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May 14th, 2016 Kimberly Review 12 Comments

14th May

The ChoiceThe Choice PG-13
Genre: Drama film/Romance
Length: 1h 51m
Release date: February 5, 2016
Director: Ross Katz
Adapted from: The Choice
Story by: Nicholas Sparks
Writers: Bryan Sipe (screenplay), Nicholas Sparks (novel)
Stars: Benjamin Walker, Teresa Palmer, Alexandra Daddario
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

Travis Shaw (Benjamin Walker) is a ladies’ man who thinks a serious relationship would cramp his easygoing lifestyle. Gabby Holland (Teresa Palmer) is a feisty medical student who’s preparing to settle down with her long-term boyfriend (Tom Welling). Fate brings the two together as Gabby moves next door to Travis, sparking an irresistible attraction that upends both of their lives. As their bond grows, the unlikely couple must decide how far they’re willing to go to keep the hope of love alive.

Thanks to Lionsgate I received a DVD copy of The Choice a movie adapted from the novel of the same title by Nicholas Sparks. With a coastal setting, wicked banter and a sweet romance my daughter and I were quickly pulled into the movie. Grab tissues and some truffles because in typical Sparks fashion he asks us how far would you go to keep the hope of love alive?

The opening scene makes us aware of choices and the impact of those decisions. Right away we know something has happened and who is struggling to make a choice. Then we are taken back seven years to where it all began. My stomach flip-flopped and I vowed right then and there to not fall for any of these characters. I will not have my heart ripped out, I will not cry.

Set along the coastal waters of North Carolina, Sparks takes us through the steps of young love, marriage, children and the inevitable bumps along the way. We meet Travis first, a young veterinarian who lives on lake front property. He is single and happy but when an annoying female moves in next door all of that is about to change. Gabby is a medical student and moves into the cottage next door to Travis. Problems with her dog Molly force her to meet her loud neighbor and his wayward dog Moby. You could feel their chemistry even as they proclaimed annoyance, well she did. When I saw the look he had in his eye every time he saw her, I knew they were fated.

While, I felt the acting from Teresa Palmer was a little over the top in her first few scenes, I quickly grew to enjoy her. Benjamin Walker portrayed Travis and I liked this laid back country boy, who loves his dog and truck. Walker made Travis feel authentic and I swooned.

Love the animals in this story. Moby is my man! Animal lovers will enjoy scenes at the vets, Moby’s issues and more.

Banter, dancing, teasing and moonlight strolls helped draw us into their relationship. Sparks takes us through their courtship, young marriage and raising of a family and damn it. I keep trying to mentally count down what year we are in because damn it. I am attached. I have felt emotions from anger to elation and want to skip whatever is going to happen.

Secondary characters added depth, humor and little side threads that had me wanting to pack my bags and settle in this small town.

I am not a pretty crier. I get blotchy, my head gets stuffy and this movie made me seriously ugly. My daughter and I sat on the sofa wiping our tears, cursing Sparks and making demands for an HEA. While I missed the suspense of some of Sparks’ movie adaptations, this trial they face more than made up for it. The Choice delivered humor, sweetness, sadness, joy and hope. I felt the character’s emotions, cried with them, got angry and questioned what they should do.

Will they get their HEA? Are Sparks’ Movies banned in my house? You’ll have to watch the movie and find out. The good news is that it’s out on DVD and Blue-Ray everywhere. Grab your girlfriends, some wine, truffles and enjoy.

My edition included: deleted scenes, Making of the Choice, Nicholas Sparks and North Carolina, a segment about Molly and Moby and an audio commentary from Director Ross Katz and actor Benjamin Walker.

I’ve included the trailer, I personally find trailers to be filled with spoilers, but if it’s your thing, enjoy….

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12 Responses to “Movie Review: The Choice”

  1. Lorna

    I have read some of his books and of course have seen several film adaptations. I knew nothing about this one for some reason. I don’t mind a sad story as long as there is a happy ending. Now you have me wondering if I should try it or not. hmm

  2. lisa thomson

    Hi Kim, Well, this looks like another good one! The Notebook is one of my favorites (I know, I’m a real sap). I like how he often finds unknown actors. I didn’t watch the trailer because as you say, SPOILERS. I will be ordering this one up on demand. Thanks for the review, Kim. I had to chuckle at your insistence of ‘no tears’. As if!! 😛

  3. Lekeisha

    I haven’t purchased this one yet, but it’s a go. I have my own Sparks’ collection going on here. I love all his movies.

  4. Sophia Rose

    I have watched two Nicholas Sparks movie adaptions and cried during both. I’ve been wary to try his books for that reason. But that said, I would probably watch them all. 🙂

  5. Mary Kirkland

    I mostly watch Horror, Action, Thrillers and Drama. I’ll read romance but I don’t typically watch it or Comedies.

  6. Angela Adams

    There’s always some detail, big or small, in a Nicholas Sparks’ story that brings a few tears to my eyes. Thanks for the post.

  7. kindlemom1

    I read this book years ago and loved it but it’s been awhile so I was surprised they made this into a movie, not because it isn’t good but just because this was released so long ago. Anyways, I watched this last night and loved it although like you, I didn’t love the acting at first and it took awhile for “Gabby” to grow on me.

  8. Wattle

    I have never read a Sparks novel, I have an aversion to movies (and books lol) that make me cry! Maybe one day though 🙂

  9. Gina

    Funny you reviewed this one because I was just thinking of renting it. “Typical Sparks”, huh? Hmm… that with your review is enough to confirm my suspicions…. this is definitely one I have to see! Thanks for the share!