Tied by Emma Chase

October 9th, 2014 Kimberly Review 50 Comments

9th Oct
Tied by Emma Chase
by Emma Chase
Series: Tangled #4
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Source: Publisher
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In the fourth sexy romance by the New York Times bestselling author of Tangled and Twisted, Drew and Kate can’t wait to tie the knot—if they can survive the pre-wedding festivities. For most of my life, I never imagined I’d get married. But Kate did the impossible: she changed me. I think we can all agree I was pretty frigging awesome before, but now I’m even better. The road to this day wasn’t all rainbows and boners. There were mistakes and misunderstandings worthy of a Greek tragedy. But Kate and I made it through with our inexhaustible lust, boundless admiration, and everlasting love for one another intact. That being said, there were some unexpected incidents in Vegas last weekend that could have been a problem. It was kind of... my final test. I know what you’re thinking—what the hell did you do this time? Relax. Let’s not judge, or call for my castration, until you've heard the whole story. And hold on tight, because you’re in for a wild ride. Did you expect anything less?

I absolutely enjoyed Kate and Drew’s journey from the hilarious first book Tangled to Tied when we finally get our happily ever after. In typical Drew Evans’ fashion, the road is bumpy, sexy and hilariously complicated in Tied by Emma Chase, book four in the Tangled series. We get some heat, and no lie my nook began to overheat. Oh-la-la.

Caffeinated’s Coffee Dates with Tied

First Date: Drew and Evan are finally tying the knot in Tied. Woot! Chase catches us up on what we have missed, and we get to know James their adorable son and catch up with the rest of the gang. Tied is relayed to us from Drew’s perspective and once again the man charmed me, made me swoon and had me giggling.

Second date: We are going to Vegas baby! A bachelor party and bachelorette party have been planned and I was happy to tag along. Of course, Drew has to make sure they do it in style, and all the gang is present. Dee-Dee is in charge of the girls’ night out, and Matthew is handling the deets for Drew’s party. I was laughed, shaking my head and giggling over their antics. I’ve decided the next time I go; I want Dee-Dee in charge. Of course, things do not go smoothly, and it was just the perfect touch of angst, lessons and heart.

Third Date: Here comes the bride…. Chase gives us all of the details from the church to the reception, and it was positively delightful. I laughed, swooned and sighed. We get some updates on the gang, and I loved the updates on Mackenzie. Chase worked to satisfy her fans about the wedding and honeymoon. I adore Drew Evans, and if Kate weren’t so perfect for him, I would be truly jealous. I am delightful dizzy and closed this book with a content smile and a box of truffles.

If you haven’t met Drew Evans yet, you need to read the Tangled series, the ride was pure perfection from the characters to the incredible heat and humor. Tied was the perfect conclusion for one of my favorite couples.

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50 Responses to “Tied by Emma Chase”

  1. Cyn

    Ooh more Drew! I’ve gotten a little behind in this series, but I love that Drew and Evan are getting hitched and there’s lots of wedding/bachelor(ette) shenanigans! Will have to get back on this series soon. Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Enjoy, book three was Dee-Dee’s story and this one was wonderful!

  2. Kathryn

    I have just come from Goodreads where a reader I follow had given this 5 stars. And have seen a lot written about the series. How ‘hot’ are the books – I can cope with hot but not erotic. Where would you place the series?

    • kimbacaffeinate

      It can get heated at times but there is way more story and heart then sexy time.

  3. Mary

    Vegas, baybee! I don’t know about continuing to follow this story, though. I mean, didn’t they already fall in love? That’s what I read romance for — the falling in love bit. All that stuff after…take it or leave it. Even though this does sound adorable!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      One of the books is about Dee-Dee, but I love this series for Drew.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      These one one night reads Melissa and so good. *oops* Ok..I will stop it.

  4. Iily

    I actually just read Tied the other day and loved it so much too! It was actually your review Kimba of tangled that convinced me to give this series a try and I am so glad I did! I loved it so much and this final book in Drew’s POV again (thank god it was in his POV again!) haha!

  5. Wendy Darling

    Oh my, what timing! I literally just read the first book TANGLED last night and thought it was super, super fun. I didn’t realize the rest of the series follows the same couple, I’m looking forward to seeing how their relationship progresses. I’m so happy you enjoyed book 4 so much–I can’t wait to check it out, too!

  6. Sarah

    Read the first book year a year or so ago. Didn’t realize how many more she wrote! Do they all follow Drew and Kate’s relationship? Hmm… not really a big fan of those types of series, unless the author is Gena Showalter or Darynda Jones, lol. As always, great review!

  7. Heidi

    I started the first book a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t working for me that day so I put it aside, I need to continue the series soon.

  8. Amber Elise

    Ooo this series is new to me! I’ll probably pick it up this holiday series! Something about Christmas makes me want to devour all the cute romances! 🙂

    Amber Elise @Du Livre

  9. Melliane

    I keep hearing great things in this series, we even have it in French now and it’s everywher! I need to try one day.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Yes, yes you so need to try these. Ooo I bet Drew is super sexy in French!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      hehe. You are going to kick yourself once you start it for waiting so long..just sayin’

  10. Felicia the Geeky Blogger

    Though this is probably not for me, just reading your review made me smile. I wonder about Dee-Dee’s plans in Vegas and I love when you know the couple is going to the alter. I love when love is present from beginning to end in a book 🙂

    • kimbacaffeinate

      This is such a hilarious series Felicia. Drew Evans makes me laugh so hard I cry.

  11. Debbie Haupt

    Oh wow Kimba, there’s nothing better than an I DO romance including all the ups downs and run arounds. Thanks for bringing this one to life with your review. I think this series is going to get some serious thought. Thanks!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      It is such a fun series and I adore the characters. I hope you try it Debbie

  12. Nick

    Kim! I’m so excited to see you loved this one. I bought a copy on Tuesday and I can’t wait to find some free time to read it. I love that we’re back to Drew’s POV and I can’t wait for these crazy bachelerotte and bachelor parties. 😀 I can already tell they are going to be crazy.
    Lovely review! 🙂

  13. Lupdilup

    I really enjoyed this one too Kimba! I love Drew, and the narrator is absolutely perfect! Maybe one day in the future when you feel like revisiting for few laughs I highly recommend the audio. 🙂
    Thanks Kimba!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      This is a series I would love to hear on audio especially if the narrator capture my boy. *Drew*

  14. Silvia

    I’ve been hearing a lot about this series but I didn’t give it a go yet. Knowing that there is an incredible heat and humour certainly makes me want to read it though! I’m glad you loved the ride so much, Kimberly. 🙂

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Oh I hope you try them..I laugh so hard sometimes I cry!