The Secret Vol 1-5 by H.M. Ward

February 25th, 2013 Kimberly Review 61 Comments

25th Feb

Today I am delighted to share H.M. Ward’s Secret serial for the Fiery Hot Reads for Icy Cold Nights Blog Hop. Check out my mini-reviews, read a scene between Anna and Cole from Volume One.

The Secret Vol 1-5 by H.M. Ward
by H.M. Ward
Series: Secrets #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Source: Purchase
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Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star

Sex is supposed to be sexy, tantalizing, and completely erotic, but Anna never seems to find the right guy. This one seems to be a germ-a-phobe, and the previous boyfriend wasn’t much better. Anna just wants to be wanted. Is that too much to ask?  As she tries to wiggle out of one relationship, a new one surfaces, but it’s forbidden. Cole Stevens is twice her age, arrogant, rich, sexy as hell, and her boss. When Anna’s internship plans derail, she ends up interning at Cole’s elite New York City studio. Close proximity leads Anna to discover that the billionaire bachelor is emotionally scarred. Everyone has secrets, but Cole’s run deeper, cutting him to his core. Cole is trouble in a sexy shell. He’s nothing Anna needs and everything she wants.

In the first novel, we meet Anna an ambitious college photographer interviewing for her internship all while dealing with her strange but sweet boyfriend; Edward. This was fun, evenly paced and filled with twists that made me laugh. I loved the interaction between Cole and Anna from the onset and really felt their chemistry.

The Secret Vol 1-5 by H.M. Ward
Secrets 2
by H.M. Ward
Series: Secrets #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Source: Purchase
Purchase*: Amazon *affiliate
Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star

Sexy thoughts about Cole fill Anna's dreams. Every detail burns brightly in her mind; the way his hands feel on her bare skin, the soft brush of his lips against hers, and the way their bodies fit perfectly together. Anna awakes breathless, tingling as if it really happened. What caused her to think about Cole like that? It was completely forbidden. And Anna didn't feel that way about him, at least she didn't think she did. Cole was fun to flirt with, that's all, and the sexual tension between them was normal, right? Everyone has that from time to time with some super-hot guy. It made sense. Her mind was just telling her that she needs a boyfriend. But what if Cole's the right guy? What if he's right there and Anna lets him slip through her fingers? Cole's more than she bargained for, with enough sex appeal to make Anna realize everything she's been missing.

In the second book of Secrets Anna begins to make decisions and step out of her comfort zone as she embraces the photography style Cole uses. Cole drove me batty with his cold/hot moods and I so want to know what is driving him. Anna needs to decide what she wants from Cole and go after it. The sexual tension between these two literally oozes from the pages. I am hoping more is revealed in the next volume.

The Secret Vol 1-5 by H.M. Ward
Secrets 3
by H.M. Ward
Series: Secrets #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Source: Purchase
Purchase*: Amazon *affiliate
Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star

When Anna admits she's falling for Cole she can't believe his response. He pushes her away with an excuse that seems too flimsy to be real. Crushed, Anna continues working at Cole's Long Island studio, but she can't stop thinking about him. It isn't until Anna is called into the dean's office that the real trouble starts. To make matters worse, Edward keeps popping up at the worst times reminding her of everything she wants to forget.

Holy much happens in the third installment of Secrets. Cole is obviously tormented and we discover why. Poor Anna; everything is upside down for her in this one, and Edward is really starting to creep me out. Oh, and there is a certain hoity-toity bitch I want to whack over the head with my heel. *too violent?*  We get some hotness and a whole lot of reason to quickly grab book four..LOL

The Secret Vol 1-5 by H.M. Ward
Secrets 4
by H.M. Ward
Series: Secrets #4
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Source: Purchase
Purchase*: Amazon *affiliate
Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star

At night, when Anna closes her eyes, everything comes rushing back; the sensuous sound of Cole’s voice, his scalding touch, and the way his eyes roved over her body like he could never get enough. Flirtation, promises of passionate sex, and nights filled with Cole’s sexy smile are gone. Anna worries that her crush on Cole was something more, because her life is total agony without him.  Anna realizes she’s at a turning point. Someone burned her. This isn’t a little blister that would go away on its own, it’s an inferno that destroyed everything it touched. In a matter of minutes, Anna lost her future and the man who holds her heart. Anna has to decide how and when to get even with the person who destroyed her life—Sophia Sottero

We get some answers in Secrets 4, but things get complicated for Anna. Anna decides to put Cole behind her, but then as she uncovers the truth things get complicated. I found myself completely captivated. Who is trying to hurt Anna or are they trying to hurt Cole…so many questions eep! Upon finishing this one, I immediately began reading book 5 because I need answers and some resolution..please!

