Last First Kiss & Right Wrong Guy by Lia Riley

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13th Aug

Coffee Pot ReviewsWelcome to Coffee Pot Reviews! These are short and sweet reviews done in the length of time it takes my coffee pot to brew! I have the first two books in the Brightwater series by Lia Riley to share today. Last First Kiss & Right Wrong Guy are set in Brightwater, California a rural farm community on the brink of change.  If you like small-town, contemporary romances with a touch of heat and a lot of sweet, stick around. Grab a cup of iced mocha coffee and enjoy…..


Lia Riley created the perfect small-town romance by mixing one part bad boy and two-part sweet before added a touch of heat and a smidgen of humor to create the perfect feel good romance. Right Wrong Guy the second novel in the Brightwater series was perfectly balanced delivering all of the elements I love when reading a small-town contemporary romance.

Caffeinated Dates with Right Wrong Guy

  • First Date: We met both Eden and Archer in the first book so this was interesting because it takes us back to the point where these two first met. While this is the second book in the Brightwater series, the timeline overlaps with Last First Kiss and it worked wonderfully. Archer Kane put the swoon in cowboy. He has been busy sowing his oats and has quite the reputation as a ladies man. Eden Bankcroft-Kew is experiencing one of the worst days of her life or perhaps the best. Eden is on the run from her fiancé and as luck would have it, she has an Uncle in Brightwater and fate just provided her a ride. I liked both characters when I met them in First Kiss and together they have this terrific spark.
  • Second date: Eden likes Archer, and finds him sweet, but upon arriving in Brightwater his reputation comes to light and she has not intention of being another notch is his belt. She has an internal battle going on between her sensible side that warns “wrong guy” and her feminine side that wants to rub up against him and purr like a kitten. I loved watching the struggle. We interact with the characters from Last First Kiss, and Grandma already hates Eden. Just wait until you see why. I laughed so hard I had tears. I love being back in Brightwater. Small-town folks are such fun. Eden has made an enemy already and I’m waiting for the showdown. I do not care about Archer’s reputation I want him to get the girl.
  • Third date: The author weaved in a little suspense/drama with the ex-fiancé and it created just enough tension. While I never had, any doubt we would get our HEA it made the ride interesting. Toss in an old legend, an interfering, outspoken Grandma and some growing pains and we are partying on this last date. The last date delivered charm, heat, humor mixed with some small-town events and a swoon-worthy ending.

Right Wrong Guy was charming, with a touch of heat and lots of heart. Fans of Candis Terry will want to add the Brightwater series to their bookshelves. The next book Best Worst Mistake involves smoke jumper Wilder Kane and releases in October.


Last First Kiss & Right Wrong Guy by Lia Riley
Last First Kiss
by Lia Riley
Series: Brightwater #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Source: Publisher
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A kiss is only the beginning... Pinterest Perfect. Or so Annie Carson’s life appears on her popular blog. Reality is... messier. Especially when it lands her back in one-cow town, Brightwater, California, and back in the path of the gorgeous six-foot-four reason she left. Sawyer Kane may fill out those wranglers, but she won’t be distracted from her task. Annie just needs the summer to spruce up and sell her family’s farm so she and her young son can start a new life in the big city. Simple, easy, perfect. Sawyer has always regretted letting the first girl he loved slip away. He won’t make the same mistake twice, but can he convince beautiful, wary Annie to trust her heart again when she’s been given every reason not to? And as a single kiss turns to so much more, can Annie give up her idea of perfect for a forever that’s blissfully real.

I love second chance romances, low angst and ornery secondary characters and Last First Kiss delivered. Annie Carson returns home to her family’s farm after a divorce that has shaken her to the core. She and her young son are preparing the home for sale. She plans to use the summer to get her life in order before moving on. She has a plan, but being home brings back memories and of course, there is sexy neighbor Sawyer Kane to deal with. He is the reason she left Brightwater the first time but can he be the reason she stays?

Annie is a blogger who has a popular website for Mommies. Her blog shares recipes, how to make homemade-dye for Easter eggs and daily parenting issues. However, her life is not as rosy as the image portrayed on her blog. I liked Annie even with her self-doubt and insecurities. We do see her slowly transform throughout the novel and I enjoyed seeing her go from insecure to downright sassy.

Sawyer Kane has had his share of difficulties but Brightwater is in his blood from the land to the town he protects as local sheriff. His biggest regret in life was not holding on to Annie Carson. She is back in town and he is determined to woo her and her son. Sawyer is sweet and downright sexy. The man knows how to work with his hands from building to cooking and I liked him from the start.

