Blood Red Kiss Anthology

October 28th, 2016 Kimberly Review 44 Comments

28th Oct
Blood Red Kiss Anthology
Blood Red Kiss
by Kresley Cole, Larissa Ione, Gena Showalter
Series: Immortals After Dark #1
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Anthologies
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Good things always come in threes—and this paranormal romance anthology featuring steamy stories from New York Times bestselling authors Kresley Cole, Larissa Ione, and Gena Showalter is no exception!

Get ready for a collection chock full of vamps, demons, aliens, and plenty of sizzle!

In Kresley Cole’s celebrated story “The Warlord Wants Forever,” the first in her scorching Immortals After Dark series, vampire warlord Nikolai Wroth will stop at nothing to claim his Bride, the one woman who can make his heart beat again. But can beautiful Myst the Coveted accept an enemy vampire as her own?

Tehya has spent the last twelve years as an accidental wolf, but is truly a vampire at heart. When she gets injured, Lobo sneaks her inside MoonBound’s headquarters and nurses her back to health…with potentially deadly consequences. Desire collides with danger in “Forsaken by Night,” a MoonBound Clan novella from Larissa Ione!

In Gena Showalter’s Otherworld Assassins novella, Dark Swan, Lilica Swan isn’t quite human or otherworlder; she is the best—and worst—of both. She is willing to do whatever proves necessary to save her sister from the seductive and deadly Alien Investigation and Removal agent, Dallas Gutierrez, even bond her life to his…effectively wedding him. But without consummation, the bond will fade. Can Dallas resist his insatiable desire for the powerful beauty? Or will she lead to his ultimate downfall?

Aliens fangtastic howlinggood paranormal ROMANCE

Blood Red Kiss by Kresley Cole, Larissa Ione, and Gena Showalter is an anthology containing three tales by these New York Times best sellers. The Warlord Wants Forever the first in Cole’s Immortal After Dark series, Forsaken by Night a MoonBound Clan novella from Ione and Dark Swan a novella from the Otherworld Assassins series by  Showalter.  I had previously read books from Ione and Showalter, BUT, and you should sit down for this, I had never read anything by Cole.

Because good things always come in threes….

  • The Warlord Wants Forever by Kresley Cole – This is the first novel in Cole’s wickedly popular Immortals After Dark Series. It has been revamped, and Cole said it flows smoother. Yep, I would concur. The tale flows beautifully, and I devoured it in a single sitting. Her world-building and creatures are wonderfully developed. In the front of the book, we are provided a list of terminology and explanation for the different types of supernatural creatures in the Immortals world. This story involves vampire Nikolai Wroth and an impish Valkyrie named Myst. I loved it from the torturous situation Myst left him in, to the heated love scenes and tender moments. When I closed The Warlord Wants Forever, I might have cursed Simon and Schuster for sending this to me, and Cole for writing such an addictive story that left me wanting to read the entire series. There are notes at the end from Cole where she answers fan questions, and it is here I discovered that Robert Petkoff narrates the series. This knowledge left me giddy. I know dear reader I have lived under a rock. My blogger friends have all told me to start this series. And yes, I grab the audiobook for A Hunger Like No Other book two in this 18+ book series.  *Santa send me audio credits*
  • Forsaken by Night by Larissa Ione – Vampires that are skinwalkers or have special abilities made for an interesting read in this romantic tale. Forsaken by Night introduced me to the world and creatures in Ione’s Moonbound Clan. We meet Lobo, a vampire with shifting abilities whose clan was wiped out, and lived among his captors until he was banned for shifting into the form of another vampire. He lives alone, not far from Moonbound. His solve company a beautiful female wolf. She is different, and he is not sure how but she hasn’t aged. When she is injured, he risks his life to save her. The events that unfold had me slipping into the world as I became caught up the romance that followed. I am anxious to try more from this series. The way in which this was written allows for anyone to read it, even if they have never visited the MoonBound Clan series. For me, this was different from the Eternal Riders series. Lighter, but still filled with a complex, vivid world.
  • Dark Swan by Gena Showalter – This novella is from the Otherworld Assassins, a spinoff of the Alien Huntress novels. These stories take place in the same world. This was intense and heated. In this world, Aliens, the Supernatural, and others exist. The story focuses on Lilica Swan who is neither human nor is she an otherworlder. We are giving her background story and those of her sisters Jade and Trinity. Dallas Gutierrez is an agent for the AIR, Alien Investigation, and Removal Unit. He captures dangerous aliens and supernatural beings keeping the world safe for all sides. He has dreamed of Lilica and she of him. Both are trying to capture a dangerous Schon who also happens to be Trinity. Things get a little hinky when they unknowing bond. Dark Swan was deliciously heated, and I loved the banter, snark-filled romance, but it also delivered a suspenseful storyline that kept me riveted.

