A Very Perry Wedding by Marie Landry

December 20th, 2021 Kimberly Review 7 Comments

20th Dec

I was delighted to spend more time with the Perrys in A Very Perry Wedding by Marie Landry. When I realized we would get Jasper Perry’s story, I may have squealed. Humor, friends, character growth and holidays with family await you.

A Very Perry Wedding by Marie Landry
A Very Perry Wedding
by Marie Landry
Series: The Perrys #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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Heat Level: One FlameOne FlameOne Flame

The Perrys are having a wedding and you're invited.

Willow Stewart’s lifelong dreams are coming true. She’s opened a café in her hometown, and it’s thriving. Sure, maybe she doesn’t have much of a life outside of work and she’s almost completely broke, but she’s taking off weekends—plural—to celebrate her best friend’s upcoming wedding and that’s progress, right?

She’s also flirting with Jasper Perry, the brother of the groom, whenever he’s within ten feet. And, even though Jasper is a bit stiff and overly formal, she’s pretty sure he’s flirting with her too. He’s also showing her a side of himself he doesn’t seem to show many other people. The only problem is, Jasper's life and job are in Toronto, and that’s a place and a lifestyle Willow gave up and has never looked back. Will she have to give up Jasper too?

Family friends Holiday ROMANCE

Last year I read and adored A Very Perry Christmas. While both books work as a standalone, I implore you to stop and read the first book. There, you will meet all the Perry siblings and learn their story. Events that take place in this book hold more weight when you have that history. Although the author did a stellar job giving new readers the abbreviated version.

Jasper is the head of the Perry siblings, and in fact, raised them when their parents died. His career has taken a turn, and he is finding his priorities have changed. When his brother and fiancé plan month long activities for their fall wedding, he finds himself couch surfing. One of those couches belongs to Willow Stewart, best friend to the future bride and cafe owner.

Willow has only recently returned home after leaving when her fiancée cheated on her. She and her friend have opened up a cafe and the talk of caramel lattes will have you drooling.

The met cute was funny, but there is something about Jasper that Willow finds attractive. The two build a wonderful friendship… but both secretly want more. He is awkward; she is insecure in the romance department and the tale that unfolds delivered a slow burn, frustration and swoons.

Siblings, holidays, day trips and getaways added charm and depth. Landry’s characters feel realistic and their banter, support and charm will have you wishing you could spend time with them.

The climatic mending had me truly nervous at first, but don’t worry, Landry delivered and left me smiling. We also get a glimpse of the characters in her newest book, Escaping Christmas, which is primed in my TBR pile.

Landry’s stories are perfect for fans of heartfelt, close-knit and family oriented stories with romance, friendship and warmth.


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  1. Katherine

    How have I not heard of this series? This sounds like a book I would so enjoy. Adding the the first book to my TBR.