The romance was slow building with tender kisses, conversation and a little heat. I adore second chance romances. Their friendship and history added believability and sweetness.

Secondary characters have me curious. We meet a few newcomers and oodles of Kane’s. Eden Bankcroft-Kew has just opened up a coffee and cupcake shop and Archer Kane is moon-struck. The possibilities for future stories and romances have me excited. Kane’s grandmother the DON of Brightwater was an absolute hoot. Eden and Archer’s story will be featured in Right Wrong Guy the next novel.

Last First Kiss was an easy, adorkable small-town romance and I look forward to visiting again.

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  1. Lark

    OK, I definitely need to go back and read the first book, because I really liked what I saw of Annie and Sawyer in the second one!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Yeah these are more like Robyn Carr, Sarah Morgan etc. We get some heat but not overly detailed and we have to wait for it. LOL *waves to fellow addict *

  2. Trish

    I love that one of the characters is a blogger, that always sucks me in! Both books sound like fun and I love small town settings. Second chance romances are sweet too as they seem believable to me, much more so than insta-love.

  3. Mckenzie

    I think there’s one too many flames on that heat level for my age! Lol! But these sound so cute; I love “adorkable” romances and small-town settings. I know Mom’s going to put these on her TBR. Awesome reviews as always, Ms. Kimba! Thank you for stopping by 🙂


    • kimbacaffeinate

      Hehe, yes these would be great for your Mom and are pretty tame for adults. I totally recommend Everything, Everything and the Stolen Empire by Sherry D. Ficklin

  4. Lorna

    You really have me curious about the grandma. Have you ever read the Bluegrass series by Kathleen Brooks? They take place in a small town with all kinds of characters-lots of humor and of course romance! I think they have all been bestsellers on Amazon.

  5. Lexxie

    Both of these sound like they are right up my alley, Kim, thanks for sharing! I love second chance romances, too, there is just something so incredibly touching about them! And I think another thing that makes me so happy with them is that the characters already know each other, so the chemistry and falling in love seems more realistic than if they just meet and then Bam!
    Great review 🙂

  6. Jennifer

    I have book 2 to read. I saw on Facebook where I could read it without reading book 1. If I really like book 2 I’ll have to see if my library will get book 1.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Yes, you sure can and remember the timelines are actually the just don’t get the the romantic aspect of the first couple..but it will work.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I don’t mind angst but know what you mean..these are the type of books you can slip into and have a fun time with a little laughter, a swoon and characters who you want to spend time with.

  7. Cindy

    They both look like books that I would read. Thanks for sharing this great review:)

  8. Melissa (Books and Things)

    Both of these sound good. I love the low angst romances as well, but for some reason Right Wrong Guy seems to appeal to me more. I might have to start with that one. I really love the sound of the romance and the setting.

  9. Kristin

    I think I like the sounds of the second book more than the first. Sometimes I find that a series needs to build itself, iron it’s kinks out, to really get going and it’s in the second book that the stories really take off. It’s happened quite often as a matter of fact!!

    This series is sooooo you 😉 Great reviews!!!!

  10. Candace

    I think the covers are these are just a tad too similar, I thought I was seeing the same cover again. Anyway, these sound like sweet romances. And of course I like the small town setting!

  11. Ramona

    Ah, they both sounds so very sweet! Perfect summer romances, filled with characters that are just complicated enough to be interesting, right? And … small town settings are the best! Brilliant reviews, Kimba <3

  12. Asheley (

    Oh! I just bought both of these a few days ago! I’m glad you liked them. I noticed a couple of my other reading friends liked them so I one-clicked! (: I’m super excited to read them.

  13. Braine

    I love adorkable reads, it’s always cute and feel good. This series seems like a great binge read

  14. Quinn's Book Nook

    I recently read Right Wrong Guy and liked it sooo much! I need to read Last First Kiss. I’m glad you enjoyed both of these. And aren’t the covers so freaking adorable.

  15. Jenny

    This sounds like a winner of a series Kim! One part bad boy and two parts sweet and then a second chance romance? YES AND PLEASE! Right Wrong Guys sounds particularly awesome though, can’t wait to read it:)

  16. Nick

    I liked Right Wrong Guy a teensy bit better than Last First Kiss too. I loved the slow burn of Archer and Eden’s relationship and I loved watching them give in to their attraction. That grandmother though! Haha! 😀
    I can’t wait for Wilder’s book next! 😀 It’s going to be good hopefully!
    Lovely reviews, Kim!