An Easy Death by Charlaine Harris

December 5th, 2018 Kimberly Review 33 Comments

5th Dec
An Easy Death by Charlaine Harris
An Easy Death
by Charlaine Harris
Series: Gunnie Rose #1
Narrator: Eva Kaminsky
Length: 9 hours and 48 minutes
Genres: Fantasy
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Narration: 4 cups

Number-one New York Times best-seller Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse mysteries, True Blood, Midnight Crossroad) delivers the first thriller in a new trilogy that presents a chilling alternate history of the US where everyone believes in magic - but no one is sure whether they can trust it.

After the assassination of FDR in the 1930s, the US collapses and is picked off by the UK, Canada, Mexico, and Russia. We find ourselves in the Southwestern states, now known as Texoma. It is here that the gunnie Lizbeth Rose tries to piece out a life, running security on runs from Texoma across the border to Mexico, where work and prospects are stronger.

When two Russian magicians come looking for a man named Alex Karkarov, they hire Lizbeth to find him or his family, but there are problems: The man they're looking for is dead, but he has a daughter they now need to find, as an ever-growing set of sorcerers and gunnies do not want them to succeed. It's a good thing Lizbeth is a deadly gunfighter; too bad she hates sorcerers, even the ones on whom she has to learn to rely.

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An Easy Death by Charlaine Harris introduces us to Lizbeth Rose a gunslinger living in the Southwestern states, now known as Texoma. It is the first novel in the Gunnie Rose, novel trilogy and offers an alternate-historical fantasy world in the Wild West.

In Lizbeth’s wonky world the US fell after the assassination of FDR in the 1930s, and was picked off by the UK, Canada, Mexico, and Russia. Lizabeth Rose is a gunnie *gunslinger* who makes her living providing safe passage for folks. She and her security team escort them from Texoma (formerly the states of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and  Colorado) to Mexico where opportunities and jobs are plentiful. Ironic twist huh?

After a bad run, Lisbeth reluctantly accepts a job from two Russian wizards employed by the Czar and their success determines whether someone lives or dies.   Eli and Ilya are searching for a direct descendant of Grigori Rasputin.  Despite her niggles, she wants to know what they are up to and how they are tied to her past. The tale that unfolds provides plenty of twists and action.

The world is interesting with gunnies, sorcerers and spotty electricity. The US seems to be trapped in a wild west movie.We are given a vague understanding of the state of the United States. In some parts slavery is still legal, roads and infrastructures never happened and well as modern medical advancements.  Magic is openly accepted but still shrouded in mystery and distrust. I liked how Harris tied Lizbeth’s own history into the job with the magicians. It allowed for some growth and connections while giving the listener insight into our young gunnie.

History buffs will find this alternate history fascinating, particularly when it comes to the Romanovs. While these three are searching they are not the only ones, and they will face opposition from others as powerful, if not more so than our wizards and skilled gunnie. I love a good quest and this aspect drew me in.

However, while I enjoyed the overall tale, some aspects felt like a rinse and repeat. The group would enter a town, investigate, gain answers, escape from others and flee to the next town. Only for the same scenario to happen, again and again. Of course we got to see some of Lisbeth’s skills, and learn about the wizards as Harris eked out the world,  but it slowed down the middle of this tale for me knocking over a full cup of coffee.

We see some romantic developments, witness some cool magic and gained some closure before the tale wraps up. Despite some of my issues with An Easy Death, I am looking forward to the next Gunnie Rose audiobook.

Eva Kaminsky was the narrator and it was my first time listening to her. I enjoyed her voices, accents and pacing for the tale. I think she added another layer to the story and these characters. I am hoping she continues to narrate the series.

Magic, gunslingers and the wild west await you in An Easy Death. Fans of dystopian, post-Apocalyptic and alternate histories will want to try this first book in the Gunnie Rose series.

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33 Responses to “An Easy Death by Charlaine Harris”

  1. Tanya @ Rantings of a Reading Addict

    I have been reluctant with this one. I’m more an urban fantasy fan that fantasy. Especially historic. I don’t want to end up giving one of my fav authors a lower rating because the setting just isn’t for me. I did that with the first Midnight, but it gradually grew on me. Harris is definitely stretching her imagination as she moves on from her more popular series.

    • Kimberly

      Not at all despite owning a lot of the Sookie books, I’ve only recently read and loved her Midnight, Texas series.

  2. Olivia Roach

    It sounds like this one was a bit of a mixed bag for you. The world sounds amazing to me, and so unique. I really like that aspect of it. But it’s a shame that it got a bit repetitive in the end… because it sounds like it took from your enjoyment.

    Olivia Roach recently posted: The Dream Thieves [Book Review]
  3. Jessica @ a GREAT read

    Ooh nice! I was keeping an eye on this one! It sounds like fun! Though I want to finish her Midnight series before investing in the next series! Lol. Weird quirk of mine. This one sounds like an interesting read and I am glad it was a good 4 cup read too! Nice review!

  4. sjhigbee

    I’ve got this one courtesy of Himself and am about to start reading it:)). Himself LOVED it, so I’m raring to go! Thank you for your review:)

  5. Sophia Rose

    This alternate history with magical and dystopian elements does have strong appeal. Good to know that the middle can be something of a slog. Hmm, I recognize the narrators name, but don’t think I’ve listened in yet. I’ll be snagging this at some point.