Blood Red Kiss was highly addictive. It is often an anthology contains three stellar novels, but I am not at all surprised when it comes to these authors.  I must warn you to read at your own risk. I now have three new series in my TBR pile!


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44 Responses to “Blood Red Kiss Anthology”

  1. Paij Slater

    I have found that I am not really into anthologies. I just always finish them with the feeling something was missing. Great review though 🙂

  2. Kathy

    I’m so happy you liked Kresley Cole!! I love this series. I actually read the second book before finding this by mistake, but you I still enjoyed it. I hope you love the next book. It is one of my favorites =)

  3. Cyn

    Sounds like a lovely anthology! These are authors I’ve wanted to check out, glad see this was a good read! Great review, Kim!

  4. Lily B

    thats awesome that you loved this so much, I heard good things about the series from Cole >.< I hope you get a chance to review it, I kind of want to see what you think

  5. RO

    Love these old school authors individually, but it’s tough to read anthologies or series these days. Your review of each tale is fantastic! Hugs…

  6. Kristin

    *giddy dances in circles* I CANNOT wait to see what you think of A Hunger Like No Other!!! And yes, I was sitting down for your announcement. Ya know, everyone HAS to have some big, hugely popular author they just haven’t had a chance to read… even you… 😉 You might be running out of those, though!!

    Awesome review!!! YAY!!!!

  7. Melissa (Books and Things)

    I have read books in the IAD series, but not in order. I do plan to, one day, go to book one and read through. 🙂 This sounds like a winner of an anthology… but then with those authors you can’t do much to go wrong.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Why does your comment “not in order” not surprise me in the least. Now, go see if your library has these on audio..because the narrator rocks!

  8. Rowena

    You seriously need to cut it out, Kim. Stop writing fabulous reviews because my bank account is going to put me in a timeout pretty soon. Ha! Just kidding, thanks for the heads up on this one. It sounds like a great read during Halloween!

  9. Angela Adams

    A great read for Halloween night (after the trick-or-treaters have gone home) with a mug of pumpkin spice coffee! Thanks for the post.

  10. Melissa

    I’ve tried Ione and Showalter and they really were not for me…but I’d like to sample Cole at some point. A short is probably the way to go.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I struggle with Showalter Melissa, and sometime Ione’s book are heavy in mythology but I found this to be lighter. Cole however had a great flow to it. I hope you try her.

  11. rae

    Blood Red Kiss throws me off and repulses me with its cover. I’m definitely too old for such reading..ha! Looking back, I guess I have just offended and alienated all the other comments that came before mine, sorry gals!

  12. sherry fundin

    This look so yummy. I’m not sure about the others off the top of my head, but I did win and read one of Showalter’s books and loved it.

  13. Maggie

    Great review – I have read Kresley’s IAD series, these 3 ladies can write awesome/sexy/spicy stuff that are addictive. I am glad you enjoyed them. You have to catch up with Kresley’s IAD – one off the best PNR series out there.

  14. Melanie Simmons

    Yay! I’m really glad you’re starting the IAD series and on audio. I know you’ve listened to Robert Petkoff, who I adore. In this series, he does several accents, which he really nails. I still need to get caught up on Ione’s vampire series. I listened to the first one, but it has been so long, I will probably have to relisten before tackling the second one. Glad you really enjoyed this anthology. 🙂

    Sorry, I haven’t been around much. I was on vacation and just been crazy since I got back. I’m hoping to be back on schedule soon. 🙂

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I read this, but yep I am totally going to listen to the rest of Cole’s series. I love his narrations. No worries my friend; you missed all of my hosting drama. I have been losing hair and only commenting back to those who visit. Let us hope we both have a normal week ahead!

  15. Bookworm Brandee

    *squee* I’m so happy you FINALLY read Cole!! I only started the series in the last year (and I read TWWF) but Robert Petkoff keeps me listening! He’s amazing Kim and I really look forward to reading your reviews as you move through the series. It’s sooo good! (I’m on #6)
    Confession: I’ve never read Showalter. But I just might have to listen to her now! 😀