Demanding Ransom by Megan Squires

August 9th, 2013 Kimberly Review 41 Comments

9th Aug
Demanding Ransom by Megan Squires
Demanding Random
by Megan Squires
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Determined to move forward, Maggie embarks on her first year of college, hoping to finally put her past behind her, exactly where it belongs. But that’s hard to do when the present is just as difficult. And even harder when someone like Ran, the gorgeous paramedic that keeps crossing Maggie’s path, challenges her to face things head on, rather than bury them like she always does. Ran hasn’t had a perfect life either. But there’s something different about him, and something different about the way he makes Maggie feel. Maybe meeting Ran is life’s little gift for Maggie—a sort of consolation prize for enduring everything she's had to go through. But things don’t come easy for Maggie. Why should love be the exception? And just when everything starts to settle, it’s all turned on its head once again. If there is one thing Ran has taught Maggie, it’s that you can’t sit on the sidelines of your own existence. When life takes something that’s yours, you have every right to demand it back. Only for Maggie, that is easier said than done.

Going into Demanding Ransom I expected the book to be filled with romantic angst based on the synopsis but Megan Squires delivered a twist I didn’t see coming and a ride I thoroughly enjoyed. This is a wonderful romance, filled with growth, forgiveness and taking chances. Three-word review: memorable, heartwarming, tender.

Maggie Carson hasn’t had the perfect text-book life and in her first year of college, she hopes to move forward.  Enter Ran, a drop dead gorgeous paramedic who turns Maggie’s world upside down and teaches her that sometimes you need to face the past to move forward. The tale that unfolded grabbed me from the first page and held me captive.

Things haven’t come easy for Maggie and she carries a pretty big chip on her shoulder. She isn’t always an easy character to embrace but as Squires peels back her layers and reveals things you begin to understand her. She is more courageous than she knows and her love of family, determination, and willingness make her believable.  From the start, Ran is smexy, witty and almost too good to be true. Squires gave him depth and like Maggie peeled back his layers showing how his vulnerability and personal growth. The romance built slowly, and I loved the snarky banter these two shared. I was rooting for them and hoping for a happy ending. Cora, Maggie’s boy crazy, high on life roommate was a hoot and Tate a fellow paramedic was a solid friend. While they weren’t as fleshed out, they were good friends and interesting enough, that I would enjoy reading their stories. The family is present, and I loved some and loathed others.

Squires’ world immediately sucks you in and is action packed from the beginning. From the way Maggie and Ran met, to their slow building romance and personal growth I was captivated. At times Maggie annoyed me, as she tried to hold up this carefully constructed wall placed around her heart. She is fully functional and uses snark and avoidance when things get too real, but Ran sees right through her and his patience and acceptance were wonderful, making him completely swoon-worthy. The characters were completely fleshed out allowing me to form connections that enhanced my reading experience. The romance builds slowly, is low on angst and develops out of trust making it feel genuine. This was relatively clean for NA but we do get some seriously hot kissing scenes. Just when everything is feeling wonderful and I am giddy, Squires throws in a twist I couldn’t even imagine. I was flabbergasted and turned back the pages trying to somehow undo or change what I had just read. *loved it* The event floored me and kept me up reading to see how it would all unfold. The tale focuses on some emotional issues such as forgiveness, acceptance, and trust. The flow and easy writing style made this an easy read allowing me to slip away from reality.

Demanding Ransom was a wonderful love story and while labeled New Adult, there is nothing to keep young adults from enjoying it. I look forward to trying more of Megan Squires’ books.

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41 Responses to “Demanding Ransom by Megan Squires”

  1. Maida

    I adore love stories and I have no doubt I’ll enjoy this one too! I love the sound of the characters and I especially love how they help heal one another or bring out the true side in each other. I feel like the emotional reads are usually the best kind, and I am glad this one has that and more. And I am glad the romance wasn’t rushed but it grows at a realistic pace. I love that, especially in a book like this! I’m so glad you enjoyed this and I am looking forward to reading it! Fabulous review! 😀

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 

    • kimbacaffeinate

      thanks Maida, I really enjoyed the banter and romance of this plus the twist..holy page-turners!