The Secret Vol 1-5 by H.M. Ward
Secrets 5
by H.M. Ward
Series: Secrets #5
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Source: Purchase
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Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star

The pounding in Anna's heart rings in her ears as she sits naked in the tub. The bath water sloshes around her bare hips, even though she tries to stand without making a sound. All this time, Anna thought someone was following her, but every time she turned around no one was there. The chills that climbed up her spine those few times seemed silly, but not now. Now, they seem horrific. Cole is gone, Emma is at work, and Anna is completely alone. A shadow darkens the space under the door. The metallic clink of a hand touching the knob sends Anna out of her mind. Pulse-pounding in her ears, Anna has no other option, but to open the bathroom door and come face to face with her stalker.

Secrets 5 the last book is very climatic and a lot is revealed. I love the way Ward threaded all of the pieces together in this action-packed and intense conclusion. Anna and Cole’s romance was a whirlwind but I enjoyed every delicious moment. I am so glad I read this series.

I really enjoyed these serials. I think I would have just preferred one novel, but I am very glad I read them and certainly got caught up in Cole and Anna’s story.

Excerpt from Secrets 1

“I feel restless, like I won’t ever be satisfied. Cole’s hands are warm. His smooth skin slides over my bare waist as he kisses me harder. My lips burn, they throb as I pull him closer to me. His thick hair is tangled in my fingers, his strong arms around my waist, pulling us closer—tighter together. Heat fills me. A burning desire to feel him inside consumes every thought I have.
There is nothing but him and me.
My nails claw his back as his kisses leave a hot trail down my neck. Our clothes are gone. It’s just his slick body against mine, but he won’t take me. He won’t push inside of me. I cry out, saying his name, begging him to take me. The third time I plead, he answers me. Without a word, he flips me over. I land on the sheets, and look up at him. My legs are splayed before him, completely exposed.
Cole doesn’t hesitate. His hard body meets mine and he pushes into me, rapidly, over and over again. I can’t stop calling his name. I want him, I want him to fill me with come.
I want things I shouldn’t want. I feel things I shouldn’t feel.
There is no hesitation, no holding back. We move together like we were made for each other.
“Cole,” I say softly.
A hand shakes my shoulder. The dream shatters, and fades, but the emotions are still flooding my body. The spot between my legs is pulsating like he was really there, even though he wasn’t. Slowly, I realize I was dreaming and open my eyes.
Horrified, I’m looking up into Cole’s face, “Anna, you okay?” His eyes are concerned, searching my face for answers that I can’t say.
Pushing up, I shake the sleep from my eyes, “I’m fine.” My voice catches in my throat.
Cole nods and sits on the coffee table across from the couch. He’s still watching me. I feel his sapphire eyes on the side of my face, though I don’t look at him.
After that dream, I don’t think I can ever look at him again. Heat sears my cheeks and I wish I could hide, but there is nowhere to go.”
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61 Responses to “The Secret Vol 1-5 by H.M. Ward”

  1. Jennifer Bielman

    AHHH, I really love the sound of this series. I love having all the books so I can read them in a row and not have to wait. i am totally adding these to my TBR

  2. kindlemom1

    I am still not sure how I feel about authors doing serials again (I remember King doing on with Green Mile when it was first released). I guess it is a fun idea but I too think I would much rather have it all in one volume. I have enough to keep in track of now as it is on my Kindle LOL!

  3. Andrea

    OMG, this series looks so good! I actually really like serials, except the whole waiting between installments parts. 😉

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. kimbacaffeinate

    I am enjoying the genre too, although its been around forever as adult novels. I love that they have classified this age group.

