Broken by Laura Wright

October 6th, 2014 Kimberly Review 38 Comments

6th Oct
Broken by Laura Wright
by Laura Wright
Series: The Cavanaugh Brothers #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Mystery
Source: Publisher
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The Cavanaugh brothers left behind River Black, Texas, long ago. But after their father dies, bequeathing them the Triple C, a cattle ranch that sustains their small town, they return—and confront the painful memories of their childhood home and the truth about their sister’s murder… For years, James Cavanaugh has traveled the world as a horse whisperer, but even the millions he’s earned hasn’t healed the pain he hides behind his stoic exterior. Forced to tackle old demons at the ranch, James throws himself into work to avoid his true feelings. Until he meets a woman who shakes the foundations of his well-built walls… Sheridan O’Neil’s quiet confidence has served her well, except when it comes to romance. Tired of rejection, she’s ready to swear off men. But after being rescued from a horse stampede by the most beautiful cowboy she’s ever met, her resolve wavers. Only, as Sheridan uncovers James’s belief that no woman is safe with him, she wonders if such a wounded man could ever give in to love, or if some hearts are too broken to be healed…

Yeehah! We are back on the Cavanaugh ranch with Broken, the second book in the Cavanaugh Brothers series by Laura Wright. While each book deals with one of the yummy brothers, there is an unsolved murder mystery threaded throughout this series. Because of that I recommend the books are read in order. Broken focuses on James Cavanaugh the horse whisper and Sheridan O’Neil. The two met in a rainstorm in book one, and the sparks were electric.

Each of the brothers has suffered from the loss of their sister, and the family fallout that resulted from the anguish it caused. James left the ranch for college and is now a renowned horse whisper. He is on the Cavanaugh ranch to deal with a large herd of wild mustangs. Like his brothers a piece of this handsome, rugged, and noble cowboy has been broken. I felt for him, and loved seeing him heal.

Sheridan is Deacon Cavanaugh’s assistant and quite good at her job. So good, in fact, that she has left little time for friends or love. She is drawn to James and their attraction to each other is noticeable to everyone, especially Mac, Deacon’s fiance.’ She is a typical A type personality, and it was fun watching her makes friends and learn to balance life and work.

The murder mystery continues with more entries from their sister’s diary that only we are made privy to, as the boys continue to search for clues. A local veterinarian may hold answers and it was interesting to see James and his brother, UFC champion Cole Cavanaugh try to gather information regarding a boyfriend and diary. We also see Mac and Deacon as they plan their wedding. The story has a nice small town feel to it, and smaller secondary characters add to the story.

The romance was cute, but developed slowly, with stolen kisses. It ran hot and cold as James struggled with his attraction, possessive feelings and belief he is cursed. I loved the growth we see in both of them, and while things moved slowly, they came together quickly towards the end. While I enjoyed it, I wish the romance had been more evenly weaved into the tale and that all the good stuff wasn’t crammed into the tail end of the story.

While I didn’t love this story as much, the characters rocked, and I closed Broken with a smile. I am looking forward to Cole’s story in Brash. If you love stories about Brothers, romance and mystery the Cavanaugh Brothers series is one to check out.

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38 Responses to “Broken by Laura Wright”

  1. Candace

    I really like the idea of a horse whisperer. Anyone who can calm a big horse down is someone pretty freaking awesome! I like there’s a mystery through the books too.

  2. Jennifer Bielman

    He can break me any day!!! hehe. I am getting tired of slow romance right now. I use to like it but now I just want to get my freak on faster. lol.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      hahaha…yeah I have to agree. The romance can be slow but this dragged and then went on warp speed.

  3. Lupdilup

    I wanted to love Branded, I really did, but the narration didn’t work for me 🙁 I enjoyed the story enough to listen to the end and to be curious enough to continue the series, so I’m really hoping they have a new narrator for this one. Who knows, with a better narrator I might end up liking this one more than the last 😉
    Thanks Kimba 🙂

  4. Lauren

    I love the sound of the romance and the small town feel. I definitely need to check this series out soon! Lovely review 🙂

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I am enjoying this series Lauren, and love the small-town vibe.

  5. Heidi

    The romance sounds like it moves at the right pace, not too fast, and a murder mystery, I always like those. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      It was good, although I felt the romance went from flirting to bed to quickly. I wanted the slow build up but it still made me smile 🙂

  6. lily

    That cover is really nice. Like, very nice *unglues eyes from cover*
    Anyways, I should really get started on one of these series you keep recommending one day. They all sort of work as standalones and have great characters (from what you say) and a swoon worthy romance.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      This series is best read in order because of the mystery thread, although as far as the romance it works as a standalone. Thanks Lily

  7. Felicia the Geeky Blogger

    Closing a story with a smile is the only way to go. Sometimes we don’t love some couples as much as others but alas if they can still make us grin! The book was good 🙂

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I am enjoying the overall arc and side stories Debbie 🙂

  8. Nick

    I like that there is a murder mystery threaded throughout the whole series. That being said, I don’t like that the romance is unevenly paced out and that all the good stuff is towards the end. That’s such a shame.
    I’m glad you enjoyed it overall though.
    Lovely review, Kim!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Agreed, but the fact that I still enjoyed it speaks volumes

  9. Sharlene Wegner

    I am immediately drawn to any cover with a cowboy hat ( and what’s under it! ) Murder mysteries are not usually my thing, but I may check out this series. This sounds good!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      On this we agree. The mystery is old and this may be one for you!

  10. Sarah

    This book sounds right up my alley, I can’t believe I haven’t heard of the author before! Sometimes a slow budding romance is all the story needs. 🙂

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Agreed, but this one went from flirt to full on, I would have like a slower build. Yet, I still loved that is good!

  11. Jenea W

    I am always up for a sexy cowboy… Too bad about the romance and the story, but the character do sound great!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      The storyline is very good, and yes to sexy cowboys. I just wanted the romance to be more throughout the book..but still loved it and recommend it!

  12. Melliane

    Sorry it wasn’t as good as the first book but it sounds like a nice series though. I don’t read a lot of cowboys books but I like one from time to time.

  13. Christy

    Well, hello there, cowboy. I like the fact that there’s an overall story threading the series, but each book focuses on different characters. That’s pretty cool.