The Wedding Favor by Cara Connelly

November 3rd, 2013 Kimberly Review 21 Comments

3rd Nov
The Wedding Favor by Cara Connelly
The Wedding Favor
by Cara Connelly
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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In her deliciously sexy debut, Cara Connelly gives a whole new meaning to crashing a wedding.Before the wedding-Tyrell Brown wanted to get the hell out of Houston and back to his ranch. Instead, he’s stuck on a flight to France for his best friend’s wedding. To top it off, he discovers he’s sharing a seat with Victoria Westin, the blue-eyed, stiletto-heeled lawyer who’s been a thorn in his side for months. At the wedding-Victoria can’t believe it! How can she be at the same wedding as this long, lean cowboy with a killer smile? So what if they shared a few in-flight cocktails, some serious flirting, and a near-miss at the mile-high club? She still can’t stand the man! After the wedding -The wedding disaster’s in the rearview, but the sizzle between these two is still red-hot. They tried to be on their best behavior in France, but back in the States all bets are off . . .

The Wedding Favor is Cara Connelly’s is the second novel in her Save the Date series, and she takes us from New York to France, and Texas while sharing this hilarious and heart-warming romance. Victoria is a high strung lawyer, and Tyrell is a cattle rancher. City girl meets cowboy and the chemistry between them is sizzling. Mini review: witty, romantic and hot.

We meet Tyrell Brown and Victoria Westin in court. He is a rancher suing for the wrongful death of his wife, seven years ago, and she is a high powered attorney trying to undermine his case. They loathe each other, and after the trial ends he wants to head back to the ranch, but his best friend is getting married in France. At least he can stretch his legs out in first class and forget about the blue-eyes, stiletto wearing lawyer who has made him crazy the last few weeks. But, alas that is not meant to be because who is sitting in the window seat? You guessed it! Ms. Victoria Westin, and the tale that unfolds is filled with witty banter, snark, and a whole lot of heat.

Tyrell Brown is yum in a pair of cowboy boots, with his sweet words, and love for his horse. He loathes Victoria and thinks she is a cold-hearted bitch; a sexy cold-hearted bitch. Victoria is a pleaser, a Mommy pleasure to be exact. She has spent years doing exactly what mother wants. Has been cheated on, and has had heart broken all while giving up all of her goals. You think I would hate her, right? Wrong, she is hilarious, confused, but sweet and hilarious. She needs to grow a backbone and we see growth in her throughout the novel. The chemistry between them was delicious. I love “love/hate relationships” with heat that develops into more, and watching it all unfold was fun. Tyrell was sweet, knuckled headed and at times he annoyed me with his, “honey” comments but I quickly realized he respects women. Isabelle his best friend and Matt, Victoria’s brother added to the tale. Victoria’s mother is a woman you will love to hate. I would have smacked the ‘tude right off her face. Victoria’s ex added some exciting scenes and humor to the tale.

The Wedding Favor has several familiar tropes but Connelly made the tale feel fresh.  She gave the characters depth making this an enjoyable tale. The heated scenes were oh-la-la, and you felt the passion and sexual tension crackle in the air. Tyrell and Victoria’s banter was my favorite part from the, “I hate you death stares” to the “do-me now looks”. It was hilarious, super sexy and kept me wrapped up in the tale. This could have been an insta-love, but the author allowed the relationship to cool off, heat-up and then added depth making it believable. I had issues with a few plot lines that I felt were unnecessary to the plot and slowed the pacing down in areas. The couple had enough obstacles to overcome without the unnecessary drama, and this cause me to lower my rating. The ending wrapped up nicely, and I look forward to reading more from this author.

Fans of humor,  and smexy romances will enjoy The Wedding Favor. Overall this was a lovely debut, and I am looking forward to seeing what this author brings us next. The first in the series is a Christmas novella called The Wedding Date.

Three and half cups of coffee out of five
One StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star

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21 Responses to “The Wedding Favor by Cara Connelly”

  1. Lark

    I love good dialogue and witty banter! Glad you enjoyed this — it sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Lauren

    I don’t think I will ever get sick of stories involving a city girl meeting a cowboy. Maybe it’s because I miss Texas or maybe it’s just that I love cowboys. 🙂 This sounds like a fun story, looking forward to reading this and to the banter and sexiness! Great review 🙂

    • kimbacaffeinate

      It was fun, and I know you love a cowboy rancher as much as I do:)

  3. anna

    Oh good! I have this on my list for later this month. I love that hate to love switch over. So much fun to watch happen. Reading one of those now and enjoying it 🙂

  4. Lily B

    Oh my do I love the sound of this one! heh wonderful review, sounds like a sizzling debut novel <3

    • kimbacaffeinate

      This was sizzling and I look forward to reading more from this author 🙂 thanks Lily!

  5. Maja (The Nocturnal Library)

    Umm, sorry, I got a bit lost staring at that guy on the cover. He is… wow.
    I don’t mind tropes if they are wrapped up nicely and made to seem fresh and interesting. And sounds like these two have a sizzling chemistry! I am ALL for that, especially when it’s this cold outside.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Agreed about the guy..LOL and I loved the banter between them 🙂

    • kimbacaffeinate

      This was fun, and the banter was wicked. Thanks Pamela 🙂