Silent Strike by Melinda Colt

October 6th, 2021 Kimberly Guest Post, Review 20 Comments

6th Oct
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Sophia Rose is back at Caffeinated with a mystery for us. Silent Strike by Melinda Colt is the fourth novel in the Irish Garda Squad. Grab a pumpkin spice latte and check out her review!

Silent Strike by Melinda Colt
Silent Strike
by Melinda Colt
Series: Irish Garda Squad #4
Genres: Mystery
Source: Author
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Detectives Aidan Connor and Jenna Darcy never had compassion for vigilantes—until now.

A politician’s murder is always big news, but Detective Aidan Connor isn’t sure if landing the high-profile case is a blessing or a curse. The late senator was not as well-liked as everyone claims. As the investigation advances, the problem isn’t that Aidan has no suspects—he has too many.

Pressured to close the case quickly, Aidan partners with Detective Jenna Darcy, the finest cybercrime expert from the Irish Garda. As they dig into the politician’s life, the secrets they uncover go from dirty to shockingly disturbing. Aidan and Jenna start to wonder if the killer is the true villain…

Sophia Rose’s Review

When a well-loved politician is found murdered at an abandoned gas station, Garda detective Aidan Connor draws the case assignment and a murder that is anything but cut and dry. Returning to the gritty and intriguing world of the Irish Garda Squad mysteries with this fourth, standalone installment had me all sorts of excited.

Aidan is a seasoned detective, but the case is too big to work alone and his partner, John, who was the detective hero of the first book, is out on leave for his honeymoon. So, Aidan is given permission to approach cybercrime specialist, Detective Jenna Darcy. Aidan is a fourth generation police officer and has worked hard to earn the respect and experience he has now to tackle the challenge of this high-profile case. Jenna transferred in from Scotland Yard where she got her experience and decided to come back home to Dublin where they can use her expertise in the department. 

The sizzle of attraction is there and even their co-workers see it and encourage them, but Aidan hesitates because he thinks Jenna is out of his league because she is younger, brilliant, and gorgeous. She feels the same hesitation because she isn’t sure he won’t runaway like past attempts at a relationship because she comes with baggage.

They make a good team, along with the forensics and pathology experts, in uncovering the evidence and investigating witnesses and suspects. Aidan is even-keeled and very observant. He stays open-minded and lets the evidence guide him. Jenna is a whiz with any tech and computer evidence and digging out details from people’s online presence. She is also an intuitive interviewer and draws out the witnesses. I enjoy this author’s characters and particularly those on the investigation team because they are smart and display their skills. No pulling stupids or causing unnecessary distracting drama. Aidan and Jenna were emotional over their case, as was I when it got down to the bottom of things, and a little distracted by each other, but they were fab to track along with and solve this latest case.

As to the mystery, it starts out as a basic murder that could have a motive from his political work or from his personal life. But, wow, there were some surprising twists that kept me pushing through and wanting to see what would come next. From the ice cold wife to the prodigal daughter and even potential others set on revenge, I wasn’t sure who was the actual culprit until right close to the end.

All in all, this was a quick, riveting read and another strong mystery from a fab series. Those who want an engrossing mystery with a side of romance and a wonderful cast of law enforcement team characters should give this book/series a go.


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About Melinda Colt

Melinda Colt

Melinda Colt is a bestselling author of thrillers, suspense, and mystery novels. While she's a law graduate and professional target shooter, she worked as a journalist before she became a full-time author and owns a graphic design business. Melinda loves detective thrillers, chocolate, and her ideal date is to spend a rainy day cozied up with her husband and a classic movie.

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20 Responses to “Silent Strike by Melinda Colt”

    • Sophia Rose

      Super! Yes, I liked that I could read any of these that took my fancy. Though, the first one does take place in the fall. 🙂

  1. Melinda Colt

    Thank you so much for the wonderful review, Sophia!
    Many thanks to Kimberly for the post – I love your blog!
    Thank you to all the great readers here. I hope you love Silent Strike and I would be honored if you decided to give it a try. 🙂


    • Sophia Rose

      This one was not as corrupt on the job so much as particularly nasty as a person. Like the characters, I wasn’t exactly sad he was killed. Yay, glad you’re going to give it a go, Laura!

  2. Lover of Romance

    What a great review you have here Sophia. This is a mystery that sounds so intriguing and one I definitely should pick up this month.

    Happy to hear you had such a good time with this riveting read.

    • Sophia Rose

      Oh yes, I’m a goner for this series and love the mysteries laced with romances. Hope you get the chance at them, Renee.

  3. Katherine

    I do love romantic suspense and this sounds like a good one! I love when a victim starts out seeming well loved and then things change a bit as the investigation goes on. I need to add this to my list!

    • Sophia Rose

      Yes, there were some good, shocking twists as their investigation discovered more and more. Glad to put you onto it, Katherine!

    • Sophia Rose

      Definitely! Each book takes on a different type of killing crime and has different lead detectives. I love them. 🙂