The Operator by Kim Harrison

November 22nd, 2016 Kimberly Review 31 Comments

22nd Nov
The Operator by Kim Harrison
The Operator
by Kim Harrison
Series: The Peri Reed Chronicles #2
Genres: Science Fiction
Source: Publisher
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On-the-run ex-agent Peri Reed returns bigger and bolder than ever in this second highly-anticipated installment in #1 New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison's new suspense trilogy, The Peri Reed Chronicles.

Peri Reed’s job eats her mind, but for a special task agent in hiding, forgetting the past can be a blessing.

Betrayed by the man she thought she loved and the agency who turned her into the very thing she fought against, Peri abandoned the wealth and privilege of Opti for anonymity riddled with memory gaps and self-doubt. But when a highly addictive drug promises to end her dependency on those who’d use her as a tool for their own success, she must choose to remain broken and vulnerable, or return to the above-the-law power and prestige she once left: strong but without will—for whoever holds her next fix, will hold her loyalty.

Yet even now as then, a love based on lies of omission might still save her life.


The Operator by Kim Harrison is the second novel in the Peri Reed Chronicles an intense science fiction thriller from the author of the Hollows. High stakes, intense action scenes, and time jumps made the Operator an addictive edition to this series.

Poor Peri finds herself in hiding after leaving Opti fearing her handlers will erase her memories. Both Opti and the CIA want her on their team, but both have their own agendas making Peri very much a pawn. Peri may be the ultimate weapon, but she isn’t going down without a fight.

While Harrison does an excellent job of refreshing readers, I recommend reading the titles by order of their release. The beginning started a little slow for me, but it was neat seeing what our girl Peri has been doing without Opti. The story began to take off at the thirty percent mark when Bill and his newest Drafter, Michael try to bring Peri back into Opti. Bill tries to lure her in with the promise of not being dependent on an Anchor. After a near escape, she reaches out to Silas, and the two soon find themselves unwillingly assisting the CIA. Peri wants out but both sides are determined to have her. Neither would be beneficial and both spell an end to her freedom. The tale that unfolds has twists, turns and hold your breath moments. Peri must use her wits against both opponents and time is running out.

I found the storylines to the Operator to be more intense than those of The Drafter. We have intrigue, treachery and action-packed scenes that will leave you breathless.  Peri interacts with friends and co-workers from the past, and we meet new acquaintances as she tries to determine who is her ally and who has their own agenda. Allen, Bill, Helen and Michael are pretty obvious but then there is Jack. Jack the hallucination and Jack the man, her former Anchor, betrayer, and lover. Secondary characters are developed enough that readers will become emotionally involved. I found myself fearing, caring or utterly loathing them.  Harrison provides some of their points of view which help validate Peri’s concerns.

Peri is tested when Opti dangles a big carrot in front of her offering something she desires. We get a taste of Peri’s strengths and her brilliant mind. The obstacles she faces only prove how truly badass she is. The last three-fourths of the book had me holding my breath as we faced trials, deceit, and danger. Harrison also fed my inner nerd with medical advancements, the Mantis, and drafts but she kept it simple enough that even non-science fiction fans will delight in the thrills of this suspenseful storyline.

Fans of the Hollows will be excited to learn there is a sneak peek at the back of the book of The Turn scheduled for 2017 release. The Operator wrapped up nicely but has me eager to return for more.

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31 Responses to “The Operator by Kim Harrison”

  1. Lexxie

    I’m so happy you loved The Operator, Kim! Such a great story, and I loved both the fast pace and the amazing storyline that went from one thing to another with thrills and mystery 🙂
    Great review!

  2. Kimberly

    The Drafter is on my TBR list, I tried reading it earlier this year but I was in a reading slump and I just couldn’t get into it (or anything else at the time) so I’m looking forward to revisiting this one in the new year. Glad you enjoyed this one, and that the second book lived up to the first.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Oh, I hate when I have a slump like that. Hopefully, this time around will be better. Did you begin with the prequel Sideswiped? I really felt like that set thing up and made my experience with the Drafter easier.

  3. Rita

    I never read any books in this author’s series, but I did read Peri Reed #1 and thoroughly enjoyed it! Now I look forward to picking this one up soon. Thanks for a good review, Kim. Glad it’s written simple enough for non SF fans to sink their teeth into 🙂

  4. Maja (The Nocturnal Library)

    I have yet to read the first book, which is odd because it’s exactly my kind of thing. I’m glad the second one is so thrilling, I’ll probably read them back to back to finally catch up.

  5. Nise'

    I did not realize this was a series, glad I figured it out before I started listening to the book. Going to get the first asap.

  6. Braine

    And the plot thickened it seems. Always a good thing and obviously this didn’t suffer from sophomore syndrome.

    Happy Thanksgiving and congrats on the new babe!

  7. kindlemom1

    I read the novella that went with this, the cross over from her two series and for some reason I just couldn’t get into it. Maybe I should just try the first book instead to see if I like it.

  8. Lorna

    I didn’t read The Drafter but seems like I did buy a novella from this series-but it’s still in my tbr pile. So I am behind. I read your review and that made me realize that you really have to read these in order! This series needs to be on my someday list for sure!

  9. Tracy Terry

    Great review, Kim.

    A series my friend has yet to pass on to me and one which I suspect may take me some time to get around to. Not just because I’m sworn off serials at the moment but despite some really glowing reviews i’m still not convinced these are books for me.

  10. Rowena

    Another series that I will add to my watch list. You continue to amaze me with the variety of your reading choices and how you keep your blog running all by yourself. Go you, Kim!

    Happy Thanksgiving this week! 🙂

      • Rowena

        What? Who could have a nasty thing to say about you? You’re the sweetest and kindest woman on the internet. Big hugs sweets!

  11. Debbie Haupt

    Great review Kim, I started The Drafter a while ago and haven’t started up again. I’ve never read Harrison before but decided that since everyone including you loved her I’d give her new series a try. I think I need to pick up the book again so maybe Santa can bring me more hours in the day for Christmas. Thanks Kim!