Nonna’s Corner: Some of Sophia’s Favorite Books

March 30th, 2016 Kimberly Feature 70 Comments

30th Mar

Nonna's Corner

Princess Sophia turned one in January and I thought it would be fun to share what books Sophia pulls from the bookshelf on the daily. She has these memorized and gets so excited as we read them.

Nonna’s Corner: Some of Sophia’s Favorite Books
The Sesame Street Bedtime Storybook
by Wilbert Awdry
Genres: Childrens
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A collection of 12 read-aloud stories featuring the Sesame Street Muppets.

Sesame Street Bedtime Storybook is old, and the binding has dried out from being stored in a garage at Sophia’s Great Grandma’s house, but she loves the illustrations in this classic book. While the stories are too long to hold her attention we generalize the story and have her point to familiar characters. Naturally Elmo and Cookie Monster are her favorite. This is a beautiful collection of stories just the right length for bedtime. While it is no longer published copies are available from a multitude of sources.

Nonna’s Corner: Some of Sophia’s Favorite Books
Llama Llama Time to Share
by Anna Dewdney
Series: Llama Llama
Genres: Childrens
Pages: Hardcover, 40
Source: Gifted
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Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

Llama Llama has new neighbors! Nelly Gnu and her mama stop by for a play date, but Llama's not so sure it's time to share all his toys. Maybe just his blocks? It could be fun to make a castle with Nelly . . . But wait--Nelly has Llama's little Fuzzy Llama! The fun turns to tears when Fuzzy Llama is ripped in two, "all because of Nelly Gnu!" Mama comes to the rescue and fixes Fuzzy, but she makes it clear: "I'll put Fuzzy on the stairs, until you're sure that you can share." Fun to read aloud and helpful to children and parents alike, Llama Llama Time to Share is for any child who needs a little encouragement in sharing.

I’ve already reviewed Llama Llama Time to Share, on Nonna’s Corner and we have since picked up more Llama Llama stories, but this remains her favorite. As we approach the part of the story where Nelly and Llama have a fight and pull on Fuzzy the stuffed llama Sophia gets so animated. She points and tried to turn ahead to the big illustration in the middle of the book. When the inevitable happens I ask Sophia who can fix Fuzzy Llama and at first I would say, “Can Mama?” and she would nod and smile yes. Now she yells, “Mama, mama, mama!” She loves the illustration where Mama Llama fixing Fuzzy Llama. I love watching Sophia try to read it on her own, flipping the pages and speaking gibberish.

Nonna’s Corner: Some of Sophia’s Favorite Books
Blue Train, Green Train
Series: Bright and Early Books for Beginning Beginners
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Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

Thomas thee blue train works all day while Percy the green train works all night. Told in the simplest language, here is a charming tale of what they each do. PerfectÑand portableÑfor toddlers and their caregivers.

Blue Train, Green Train is a simple board book that is just the right size for Sophia’s fingers. Colorfully illustrated she loves the pictures and points out Thomas and Percy. Other images in the book allow us to build her vocabulary. As she grows we discover new things. When she is with me be rest assure we will read this two or three times.


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70 Responses to “Nonna’s Corner: Some of Sophia’s Favorite Books”

  1. Michelle

    Love the Llama Llama books, My Daughter made me read Llama Llama read Pajama every night to her. At one point to make it different I rapped it, sang it and even made it over dramatic. She loved it. Even now I think I remember all the words as soon as I pick up the book. Such great memories you are making with that little beautiful princess. 🙂

  2. Lorna

    I love how you (and her parents as well) are starting her love of books at such an early age as I
    am sure you did with your children. My parents did the same with my sisters and I. You can’t start too early! Love the picture as well 🙂

      • Angela Adams

        In Philly, we always pull for our sports teams (and hope for a parade down Broad Street!). Baseball “officially” starts on Monday!

  3. Lark

    These all sound delightful! I read to Robin almost from birth, clear through high school; given her visual/reading disability, she thinks it probably kept her in love with books. (And now she’s a writer, and very serious about her craft.) We didn’t have any of these three, but Robin was very fond of some old Sesame Street books we had. She also loved Time for Bed by Mem Fox and Jane Dyer.

  4. Candace

    Aw, that’s so sweet! I miss my kids sitting still for a story. Now they don’t sit well for a story unless they’re sick. But I try my best!

  5. La La in the Library

    The Sesame Street books were a favorite at my house with my son, and we had Thomas the Tank Engine EVERYTHING! The Llama Llama books sound wonderful. I am starting a new feature on my Children’s book blog called First Friday Friends, and I am going to be showing books I have seen my blogging friends mention they were reading with their kiddos. I will link up your Nonna’s Corners on there. The first one will be up April 1st. 🙂

  6. Michele

    Kimba, this post is so precious — as is that adorable grandbaby! I see some grandmother-granddaughter reviews in the future! *hugs*

  7. Paij Slater

    I LOVE this post! I cannot wait to be a grandma!!!! I cannot wait to share my love of reading with my sweet grand babies. Now if only my daughter would catch on ;). Just kidding. Sort of!

  8. Katherine

    We love the Llama Llama books here and the Sesame Street book looks wonderful! Have you read any of the How Do Dinosaurs … or The Color Kittens? Those are some of our favorites.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Thanks Melissa 🙂 tonight she spends the night and although I am under the weather I am excited to spend time with her 🙂

  9. Heidi

    How fun. I remember reading the same books over and over to my kids. Risa loved The Matthew Van Fleet books, and Wocket in my Pocket as well as Good Night, while Mateus was all about truck books.

  10. Quinn's Book Nook

    I LOVE the Llama Llama books! The same author also wrote this adorable book about a pangolin. I think it’s called Roly Poly Pangolin. So adorable.

  11. Nick

    Awww! That is so cute that she’s already such a bookworm! She’ll be thrilled to have you as a grandma because of your wide book collection! 🙂

  12. Braine

    The Llama series is cute! “my” kids are Dr. Seuss fans. They love the rhyming patterns.

  13. Jenny

    LOOK AT HER! She totally is a future book addict. Love it:) I’ll have to see if my sister in law has any of the Llama Llama books for my nieces!

  14. Stacy Renee

    My daughter is only a month older than Sophia! We just read some of the Llama, llama books this week! She loves the rhyming! 🙂

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Awe. We got the Llama Llama mad at Moma for her for Easter. This is such a fun age. I love that she knows what is going to happen and begins to react.

  15. Melanie Simmons

    I love seeing that some of the same things I read a child are still around. I know I read a ton of Sesame Street books as a child. I think my favorites were Dr. Suess much my mom’s chagrin. She said my favorite was “A Fly Went By” It is one that I don’t see often.

  16. Tyler H. Jolley

    I love that, in addition to Llama Llama books, you are also including timeless classics in her story time. Sesame Street is something we can all love. 🙂 Happy birthday Sophia!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      She has a nice mix of old and new Tyler. I have been picking up Dr. Seuss and other classics like Winnie the Pooh for her 🙂

  17. Bookworm Brandee

    She takes after her Nonna! 😉 She’s not drinking coffee yet, right?!? *hahaha* I’m a fan of Llama Llama and my kids always loved Thomas. Do y’all have Giraffe’s Can’t Dance? Or Pete the Cat? Oh, or Stellaluna? Those are some of my favorites from when my kids were little and when I was the children’s lead at B&N. Thanks for sharing Sophia’s favs! 😀