The Regrets of Cyrus Dodd by Bette Lee Crosby

June 29th, 2017 Kimberly Review 29 Comments

29th Jun
The Regrets of Cyrus Dodd by Bette Lee Crosby
The Regrets of Cyrus Dodd
by Bette Lee Crosby
Series: Wyattsville #4
Genres: Historical Fiction
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"Regret is what stands in the way of happiness," she said then turned and walked away...

From award-winning USA TODAY Bestselling Author BETTE LEE CROSBY, comes an early twentieth century family saga of two Southern men who come up against one another. Both are prideful, iron-willed and stubborn. One will lose his farm, the other will lose his family. In a tale that delves into the heart of a small town West Virginia community two men discover that being right is not the same as being happy.

Believing he has lost everything, Cyrus Dodd has no choice but to start over. He and wife Ruth leave their farm and travel to Wyattsville. As they settle down to a life far different than what he'd planned, Cyrus is forced to deal with one challenge after another, and the regrets trail behind him like a row of ducklings.

He told Ruth they were leaving trouble behind and swore this time it would be better; but now he's wondering if that's a promise he can keep.

well written historical Small-town Book Series

“Regret is what stands in the way of happiness,” she said then turned and walked away

THE REGRETS OF CYPRUS DODD by Bette Lee Crosby is the fourth book in the Wyattsville Series, set in West Virgina. All of the books in this historical fiction series can be read as standalone and feature a complete story. It has been a spell since I read PASSING THROUGH PERFECT, the third novel and after consuming this novel, I am kicking myself for having waited so long.

Betty Lee Crosby’s writing is magical, like the feel of a slow southern afternoon spent swinging barefoot in a hammock. Her characters are rich, and she weaves little life lessons into her tales reminding us all what real wealth is. Ruth and Cyrus Dodd are a farming couple in West Virginia, they have a small plot and two room home and are quite happy until one set back and heartache after another have them leaving their home and moving to Wyattsville.

“As I grow ever closer to the end of my time, I look back at this life and tell you that the only thing I would wish to give up is the regret I’ve carried in my heart for all these years. At long last I have come to realize the things I once counted as regrets were indeed blessings that I was too blind to see.”

One of those reasons for their trouble had to do with a neighboring farmer, and Crosby took us through his life as well giving readers a tale of regrets you aren’t; soon to forget. I found myself completely caught up in this families story as well. Crosby took me through many emotions from anger, sorrow, and pride.

“A man cannot change who he is. He can only hope that with age comes the wisdom to see his folly. I would like to believe I have achieved that.”

Wyattsville and the townsfolk there have me wanting to pack my bags and move.  As the Dodd’s settle in, make friends and become a part of the community, Cyrus deals with regrets. Things don’t go exactly as he expected but he becomes caught up in daily challenges and their new lives, slowly lining up his list of regrets.  Through it, all Crosby shares their family life, trials, successes, and losses. I found myself smiling, shedding a tear and at times wanting to shake Cyrus. Ruth is a rock, and I could not help but admire her. While he may have a long list of regrets and question his validity he never doubts or questions his partner.

“It’s no such thing! she said. It’s friendship! And if you’re a man who can’t tell friendship from charity, then you’re to be pitied!”

Hope, love, and faith are the cornerstone of this couple’s lives, and while some days they muddle through, it is upon reflection they will come to realize how truly blessed their road was. Their story is told from multiple perspectives, and I came to love each character. Fans of the series will recognize familiar landmarks, buildings and colorful characters like Olivia! This book/series is excellent for your book club.  Crosby’s writing is rich and profound. You’ll discover passages you want to quote and others that will resonate with you.

Readers will reflect on their regrets and remember darker days along with Cyrus, but Crosby weaves magic and shows both the reader and Cyrus how blessed we truly are. As I was crying over an event, I suddenly wiped my eyes and was excited to see what Crosby had in store for them. The ending left me smiling and longing to return to Wyattsville.

If you enjoy southern historical fictions that are character driven and rich in detail you will want to add THE REGRETS OF CYPRUS DODD and the entire Wyattsville series to their bookshelf.

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The Wyattsville Series

Aren’t the covers gorgeous?
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29 Responses to “The Regrets of Cyrus Dodd by Bette Lee Crosby”

  1. Katherine

    I like that there is hope here and that even when you were crying you were excited to see what was next. I could see this book being too sad or too many dark days but it sounds like it was just perfect.

  2. Nadene

    I have a few of her books on my shelf, bu I have not gotten a chance to read them as yet. This one sounds good, Thanks for the awesome review.

  3. Angie

    So glad you enjoyed this one! It does sound good. I love stories about standing the test of time.

  4. Genesis

    First, the covers are so beautiful! I don’t really read Hist Fic. If I do, it has to be romance so I’m not sure if this would be for me, but it still sounds great 🙂
    Genesis @ Latte Nights Reviews

  5. Sophia Rose

    I love the bittersweet flavor you are describing for this one. I have a few of her earlier books and need to get busy and read them, it seems. Great review and loved the quotes.

  6. Ailyn Koay

    I would read it, history is not my fav but I will read it. But ducklings are cute, can’t imagine them being regrets

  7. Melissa

    Those covers are gorgeous. I don’t typically read southern fiction, but it sounds like a very poignant and poetically written series.

  8. Cyn

    Oh wow, this definitely sound like a read that really hits in the heart! I’m glad it was such a great read for you and hope the series only gets better! Lovely review, Kim!

  9. Nick

    The writing sounds gorgeous, Kim. I’m not sure if this is for me, but I know someone who would absolutely devour this story! I’ll recommend it to her. 🙂

  10. verushka

    I have never read anything like this before, either — wow, does it sound amazing and yes, totally EPIC

  11. Geybie's Book Blog

    I’ve never read a pure historical fiction before. This sounds great, Kim. Glad that you enjoyed and loved it. Awesome review. ❤️