Along Came Mr. Right by Gerri Russell

June 16th, 2016 Kimberly Review 34 Comments

16th Jun
Along Came Mr. Right by Gerri Russell
Along Came Mr. Right
by Gerri Russell
Narrator: Dara Rosenberg
Length: 7 hours and 42 minutes
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Source: Publisher
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Rating: One StarOne StarHalf a Star
Heat Level: One FlameOne Flame
Narration: 4 cups

Olivia Tyler loves helping foster children find their forever homes, but she’s still waiting for her forever love. Ever since her ex-boyfriend humiliated her on Facebook, she hasn’t been ready for a commitment. But on the night of the charity auction for her adoption agency, she gives in to temptation with a stranger who helps her out of a jam…and out of her bright-blue stilettos.

After the most mind-blowing romantic night of her life, everything about Max Right seems perfect: he’s handsome, chivalrous, and he’s about to launch an algorithm-based matchmaking app with an extraordinary success rate. But when Olivia finds out her mystery man is also someone else’s fiancé, no matter how much they seem to click, this romance doesn’t add up. For Olivia, unavailable means incompatible.

When a troubled teen comes to both of them for help, Olivia is willing to put their differences aside temporarily. But as the three spend time together, she discovers the truth about Max’s heart, and it just may be the key to opening her own.

Sweet ROMANCE Audiobook Chick-lit

Along Came Mr. Right written by Gerri Russell and narrated by Dara Rosenberg offered a heartfelt chick-lit romance balanced with helping troubled teens in the foster care program. One night of romance with a stranger leads to complications when our heroine discovers he is keeping secrets. Along Came Mr. Right is perfect for those looking for a light romantic listen.

Olivia Tyler runs Tomorrow Foundation an agency that helps foster children find their forever homes. On the night of their charity action, she throws caution to the wind and hooks up with Max Right. Max is handsome and charismatic but when Olivia later discovers the man has a fiancé’ she wants nothing further to do with him. However, when Paige, a struggling teen needs help Olivia soon finds herself spending time with both. Max’s life is complicated and we soon discover more about Max and his so-called engagement.

Along Came Mr. Right was a cute read with a blend of romance, life and character growth. Max is a charming nerd but his pushover personality while filled with good intentions was not exactly something that made me swoon. Annalise Max’s so-called friend and fiancé was a horrible person. Her behavior and Max’s reactions only added to my annoyance. The romance had an instalove vibe, and with all the complications, I just did not feel the connections.

I struggled with parts of the plot like the disappearing paparazzi and tied up in a bow ending. Annalise is in the media spotlight, thus Max is, but the paparazzi disappeared when convenient for the plot, and left me wondering. And while I want an HEA for everyone, all the threads wrapped up  a little too sweetly, I wanted a certain someone to suffer a little.

The audiobook of Along Came Mr. Right had some sweet moments and I had no trouble listening. Paige’s character added warmth and was perhaps my favorite aspect of the story. Dara Rosenberg did a lovely job with the narration and I enjoyed the different voices she used for each character.

Fans of light, chick-lit romances might enjoy Along Came Mr. Right.

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34 Responses to “Along Came Mr. Right by Gerri Russell”

  1. Lorna

    Not for me I don’t think. It’s good that you were able to enjoy a bit of it though. Instalove only works for me in shifter books. 🙂

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Yes, I prefer insta in Romantic suspense and paranormal,However, some authors are able to do insta-attraction and then progress into more, but I didn’t see the appeal

  2. Katherine

    I love a good nerd but a pushover can get annoying – especially paired with a really awful friend or fiance in this case. There are parts of this that sound really fun but I’m not sure it’s one I’m going to run out and get. If my library gets in audio I think it’d be fun to listen to though.

  3. AngelErin

    Sorry you didn’t like this one a bit more. I don’t think it would be for me. It seems too sweet for my tastes. Great review though!!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Yes too sweet although if he had been stronger and the ending didn’t resolve so quickly it would have worked better for me.

  4. Leona

    Yeah what you found annoying wouldn’t turned me off too. Thank goodness for audiobooks case if it was a physical book I would’ve been skipping all the way through it until I got to the end to save myself the physical pain of rolling my eyes a lot LOL.

  5. Quinn's Book Nook

    Yeah, I don’t think I’d like this. I don’t like cheating, and I get tired of the “evil woman” girlfriend/fiancee thing.

  6. Bookworm Brandee

    I’m glad there were elements that you enjoyed, Kim, because those things that bothered you, they make my left eye twitch. 😉 It does sound like a sweet story…just maybe a bit too sweet.
    Sorry I’ve been MIA…we were in HUMID and HOT Texas visiting family. Bonus: I got to have lunch with Berls! 😀

  7. Sophia Rose

    It does sound sweet. I love the bit about the foster kids. Sometimes an ending is too pat even for a romantic like me, but it can be a mood thing, too.

  8. Cyn

    Aww, it sounded like it would have been a great summery read, sorry to hear it didn’t quite work out for you! I love happy endings but I also like them to be realistic. Thanks for the review!

  9. Jenny

    I like the sound of the charming nerd Kim, but not so much the pushover! It’s hard for me to swoon for a guy that lets himself get walked all over. Too bad on that aspect, but it sounds like a cute enough read overall despite a few hiccups.

  10. kindlemom1

    Sometimes those endings that are too perfect are too hard to believe, Thanks for the honest review on this Kim!

  11. Angela

    I’m not sure if this one would be my cuppa tea. It bugs me when everything is tied neatly in bow and complications evaporate to fit the plot.