  2. Lauren

    This sounds like a wonderful NA book to add to my list! Ran does sound kind of perfect, and I’m interested to find out more about Maggie’s past. Lovely review!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      This really surprised me and I totally recommend it 🙂

  3. Ashley

    Love the review! I’m really excited to get my hands on this one.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Enjoy Ashley, and I would love to hear your thoughts!

  4. Melissa (Books and Things)

    Ah! Another contemporary you have me wanting. Oh I so want to know that twist. Don’t you love it when a book does that to you and you really just want to erase what you read but still HAVE to know how it ends? 🙂 Yep, on the wishlist! 😀

    BTW, the question you posed about the SYNC books? You just need a MP3 player to transfer but you can listen from your comp. You just need Overdrive (which is free). It’s also the program a lot of libraries use for the ebooks and audiobooks.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      thanks Melissa..hmm is their an app for my smartphone? I need to check playstore!

  5. Giselle

    Aww this sounds super sweet I was wondering about it since the blog tour. I love slow budding romance and dang that twist makes me super curious! I love it when a twist really makes you gasp and speed read to see WTF is going to happen! Great review, chickie!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      thanks Giselle, this was refreshingly different, hope you snag a copy.

  6. Candace

    Ran sounds like he’s great! I love a slow building romance as well. I’m glad you enjoyed this!

  7. Debbie Haupt

    Thanks Kimba, great review and I loved your three word description. Sometimes it’s all about tender isn’t it. 🙂

  8. Andrea

    This does sound like a good book! I love when an author can take the story in places I didn’t imagine. I will definitely keep an eye out for this one.
    Great review,Kim!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I think you would totally get caught up in this like I did Andrea!

  9. Jenny

    I’m really excited for this one Kim! I had a blast following the blog tour a little while back and learning all about the characters and the cover photoshoot, so I’m very ready to actually get to “meet” them in this story. You know me and romance, so I’m pretty much already in love with Maggie and Ran, though I will admit to being super nervous about this twist you mention. I might need someone to tell me what it is beforehand so I can prepare 😉

    • kimbacaffeinate

      the twist made the story more and don’t be nervous!

  10. Nick

    I’ve had my eyes on this book because I heard that the romance was not the main focus. It’s so rare for a NA book to not focus on the romance and this book actually makes me happy.
    The characters sound like a really wonderful bunch.
    OK, now I want to know what that twist was that had you completely floored. Guess I should just get to the book already, huh?
    Lovely review, Kim! 🙂 I’m happy that you loved this so much!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Yes Nick, this was more and I so hope you snag a copy!

  11. Toni

    I knew I recognized the name, but not the cover so I went to check on Goodreads and yep, this is the one I already had on my TBR. Excellent review. I’m really looking forward to reading this one.

  12. Jenea

    Don’t know why I haven’t picked this up already. Maggie and Ran sounds like they are good for each other. Wonderful review.

  13. Jennifer

    Sounds like a great romance and I always love when I’m surprised by a good twist. Great that it is action packed and really sucks you in because sometimes I find romances a bit slow. Great relationship build and everything seems to make this a NA I need to check out.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      in a sea of look a likes this was refreshing, and the romance developed nicely. Thanks Jen, have a great weekend!

  14. Tanja

    Oh Jenny still owes me this guy’s number! 😉 Anyhow I really expected this book to be typical filled like you said with romance angst! But this seems to be bigger and better than that. I’m so happy when a book manages to surprise me so I’ll hopefully be reading this one soon 🙂 Great review.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      this was clever, and I got wrapped up in the characters 🙂

  15. Chene Sterckx

    Wow what a brilliant review of what sounds like a captivating book. To me a brilliant writer and a great romance is like a match made in heaven. Thank you! Its definitely getting added to my to-read list 🙂