Three Debts Paid by Anne Perry

April 13th, 2022 Kimberly Guest Post, Review 10 Comments

13th Apr

Sophia Rose is back with Three Debts Paid by Anne Perry, the fifth book in the Daniel Pitt mystery series. Grab a glass of iced coffee and check out her review of this gripping historical fiction mystery.

Three Debts Paid by Anne Perry
Three Debts Paid
by Anne Perry
Series: Daniel Pitt #5
Genres: Historical Fiction, Mystery
Source: Publisher
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Three Debts Paid is the fifth gripping instalment in an exciting new generation of Pitt novels from the pen of highly acclaimed crime writer and New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry.

It is February 1912 when barrister Daniel Pitt is reunited with his old college friend, Inspector Ian Frobisher. Following allegations of plagiarism, one of their Cambridge University professors has committed an assault, and Ian has recommended that Daniel defends him.

Meanwhile, Daniel's dear friend Miriam fford Croft has returned to London as a newly qualified forensic pathologist and is working with eccentric Dr Evelyn Hall. On Daniel's first visit to the morgue, he is shocked to find Miriam examining the mutilated body of a young woman and, what's worse, it is being compared to another corpse bearing identical wounds. As rumours spread of a serial killer, nicknamed 'the rainy-day slasher', stalking the streets of London, Daniel hears that Ian Frobisher is in charge of the case.

So begins the harrowing pursuit of a brutal murderer whose killing spree is far from over..

Sophia Rose’s Review

Returning to the dark streets and shadowy secrets of Edwardian London, the latest book draws the reader not just into Daniel Pitt’s world, but into the mind and heart of him and the other engaging characters as they solve the crime and bring the cases to court.  Each installment of the series is highly anticipated as I’m a long-time fan of the author’s writing, but particularly Daniel Pitt as the main character and the strong, complex cast who are also series regulars.

Three Debts Paid is the fifth book in the series.  It could be read out of order because the mystery is standalone, but the author develops the character and the relationships throughout the series so they are definitely best read in order.

Much is happening in Three Debts Paid.  Daniel is handling a legal case on his own now.  Miriam is back from training in Holland and is now working for the police as only the second woman pathologist and on her first criminal death with the two bodies that have come in.  They feel the gentle tug of attraction in spite of her being fifteen years his senior, but are taking it slow as they figure out feelings and what they want to do about it.  Miriam’s bodies are part of new main character and Daniel’s good university friend, Inspector Ian Frobisher’s case on the trail of a serial killer.

Daniel’s legal case is interesting so far as it demonstrates his personal growth and his career growth, but the focus of the book was most definitely the series of murders.  I loved how Miriam’s forensic and pathology work were a big part and equal to Ian’s investigative work.  Daniel was in the know and on the periphery.  I was not expecting the shift to now there being three main characters, but I don’t mind.  The author has done this in the past with previous series and it adds more facets and depth to the books as far as I’m concerned.  I liked Ian right away even when he and his crusty sergeant who is his investigation partner would do some verbal sparring and sniping as they went.  I was definitely all for the progress of Daniel and Miriam’s gently paced romance. 

The blend of authentic historical backdrop of Edwardian times leading toward the shadows of WWI, women’s progress in careers and votes, and more with the mystery is a huge reason I enjoy this series beyond the characters.  The mystery was one I figured out early on, but was glad to go along as they got there with the evidence and investigation.

There were a few engaging scenes with Daniel’s parents and references back to their own mystery solving days and how they fill support roles in this spinoff series.

Wrapping it up, I was well satisfied with being back in the Daniel Pitt world and can’t wait for the next installment.  Authentic history fiction and gritty, gripping mystery all in one are definitely recommended to other historical mystery fans.

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About Anne Perry

Anne Perry

Juliet Hulme a British historical novelist took the name "Anne Perry," the latter being her stepfather's surname. Her first novel, The Cater Street Hangman, was published under this name in 1979. Her works generally fall into one of several categories of genre fiction, including historical murder mysteries and detective fiction. Many of them feature a number of recurring characters, most importantly Thomas Pitt, who appeared in her first novel, and amnesiac private investigator William Monk, who first appeared in her 1990 novel The Face of a Stranger. As of 2003 she had published 47 novels, and several collections of short stories. Her story "Heroes," which first appeared the 1999 anthology Murder and Obsession, edited by Otto Penzler, won the 2001 Edgar Award for Best Short Story.

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10 Responses to “Three Debts Paid by Anne Perry”

    • Sophia Rose

      Yay! I hope you get the chance, Mareli. Yes, you can get a good glimpse of her stuff with the beginning of the Daniel Pitt series.

    • Sophia Rose

      Buahaha! I thought it was pretty funny that I had three reviews going up today.
      Lady Vespacia is one of my favorite series characters, too. She’s a regular character in the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series starting somewhere after the first couple.

    • Sophia Rose

      I think that is the best way to appreciate her books since she likes her characters to grow over the course of a series.

  1. Carla

    This series sounds interesting Sophia Rose. I do love historical fiction and mysteries and it sounds like Anne Perry delivers both. Great review.

    • Sophia Rose

      She absolutely does, Carla. I started with her Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series that are Victorian period and the Daniel Pitt series follow up on those. Hope you get the chance at them. 🙂