Isolation by Dan Wells

September 2nd, 2012 Kimberly Review 20 Comments

2nd Sep
Isolation by Dan Wells
by Dan Wells
Series: Partials #0.5
Genres: Dystopian
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Two decades before the events of Partials, the world was locked in a different battle for survival: a global war for the last remaining oil reserves on the planet. It was for the Isolation War that the American government contracted the ParaGen Corporation to manufacture the Partials—our last hope in reclaiming energy independence from China. And it was on these fields of battle that the seeds of humanity's eventual destruction were sown.
Isolation takes us back to the front lines of this war, a time when mankind’s ambition far outstripped its foresight. Heron, a newly trained Partial soldier who specializes in infiltration, is sent on a mission deep behind enemy lines. What she discovers there has far-reaching implications—not only for the Isolation War, but for Partials and humans alike long after this war is over. A powerful take of our world on the brink, Isolation gives readers a glimpse into the history from which Partials was born—as well as clues to where the Partials Sequence is heading next.

I bought this because I totally loved Partials and think Dan Wells rocks! Isolation by Dan Wells offers us a unique look back at the Isolation Wars that created the dystopian world we learned about in Partials. This was truly fascinating and explains why the Partials rebelled.

The tale goes back and forth detailing the life of one partial over a four year period. We meet Heron while she is being created, trained and eventually set up as a spy for the United States Government. Wells explains how events came to be and I quickly became swept up in the tale. The tale begins in Zuoquan City, Shanxi Province China in the year 2060. Heron known as Mei Hao has established herself at the right hand side of General Wu. The Partials and US government have successfully cornered them. They are planning where in the city to make their last stand. In the next chapter we find ourselves at the Paragen Biosynth Growth and Training Facility at an undisclosed location in the year 2058. Her Heron is unborn in her incubator and we are taken through her birth and training. It was amazingly detailed and I found myself soaking up every tid-bit of information. From their we go back and forth and I was completely immersed in the tale.

Heron is classified as “espionage” for “Group Theata”. They are developed without empathy. I adored Heron and immediately connected with her. She is smart, excels at all tests, and her intellectual skills astounded me. The humans at the faculty and what the government was doing, sent shivers down my spine.

Anyone who cried they wanted more world-building and history after reading Partials will find the answers they desire within the pages of Isolation. While only a mere 62 pages in length it was tightly written and filled with history. As a reader, I was swept up in Heron’s tale and experienced an array of emotions. I want to gush and spill information, but I promise spoiler free reviews on my site and you will need to read this for yourself! This has given me a better sense of where this series is headed..and I cannot wait!

Isolation is a must read for fans of Partials and the fact that it contains the first chapter of Fragments should be enough reason to grab this gripping tale. Sadly this is only available as an eBook, but worth the read , even if its from your computer.

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20 Responses to “Isolation by Dan Wells”

  1. Christa Seeley

    This sounds like a really neat idea for a short story! I was always curious to learn more about the Partials then the small bits and pieces that were revealed in the novel

  2. Christy (Love of Books)

    I need to read this SOON! I loved Partials. And Dan DOES rock. I absolutely love his other books.. I Am Not A Serial Killer . You need to read that one.. seriously! I should review it, even though I read it before I started blogging.

  3. Heidi

    grabbed a copy of this last night. I really loved Partials and I can’t wait to learn more about them!

  4. Ana

    What a super review! I haven’t had time to read Partials yet.. would you suggest I read this first or start with Partials?

  5. thegeekyblogger

    Awesome review! Partials in on my maybe list! I do like the idea behind it!

  6. NovaReylin

    Ohhh! Sounds like I would love this! I still have to get my hands on Partials! LOL Great review 😀