Detective Death by Darius Ebrahimi

May 26th, 2023 Kimberly Review 21 Comments

26th May

I loved the idea of a Sherlock Holmes mystery where Watson is a demon and settled in with Detective Death by Darius Ebrahimi. Mythology meets mystery in this clever tale that stitches together several murder-mysteries involving myths. A clever tale awaits you….

Detective Death by Darius Ebrahimi
Detective Death
by Darius Ebrahimi
Series: Scarlett Wolfe and her Mythical Mysteries #1
Genres: Fantasy, Mystery
Source: Author
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Fantasy meets Sherlock Holmes, where Watson is a sarcastic death god.

Zarik yearns to be forgotten. Once a god, vanquisher, and world-record holder for most apples eaten in an hour, the daeva despises being known as a demon. After being summoned to kill, the ancient deity is surprised to be released for the first time in centuries.

But freedom is fleeting. Hunted by an immortal rival and hounded by a private detective investigating mythical mysteries, the shapeshifting god searches for answers and a fresh start.

With millennia of experience facing fabled foes, Zarik finds a chance at redemption. The god joins the extraordinary detective, Scarlett Wolfe, who finds reason in myths and illogical motives. But having already been the murder weapon in one of Scarlett’s mysteries, Zarik fears a death god can only add to the problem.

To stop a manipulative killer that inflames the worst of mortal hearts, Zarik faces a regrettable past and precarious future to prove a daeva can be more than demon and doom.

Tying together three cases—poisoned coffee and an accidental serial killer, a virtual reality crime of passion with a missing body, and absurdity at the center of the world—Detective Death is an urban fantasy book that investigates the mysteries of belief.

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Our story begins when Zarik, a daeva, is summoned from the void to take a life. Once the task is complete, he is surprised to find himself free. He quickly discovers the world is both the same and yet different.

Scarlett Wolfe is a detective who finds reason in myths and illogical moves. She had that Holmes vibe and logic. She enlists Zarik’s aid with the promise of apples. When Zarik discovers he is being hunted by an immortal rival, he assists if merely to buy time, until he can leave this realm.

Told from Zarik’s perspective, the story involves several cases. First, we have a poisoning, then a virtual reality domestic squabble, and last, a serial killer. Scarlett is clever and, with the help of Zarik and his shapeshifting abilities, the two quickly tie these situations to a specific place.

Along the way, we meet secondary characters. It was interesting learning about different gods & myths as we tagged along in their investigation. I loved the Sherlock Holmes vibe, but we also learned about Zarik. He isn’t human and his views are sometimes simplistic.

The way the mysteries wove together with the realization it could have a catastrophic impact on society kept me engaged. I had fun piecing things together and trying to guess who was behind everything. I, for one, did not guess.

The world and its history were fascinating. The author did a pleasant job of providing details as the story developed, avoiding information dumps. It began slowly and picked up speed as they began investigating. This is the first in series and now that we know the characters and world, I am looking forward to their next case.

Fans of detective mysteries, fantasy, and mythology will enjoy this intriguing tale.

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About Darius Ebrahimi

Darius Ebrahimi

Darius Ebrahimi is inspired by mythology, his Persian-American heritage, and traveling the world. A graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder and University of Texas at Austin, with a BA in Economics and MS in Finance respectively, Darius has been writing full-time since 2018. He is currently living in San Francisco with his cat, Ivy, and is working on his next book.

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21 Responses to “Detective Death by Darius Ebrahimi”

  1. Dr. Bahman Paul Ebrahimi

    Dear Kimberly,

    Hi. Thanks so much for reviewing my son’s book, Detective Death. Please review his first book, Till Myth Do Us Part, which was just named the 2023 Indie Reader Discovery Award for Fantasy. Appreciate all the support. Create a wonderful Day.

  2. Katherine

    I can’t lie – Watson being a sarcastic death god pretty much sold me. This sounds interesting and definitely a unique take of Sherlock Holmes!