthymesia. It sounds very interesting! The realism of the plot coupled with the mystery sounds very entertaining. I enjoy a good detective story! Wonderful Review Kim 🙂

  6. Deborah

    Oh yes, I loved this and have a HUGE crush on Amos Decker. What a great new character Baldacci’s created!

  7. Red Iza

    I hear about David Baldacci everywhere, his books fill whole shelves of my library, i’m afraid that’s why I never even tried to learn about his work. So I’m glad you reviewed this one, because I would never have given it a second look yet I think I would like it – Sherlockian quirks and memory problems. Thank you for sharing !

  8. Karen Blue

    I am so glad it looks like you loved this as much as I did. I am not a big on detective stories but this character really got me. Stellar review!

  9. kindlemom1

    Can’t beat a well written, well narrated murder mystery! I have seen this author around for, well a really long time and have yet to even consider his books. It sounds like I need to change that.

  10. Ramona

    A unique premise that holds the promise of a page-turner. Sounds like another book to keep in mind over the summer. Wonderful review, Kimba 🙂

  11. Stormi

    Believe it or not I haven’t read this author though I have always meant too and this sounds like a really cool book! This might be where I start. 🙂

  12. Sophia Rose

    Yes, he does sound like an engaging character. I like the twist on his special abilities, but how very awful for him to remember everything. I can see the appeal and will keep it in mind when I’ve got the mystery craving.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Right on the surface it sounds cool like remembering all of your favorite quotes and memories but then you have to remember all the crappy stuff too.

  13. Tyler H Jolley

    Great review, Kimba! Thanks again for the excerpt, I really enjoy them a lot and it gives me a chance to see if it works for me.

  14. Debbie Haupt

    Wow another series from one of my faves. Thanks Kim for showcasing your wonderful review, what a plot! I think my favorite Baldacci novel still is One Summer. Have you read that one?
    This one is going on my pile, I think I might get the ebook though

  15. Jenny

    Oooo I’ll have to see if my mother in law has read this Kim! She’s a huge David Baldacci fan:) I love when an author can make me sympathize with a villain, it makes them all the more terrifying when you can almost understand where they’re coming from. Can’t wait to tell Cathy about this!

  16. Ro

    David Baldacci – yes, yes, and more yes! This author is one who I’ll read without ever having to check out the blurb, and I ran to the store to pick this one up when released. His creation of Amos was so intriguing. No, he was not your typical hottie, and was admittedly overweight, but everything about him oozed a certain sexiness. I can truly appreciate the research Mr. Baldacci puts into his books, and he never fails to offer up all kinds of neat facts we’ve never heard of. Totally loved your review! Hugs…Ro

  17. Nick

    I love those books that pull you in from the start.
    I’m very curious about the story of his abilities too.
    Glad this was an enjoyable read, Kim.

  18. Lexxie

    I’ve been really curious about The Memory Man series, Kim, and I’m very happy it’s a good one! I think I’ll probably read it though, I have SO many audios I have to listen to, and I don’t listen enough.

  19. Trish

    I haven’t heard of hyperthymesia before, that’s an interesting concept to set a book around. Sounds like a page turner and I’m always looking for audiobooks that both myself and husband can listen to together and this sounds like it would fit the bill.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I cannot imagine on one hand it would be cool..I could quote whole books! But never forgetting painful or embarrassing moments oh lord no, no, no.

  20. Melliane

    It’s an interesting aptitude for a hero there, and quite intriguing as well. I want to try the book as well!

  21. Naomi

    I love that Amos has Sherlockian methods… you had me intrigued right there!
    Sounds like htis was a great read Kimberly and you were hooked from the beginning. Fantastic review!