Suddenly Last Summer by Sarah Morgan

June 24th, 2014 Kimberly Blog Tour, Review 70 Comments

24th Jun
Suddenly Last Summer by Sarah Morgan
Suddenly Last Summer
by Sarah Morgan
Series: O'Neil Brothers #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Bestselling author Sarah Morgan delivers another irresistible hero in her O'Neil Brothers series who's more tempting than dessert and twice as sinful! Fiery French chef Élise Philippe is having a seriously bad day. Not only have the opening day plans for her beloved café fallen apart, but Sean O'Neil is back in town, and looking more delectable than ever. Last summer, they shared an electrifying night together…and the memories have Élise really struggling to stick to her one-night-only rule! Her head knows that eventually Sean will be leaving, so all she can do is try to ignore her heart before she spontaneously combusts with lust. Being back in Vermont—even temporarily—is surgeon Sean O'Neil's worst nightmare. For Sean, returning home to the Snow Crystal Resort means being forced to confront the reasons and the guilt he feels about rejecting his family's rural lifestyle years ago. But discovering that Élise has settled in Vermont and still sets his blood racing is a very welcome distraction! Thinking he can persuade her into a replay of last summer is tempting, but remembering how good they are together is going to make walking away more difficult than he could imagine…

I was beyond excited to return to the Snow Crystal Resort in Vermont after my last trip there in November with Sleigh Bells in the Snow, the first book in Sarah Morgan’s O’Neil Brothers series. Suddenly Last Summer shares Sean O’Neil and French chef Elise Philippe story and it was as yummy as the dishes she whips up. Suddenly Last Summer is full of heart, romantic moments and family you will want to call your own. It can be read as standalone but I guarantee you will want to read them all.

Coffee dates with Suddenly Last Summer

First date: Sean O’ Neil is an orthopedic surgeon and a dang good one. Athletes fly in from all over the world to seek his opinion and skilled hands. Sean is a workaholic and dedicated to his life’s passion. He rarely makes time for life outside of the hospital and trips to his family’s lodge. In part to an argument with a family member. Elise Philippe has found a home at the Snow Crystal resort, far from the painful memories of Paris. Last summer she and Sean shared a passionate encounter in the woods. She often thinks about that night, and when he returns for a family emergency, she seriously considers breaking her “one-night-rule.”

Second date: You can feel the chemistry between Sean and Elise and ooh-la-la. The banter, confessions, friendship, and confusion the other elitists are delightful to observe. Elise loves Sean’s family, and she helps to mend the rift between Sean and his grandfather. Sean enjoys Elise’s company, and since she does not want a relationship either, he wants a repeat of the passion they shared last summer. It was such fun watching these two fight the emotions that developed. When Elise gets passionate or angry, she drops her “h’s” and switches to French. It is hilarious. Time with family and guests made Crystal Resort come to life for me. Morgan does a wonderful job drawing the reader in with these side stories and I adored them.

Third date: *le sigh* Morgan brings such heated passion to this couple and the romantic scenes while clean bring intense heat and give you all the feels. Some of the most romantic scenes EVER! Family meddling, fear, flight, heartbreak, and realizations had my emotions all over the place as we move towards the final chapters of the book. I love the late night confessions and growth in the characters. I laughed, cried and worried as I held my breath; hoping for happily-ever-after. Throughout the novel, we learn more about the other key characters, and I cannot wait for Tyler’s story. You will need truffles for the final portion of this book, but rest assured I ended this date with a smile.

I love Sarah Morgan and Suddenly Last Summer! The O’Neil family is special, and their family resort in the hills of Vermont is a place I would visit repeatedly. Fans of Robin Carr, Susan Mallory, and Bella Andre will adore Morgan and this series. Maybe This Christmas the third book will release in October 2014, and I cannot wait!

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70 Responses to “Suddenly Last Summer by Sarah Morgan”

  1. Kim

    Thanks for the giveaway. I have Sleigh Bells in the Snow in my TBR pile. I hope to read it soon.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I love Sleigh Bells in the Snow, good luck Kim

  2. Dora Balfour-Lyda

    I haven’t read them yet but plan to soon! I love a great series!

  3. Jan

    I really like Sarah Morgan’s writing. I’m glad you like this book, Kimba. I’m looking forward to reading it soon.

  4. Lindy

    Kim! I loved Sean and Elise’s story also!!! What a beautiful review 🙂 I loved all the same things you loved about it. Such as the O”Neil family, the side stories, the passion between Sean and Elise, and their late night confessions! I am beyond excited for Tyler’s story! His and Brenna’s story can’t come soon enough! He needs to wake up and smell the coffee. I have a feeling Kayla and Elise are going to help him realize that he wants to be with her!!!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I am loving this series and like you cannot wait for Tyler and Brenna!

  5. Amir

    I really feel like I’m missing out not reading Sarah Morgan’s new books! I enjoy her HPs and since you like this series so much Kimba, I will def check them out 🙂

  6. Ginny

    I reviewed this one on Monday and like you I enjoyed it just as much as Sleigh Bells in the Snow. Sarah Morgan has become one of my go to authors for a book when I am in the mood for a light hearted book that delivers the “feels”. Thanks for introducing me to her books back in Nov. I think that’s when you reviewed book 1.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Ooo I am so glad you listened to me and started this series. I adore them

  7. danielle hammelef

    I am putting this on my summer-by-the-pool reading list. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Thanks Naomi..i adore banter and this was delicious!

