Review: I Do … or Die by Donna Cummings

May 29th, 2013 Kimberly Review 5 Comments

29th May
Review: I Do … or Die by Donna Cummings
I Do or Die
by Donna Cummings
Genres: Romantic Suspense
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“Always a bridesmaid, never a bride” is Shelby Atwood's personal credo. She’s managed to avoid commitment all her life – no pets, no plants, not even a long-term lease. Heck, she’s had colds last longer than her romantic relationships. How could she be any other way when she has a gigolo for a father? But then gunfire erupts at the latest wedding she’s agreed to be in, and it ends up being the best thing to happen to Shelby’s love life. Detective Ryan Nichols is assigned to the case, and when the shootings don’t stop, he becomes her 24-hour bodyguard. Shelby wouldn’t mind except Ryan is too appealing, too sexy, and too happy to remind her of the raucous bachelorette party when she mistook him for a stripper. Shelby’s plan is simple: find the shooter, have a fling with Ryan, and return to her non-committal life. Unfortunately, the shooter is very elusive. Shelby’s feelings for Ryan are way more than adrenaline-fueled lust. And returning to her normal life is now impossible since, despite her lifelong resistance, she’s managed to put her heart smack dab in the line of fire.

I agreed to read I Do..or Die after reading the synopsis. I love romantic suspense and I sensed a little snark and humor. Cummings delighted me with an over the top witty, and snarky heroine. Then she added a smexy Detective and a cat whose facial expressions made me giggle. Three word review: humorous, romantic, steamy.

We meet Shelby Atwood dressed as a bridesmaid for her best friends, forth wedding! *yikes* While she thinks her friend is crazy to try again she stands by her and suffers through all her duties. At the wedding the bride is shot at and Shelby quickly moves to her side as she is whisked to the hospital. Here she meets Detective Ryan Nichols and she cannot help but notice he is all kinds of yummy. She is covered in blood, and tries to looks casual as she spews one-liners that have the groom frustrated and the officer smirking. He offers her a ride home and the tale that unfolds is funny, romantic, and steamy. Despite a few issues I enjoyed the ride and found the romance sweet.

Shelby’s life is upside down at the moment and you kind of have to laugh at the cards fate has dealt her, and admire her for laughing it off. She is snarky, and both her inner thoughts and spoken thoughts had me giggling. The more nervous she got the more snarky she became and sometimes it got a little annoying. I wanted to shake her and say be serious. Ryan finds Shelby refreshing, funny, and sexy. When he realizes she is in trouble he helps and I liked the kind of stand-up guy he is. There is sexual tension from the onset but the relationship unfolds slowly. Other characters round out the story and add insight, humor and suspects.

The mystery aspect of this tale is served as a side dish to the romance although it is always present. Instead of working the case with Shelby in tow, Ryan’s partner works it, leaving us feel a little left out. I would have liked to be more involved but the climatic ending for the mystery itself was very believable. But then the author threw in a twist and while I loved the intense scene it felt over the top. I would have preferred the first ending with the climactic scene and throw out that last bit. The romance wrapped up nicely and I liked how it ended. Overall this was an entertaining read and I will certainly try this author again.

Fans of romance with a side dish of suspense, and a whole lot of humor will enjoy I Do…or Die. It offers up a nice light weekend read.

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5 Responses to “Review: I Do … or Die by Donna Cummings”

  1. kimbacaffeinate

    I think it was done well, it was really her personality, like the more nervous or scared she was the snarkier she got..LOL

  2. Anna

    Oooo I love a bit of snark. And a police detective? Hmmmm, yeah, works for me. It does sound like a lot of fun. I wanna know about these kitty faces! LOL That’s a different one!