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October 16th, 2022 Kimberly Sunday Post 42 Comments

16th Oct
Sunday Post

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I ended up getting the new signature paperwhite kindle. It was a bundle deal with wireless charger and cover during prime days. While I will miss my small Oasis, the updates and fast page turn are outstanding features. Not sure why Amazon thinks bigger is better. I’ve been reading all week and haven’t needed to charge it. Rumor is the new Oasis will have an even larger screen. Ugh.

Fraterfest is in full swing. It’s not too late to join in the fun! I have two reviews to write and plan to knock them out this afternoon. I have no intention of falling behind again. Stay Caffeinated.

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42 Responses to “Sunday Post #546 Readathon”

  1. Carla

    I bought the Kindle Paperwhite at the last Prime days and I am enjoying it. I brought it on vacation and haven’t had to charge it yet and I love being able to read outside without issue. I am hoping to sign up for Ho Ho HO readathon, but need to check my schedule as I get home on the 29th and leave again on Nov 2nd. I hope I can though.

  2. Katherine

    I’m so glad you were able to replace your Kindle quickly. I replaced my Paperwhite last year and don’t love the bigger size but that battery life is hard not to love! I hope you’ve had a great week!

  3. Lorna

    I got a paperwhite several years ago and I hated it. I think because I was used to all my Kindle Fires that all the black and white bored me. It was so plain. Anyway, it’s here somewhere just sitting. How big is it? I have a large Kindle fire that my cat used to watch videos for cats on. When I read it’s just easier to do on the smaller 8 inch Kindle as I have so much arthritis is my fingers, hands and wrists. I hope you enjoy your PaperWhite.

    • Kimberly

      It’s like a trade paperback but super light. I won’t use a Fire because of the distractions and for my eyes. I work on a laptop all day. So when I read I want the eInk screen.

  4. vidya

    glad you got your new Kindle ! and I am going to check out The Miniscule Mansion…. (the alliteration got to me!)

  5. Jorie

    Hallo, Hallo everyone,

    I’ll keep this short — I’m still grieving the loss of my cat and this week was more of a life update than one about reading. I haven’t been able to keep up this meme as much as I preferred this year… and there is a large gap in posts (Feb to Oct) but it is one I still love working on and hope to return to being more active with posts in the near future. Hopefully everyone else is having a happier October… I’m still sorting out my heart and working through the sorrow of losing a beloved companion in fur.

  6. MarthaE

    Enjoy your new Oasis.
    I’m looking to enjoy #Fraterfest.
    I’m behind on reviews now and will go further with #Fraterfest. Sigh.
    Oh – I see a new Darynda Jones in your new books.
    Have a good week and Happy Reading!

  7. Rita

    Glad you got a new Kindle also. I just got the newest version of the Kindle Paperwhite. I have a couple of Kindle Fires, but I don’t enjoy reading on them as much, and my other Paperwhite just died this week. Was a bit of an anxious time until it came, lol.

  8. sjhigbee

    I hope you enjoy your new kindle – I’m hoping Amazon will get over this trend to make their ereaders bigger before I need to replace mine, as I regularly need to pop mine in my handbag. Have a great week, Kimberly.

  9. Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

    Congratulations on the new Kindle! I got the then-new Paperwhite last Christmas, and it has been a big improvement over my old one (from 2012) — faster page turns, plus the ability to dial down the blue light and go with a warmer hue in the evening and through the night, which disrupts my sleep cycle less.

    Enjoy Fraterfest! I almost participated this year, but had other stuff going on that I thought would keep me from fully participating. I hope to try it next year, though!

    Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard recently posted: Sunday Post – 10/16/2022

    I looked at Kindles during Prime Days too but held off buying. Need to save money until I see what I owe after my hospital stay. I hope they are on sale again in the new year.

    Have a great week!

  11. Sophie

    I already know that this will be my next kindle! I bought my third paper white just two years ago but it’s so very slow at uploading and refreshing it’s infuriating!

  12. Jodie

    Another wonderful haul! I just pre-ordered the Kindle Scribe because for me bigger is better – I want a larger screen size for reading at home! My paperwhite will be used outside the home. I did hear the new Oasis is coming up likely the end of the month or early November so I will look at it as well as the Scribe isn’t shipping until mid-December to early January now. Have a wonderful week ahead.

    Jodie recently posted: The Sunday Post #27: Cool Mornings
  13. Jessica @ a GREAT read

    Nice! Yay for the new kindle! I sadly didn’t find anything in the Prime Days sale or whatever it was called. Since I’m not in the market for a new kindle yet I didn’t need to look at those and when I checked on a few books and other items I was debating over they were still the same prices, so on the list they stayed!

    Nice new reads! Those are some new to me ones! I hope you enjoy each and every one of them!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  14. Jill

    Glad that you were able to get a good deal on your new kindle! I agree about the screen size! Why?

  15. Lover of Romance

    I have heard rumors for the new oasis, I know you can trade for it but no surprise that they are doing an updated version, since the new paperwhite has features that match the oasis so I think the bigger screen is what will get ppl to get it. I know I am planning on it once it gets released but I think it depends on how bigger the screen is. . I doubt I will get the scribe because I don’t notate in fiction so it wouldn’t do much for me.

  16. Rachel @Waves of Fiction

    Yeah, I don’t think I’d want a huge Kindle. I transport mine all over the place so that would make it more difficult. I do like the thought of a wireless battery. Yay for staying ahead of reviews!

  17. A Voracious Reader

    I’ve been reading on my iPad so my Paperwhite has been quite neglected. And I use my Fire for audiobooks while I’m traveling. One of these days I’ll get my shit together enough to listen at home. lol

  18. Tania@MyBookishSecret

    That new kindle seems a great buy. It always amazes me how much e-readers are improving. When I bought my second Kobo (which is considered jurassic these days), I was amazed by how fast it was.

    Happy readings!

  19. Greg

    That sounds like a nice Kindle. I might have to upgrade at some point. I;m still using my old Paperwhite. I wanted to do Fraterfest but I’ve been so busy I’m hardly reading. Definitely want to do the HoHoHo RAT though.

    Happy reading Kimba!!