  8. Melliane

    Oh yes the romance sounds so nice, and I’m sure it must be fun to see them together, mainly after the night in the wood. Thanks for the review!

  9. DannyBookworm

    That sounds so cute – I really love the flirty sound of it! and.. I haven’t read anything from Sarah Morgan before, so maybe it’s time!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      *waves* I discovered her during my search for holiday themed reads for the Ho-Ho-Ho read-a-thon and I am so glad that I did.

  10. Cyn

    Yay more Sarah Morgan! Glad to see you’re still loving this series! I definitely need to get on this series pronto! Thanks for the review (:

  11. ShootingStarsMag

    Sounds SO perfect for the summer. I’m glad you loved this one so much and felt a lot of various emotions – all good of course!

  12. Diana Leigh

    I’m on the lookout for summery reads, and this one sounds perfect. (Remember The Motels? ♫ Then suddenly, last summer… ♫)

  13. Andrea

    Sleigh Bells in the Snow is still my favorite, but I enjoyed this one quite a lot. I’m glad you did too!

  14. Lauren

    Wow some of the most romantic scenes ever? I definitely have to get my hands on this! Awesome review!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      She writes good stuff that is hot, gives you the feels and yet is seriously it!

  15. Teddyree

    Everyone I know is reading this one and I’ve heard nothing but good. Time to get on the bandwagon. Love your 3 date analysis, *le sigh* … I’m in the mood for romance!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Thanks Angela, and happy to hear you are enjoying them too

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I totally agree, they aren’t like the books my mum use to read..LOL

  16. Stephanie

    So many excellent summer books being released. I really enjoy reading books in the opposite season their set. Gives me a chance to cool off or warm up when necessary. That makes Sleigh Bells in the Snow a perfect place to start. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Love Sleigh Bells in the Snow so enjoy Stephanie!

  17. Kristin

    There are so many books like these (or at least it seems like it), how do you weed thru and find all these gems with the cute story lines. I love that the author can write romance and HEAT and not have to resort to spelling it out. I love when it just builds up with tension 😀 I’m not always in the mood for the obvious, if you know what I mean?

    I liked your dates!! I don’t think I’ve read anything with a French character/transplant who drops her “h’s” when she gets mad – that’s got to be something to witness!!! So cute!!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I got lucky with this one, the first book is set at Christmas, and you know what a holiday themed junkie I am..well Sleigh Bells in the Snow rocked and a love affair was born. As for Carr…she and I have been dancing for years and my hubby gifted me the first Virgin River book.

  18. Jenea

    I am reading this one right now, so I skimmed your review. It is soo good so far too. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it!

  19. Kim { Book Swoon }

    Oh, both you and Jenny enjoyed this one! I’ve not had the chance to read very many contemporary romances, but the small town feel and romance are always appealing to me. Thanks for the review & dates 🙂

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I am not a huge fan of contemporaries, but in a small-town setting w/family ..I cannot get enough.

  20. Katherine

    I’ve heard great reviews for this one and am really excited to read it! I’ve got the first one too so I’m trying to make up my mind if I want to read them in order or not.

  21. Candace

    I really loved the setting of this one too! I also loved that Elise wasn’t the ‘typical’ romance heroine, she felt different to me and it was pretty cool! Thanks so much for hosting a tour stop!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      If you haven’t read book one you so need to Candace!

  22. Nick

    Jenny loved this one too and it sounds like it’s such a fun read. I love how the make made you feel all the feels! Those are true signs of a talented author.
    Lovely review, Kim!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Ooo I knew she would. This series is wonderful Nick, you would so love them!

  23. Debbie Haupt

    Kimba you hit the nail on the head with this one. It was fabulous as was the first one too.
    I’ve added this link to my interview!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Thanks Debbie, i look forward to the interview!

  24. Sharlene Wegner

    Sleigh Bells in the Snow was one of my favorite books last year! I am not surprised that you loved Suddenly Last Summer! Can’t wait to read it!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I loved it too Sharlene and this was wonderful!

  25. Rashika

    I am so glad to see you enjoyed this, Kimba! 😀 I have this on my TBR and am definitely more excited about reading it after seeing your glowing review 😀

    Fantabulous review, Kimba! 🙂

  26. Braine Talk Supe

    Awwww another sweet read! You are loading up on this, getting primed for the wedding, eh! Gosh true to live HEA’s are the best!

  27. Kathryn

    I’ve just read this, and wrote my review up today, for publishing later, so couldn’t resist popping in now to read yours. Great review. It is reviews like this that made me aware of Sarah Morgan when the first book came out, that made me say – I want to try her. In this book my ‘gulp’ moment was between Sean and his grandfather. Loved it. Agree with you, romantic scenes are clean but hot. Looking forward to reading No 1 and 3.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Ooo yeah on that moment. Enjoy book one I loved it and I am anxious for three.