Nonna’s Corner: A Giant Called Tiny by Poo

April 5th, 2017 Kimberly Review 20 Comments

5th Apr

It’s time once again for Nonna’s Corner where I share books I am adding to my grandbabies bookshelf. Today, I have a story from a man his grandchildren call Poo. When his granddaughter Maggie asked, “Poo. Are toy going to get your stories made into a book?” How could he resist? A GIANT CALLED TINY is one of those stories. Enjoy!

Nonna's Corner

Nonna’s Corner: A Giant Called Tiny by Poo
A Giant Called Tiny
by Poo
Genres: Childrens
Pages: 35
Source: Publisher
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Once upon a time, there was a giant called Tiny.

Now that might seem a strange name for a giant, for Tiny was indeed a giant.

But at the top of the mountain and above the clouds, in the land where giants lived, Tiny was the smallest giant in the land. So all of the other giants called him ‘Tiny'.

Tiny is sick and tired of being called names. It makes him so mad when the other giants pick on him, in fact, it's starting to make him worried he's not really a giant at all!

Then, one day, he ventures down through the clouds and finds something he'd never expected to find: a friend.

A GIANT CALLED TINY is an early reader story about a giant named Tiny. He is one of the smallest giants in his home above the clouds. As a result, he is teased by the other giants and often has angry outbursts which anger his mother and place him in time out. Sitting alone at the top of the hill, the clouds clear, and he sees a beanstalk before it quickly disappears. He wonders what is below the clouds and decides to hike down the mountainside. Poo’s descriptive tale of his descent will surely excite young readers as they anticipate what he will find. When Tiny finally emerges below the clouds, he discovers a place where he is no longer a “tiny” giant. There he meets a young boy named Jack, who is teased by his friends for being stupid. You see, he went to sell the cow and traded it for magical beans. Sound familiar? I loved the way Poo merged these two stories and two young boys who have similar problems. He magically offers invaluable lessons for Tiny and the reader. It’s ok to be different, to accept yourself and how to handle the teasing from others. Poo did this while creating a story that will capture and hold the attention of young readers.

A GIANT CALLED TINY was a delightful tale with simple illustrations that bring the tale to life and aid your child’s imagination.

Age Level: 6 plus

Grade Level: 1-3 (early chapter books)

A Tiny Called Giant

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20 Responses to “Nonna’s Corner: A Giant Called Tiny by Poo”

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I thought the story and illustrations were well matched. I had the paperback version, and would love to see the hardcover edition.

  1. Michelle

    Aww, this sounds like such a cute book! I’ll have to hunt it down for my daughter at some point 🙂