  5. Jenny Zemanek

    HELLO SEXY COVERS!!!! Look at those bad boys! I need to read this series immediately:) I can’t even fully express my love for the new adult genre in a simple comment, it’s just awesome. Thanks for putting these on my radar Kimba!

  6. kimbacaffeinate

    was a guest post originally, sorry cupcake.Yeah, I think I would have waited for the bundle addition as well, I grabbed these when they were on sale, and really thought it was a series at first.

  7. Nick

    I like that the covers are matching! It’s New Adult so I’m definitely checking it out.
    It seems like you had a lot of fun while reading it!
    The characters all seem really likable! Thanks for sharing, Kim!

  8. Rin Johnson

    DANG, after that excerpt I can tell that there will be one word to describe this series: TENSION. I love tension.

  9. Marlena Fein

    I actually just saw the first book somewhere yesterday and added it to my wish list. I think this is fate! Either way, this is going on my Must be read pile. It sounds right up my alley. I am into the New Adult genre so much right now. Thanks for the amazing giveaway! I think I would pass out if I were to win this one.

    Best wishes,

  10. Becky Cornell Webb

    looks like such an amazing series. great giveaway also.

  11. Eva .

    This series sounds awesome! I have read other HM Ward books and they are steamy! Thanks for the great giveaway and excerpts from all books!!

  12. Heidi

    I was wondering how you managed to read and review five books, but I am guessing after reading all your reviews that these are more like short novellas. I think I would definitely like to have them all bundled into one, but still the serials is a fun idea.

  13. A Belle's Tales

    It sounds like these get even better as they go! Great mini-reviews and thanks so much for sharing the excerpt!! That was one yummy dream! 🙂

  14. brandileigh2003

    Cole sounds very hot and sexy-I like the sound of their whirlwind romance. Still trying to figure out how Edward exactly fits into everything though 🙂

    Great reviews, I haven’t heard of them before, but glad to hear that they all tie together nicely.

    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  15. Karen

    This sounds like a pretty intense series. I like how you reviewed the whole thing at once.

  16. Angela C.

    This sounds like a great series! I haven’t read any yet though. I love the covers! Thank you!

  17. Giselle Cormier

    Oh wow this sounds like a very good series! I also really like the covers–though the first cover image is one I’ve been seeing a lot lately for some reason. Like on other books. But yeah it sounds great and I love how it sounds like it ends so awesomely. So often series kind of loses its spark after the first couple of books.

  18. thegeekyblogger

    Gosh! It has been forever since I read a serial. It does look like this one worked for you and I like how each one was more intense than the last one!

  19. kimbacaffeinate

    they range from 100 to 200 pages and yeah I am glad I read them back to back ..the waiting would have killed and annoyed me!

  20. Candace Robinson

    I’m not really sure if this is a series I would like or not. But I have discovered I like the whole serial thing and getting short stories. But I prefer when there’s not a cliffhanger of any sort. It is nice when you can just read them back to back, plus it gives you this sense of accomplishment for getting SO much read (even though it’s not really).

  21. Lauren

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a serial before. Such a cool idea! From the sound of your reviews, this would be a good serial to start with. Thanks for sharing these!

  22. Sam

    It was a dream?! How cruel. 😉 That excerpt and your reviews have me eager to give these books a try now! Also, that guy on the cover? Mmmm. 😉

    Thanks for sharing, K!

  23. readingdiva

    Hot excerpt…sounds naughty I want to read it lol.

  24. Erin F

    This series sounds awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!

  25. sarah

    These books sounds like they would be really good!! I was reading the book the book descripitions as i scrolled down and the books seemed to get better and leaving a question from me about whats going to happen next.. thanks for the giveaway!!

  26. Barbara Walker

    I’m not sure what her question is. lol I don’t really like serials. I tried the one Beth Kery did and it drove me crazy. I have a NA one called The Heiresses, but I was able to get them all bundled up from her publicist. This is one I wouldn’t ever have started until they all were out, just because they sound insanely angsty. Now that they’re all out, I’d give them a try though. They sound like a wild ride!

  27. Meghan Stith

    Thanks for the giveaway! These books look steamy and I love me some steamy books!

    mestith at gmail dot com