The Hidden Heir by Samuel Lockwood

June 19th, 2024 Kimberly Guest Post, Review 10 Comments

19th Jun

Sophia Rose is here with a review of the alternate history thriller, The Hidden Heir, by Samuel Lockwood. Come see how JFK and Marilyn Monroe tie into this addictive thriller.

The Hidden Heir by Samuel Lockwood
The Hidden Heir
by Samuel Lockwood
Genres: Thriller
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In 1962, Marilyn Monroe finds herself in a tense meeting in the Oval Office with President John F. Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, and his trusted advisor, Brett Longley. It's revealed that she has been impregnated through a secret love affair with the president. With the Kennedy family focused on preserving their elite status, she's given the choice of getting an abortion or faking her death and vanishing from public life forever.

She chooses the latter and raises their son, Clyde, on a secluded ranch in Montana that's under 24/7 surveillance from the Secret Service. After growing up in complete isolation, Clyde finally learns the truth behind his strange upbringing eighteen years later when Marilyn is lying on her deathbed. Determined to live a normal life, he hatches a daring plan to escape and reveal his story to the world, but he must do so before those more powerful than him can permanently silence him.

Sophia Rose’s Review

Two big names in 1960’s America are at the heart of an exciting alternate history debut tale. Samuel Lockwood asks the question, “What if JFK and Marilyn Monroe had a secret affair and the living proof is a baby on the way? How would the then powers that be handle such an eventuality and what is the rest of the story for their son?” I found a historical thriller with such a premise too irresistible to pass by.

The Hidden Heir begins in 1981 with an attention-grabbing scene before delving back into the past and the plot made one fateful 1962 day in the White House during the Kennedy administration.  The brief dip into the past set the table for what came eighteen years later when Clyde Monroe was ready to admit the world into his family secret.

The premise of The Hidden Heir was strong and pulled me in right away.  It builds on the rumors of just such a liaison between JFK and Marilyn and there are already conspiracy theories a plenty surrounding the Kennedys, so why not? I was particularly startled to imagine Jackie Kennedy as the antagonist who was plotting first to protect the Kennedy political chances, pay back one of her husband’s mistresses, and then protect her own skin by keeping the truth suppressed, but the author made her a convincing.  He wrote her with nuances, so she wasn’t a cardboard cutout villainess.

Clyde Monroe, the innocent caught up in a conspiracy plot, was a sympathetic character. He’s grown up hidden away with only three adults- one is his mother and the other two are little more than prison guards. Now, he has to outwit those guards, other government operatives, and make someone who can get his story out believe him. I was on tenterhooks as he made his escape and then formed some surprising allies. I felt the weight of the price that is paid when they went up against a powerful enemy with lots of resources.

The Hidden Heir was a quick and easy read, leaning hard on the action, but it was also very much a debut effort. It changed narration quickly at times to catch the perspective of nearly each character in a scene. It read like a rookie effort and could have been smoother. However, there was rich promise and a solid gem of a story that kept me interested and reading through to the nail-biter climax and end. If you like the idea of alt history blended with thriller, you definitely want to pick up The Hidden Heir.


About Samuel Lockwood

Samuel Lockwood

Samuel Lockwood is a 24-year-old author based in New York City. He published his debut novel, "The Hidden Heir," in May 2024. A fan of thrillers, mysteries, and historical fiction, Samuel's unique writing style captivates readers with its quick tempo and vivid storytelling. Originally from Saint Louis, Missouri, Samuel graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from the University of Miami in 2021. His diverse background and experiences contribute to the depth and authenticity of his writing.

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10 Responses to “The Hidden Heir by Samuel Lockwood”

    • Sophia Rose

      Yeah, it really had me sit up and take interest. I was really rooting for Clyde to figure out how to get free and able to live a happy life.