Devil’s Ride West by David Nix

August 17th, 2022 Kimberly Guest Post, Review 16 Comments

17th Aug

Grab your cowboy boots and find out what Sophia Rose loved about Devil’s Ride West by David Nix, the second western novel in the Jake Paynter series.

Devil’s Ride West by David Nix
Devil’s Ride West
by David Nix
Series: Jake Paynter #2
Source: Publisher
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Author David Nix writes an action-packed, authentic historical western series featuring:

A former soldier with a target on his back
A slew of bounty hunters determined to claim their prize
A ruthless detective who wants to see Jake pay
A breathtaking journey across the wild west

Jake Paynter is in deep trouble. With a $1000 bounty on his head, every law man, bounty hunter, and desperado west of the Mississippi is gunning for him. Jake's plan to lay low with the Shoshone quickly falls apart, but before he can leave for far Yellowstone, his two best friends, Gus Rivers and Stacy Blue, show up with a dilemma. Miners at South Pass City are getting murdered by a man or beast—no one is certain—and his immigrant friends from the Oregon Trail are in danger. Against his better judgment, Paynter travels to the mining fields to bring the culprits to justice.

Hiding in an abandoned mine by day and sleuthing by night, Jake begins to unravel the mystery of the deaths. But as adversarial forces close in, Jake must decide whether to escape to isolation or remain and fight for his friends.

Sophia Rose’s Review

After the pulse-pounding finish of Dead Man’s Hand, Jake Paynter’s story continues where it left off.  David Nix raised the bar on expectation and I was excited to see if this next installment in the saga met the high anticipation I could not help but feel after being riveted by the first book.

Devil’s Rides West took up where Dead Man’s Hand left off.  Jake Paynter, disgraced former Army officer didn’t get justice from the law and is on the run.  He escaped into Shoshone territory and lived among them until the law shows up and he’s prepared to run further into the more rugged Yellowstone backcountry.  But, his old wagon train friends, Gus and Stacey, need his help.  Jake may be many things, but he is loyal to his friends and has a soft spot for a certain lady, Rosalyn Ashley.  Someone in South Pass City is killing miners and the local, corrupt law plans to do nothing about it.  Also in South Pass City, Lucien Ashley detests Jake and is determined to end him so has increased the bounty and sicced some detectives on his trail while going about his own greedy plans.  Jake discovers the murders are only the tip of the trouble and he and his friends wind up facing down more deadly danger.

I found the first Jake Paynter absolutely amazing and was eager to press forward to find out what came next for him and his friends.  The author created a complex man who struggles with guilt from his past and ready to do the right thing as he sees it not realizing, as his friends eventually do, that the west needs hard, enduring men like him to fight against the evil and injustice that comes when bad men are the ones with power and wealth.  I liked how the author delved further into Jake’s past and explained so much more about why he is the way he is even while continuing his ongoing struggle against Lucien Ashley, a glossy and upstanding appearing villain along with vile Blackburn who is still around.

The gun battles and western action were as intense and bloody as the last book just as the relationships Jake has made with a diverse cast of people including the slow burn love interest with Rosalyn that percolated well in the background.  This was obviously a middle book and left things at a ‘heart in the throat’ point ready for the next book.  I loved the build-up and had doubts as to how Jake could possibly survive all those coming for him because of the bounty and because of those he thwarts of their plans.  Jake might not think much of himself, but his loyal friends and readers do.

Again, I finished and feel drained from all the hair-raising moments, intense situations, and Jake’s personal story, but in a deeply satisfying way.  The writing is superb and the west comes alive.  Suspenseful, well-developed wild west action that I can heartily recommend.

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About David Nix

David Nix

Since 2010, David Nix has self-published science fiction, traditionally published historical romance (as Sawyer North,, and is now publishing historical westerns through Sourcebooks. Though he has touched many genres, everything in his life has pointed toward westerns. He was born on a military base in Texas and grew up in Wyoming on the borderlands of the Wind River reservation. His love of western history and great western films led him down this path.

I live in Austin, Texas with my wife of 30-plus years, and have three grown children and grandkids within driving distance.

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16 Responses to “Devil’s Ride West by David Nix”

  1. MarthaE

    Oh – I’ll have to look at this series. It sounds up my alley.
    I’m glad that you liked it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • Sophia Rose

      Yes, it is all that and I agree about wanting to read them one after the other since they seem to be all one big story. That is so cool you live in an old mining town, Rachel. 🙂

  2. Lover of Romance

    Oh what a fabulous review you have here Sophia. I just love a action-packed western. This isn’t an author I have read though, so definitely adding them to my list haha You always know that a book really works you good when you feel so drained afterwards.

  3. Wendy

    Sounds like you need a break after Devil’s Ride West. I do enjoy a good western, and this series sounds good. Terrific review, Sophia!

    • Sophia Rose

      Yes, even though it is full of action, it grabs the emotions, too. I was glad to pick up a light cozy mystery after this one. 🙂 Thanks, Wendy!

  4. Felicity Grace Terry

    YEE-HAW! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. A bit like everyone thinks us Geordies say Wye aye man! {we don’t} I’m wondering if any cowboy has ever uttered this phrase.

    Bearing in mind the cowboy books my grandad used to read it took a lot of convincing that these modern cowboy books were any different. A while since I’ve read one, this sounds like a read I’d enjoy.

    • Sophia Rose

      LOL, you are probably right, Felicity. I know I’ve never heard a ranch worker or rodeo contestant say that. 😉

      I hope you enjoy this ‘new’ western if you get the chance.