Coffee Pot Reviews: Wounded Angel by Stacy Gail and Sweet Soldier by Misty Evans

May 10th, 2013 Kimberly Review 20 Comments

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 Coffee Pot ReviewsWelcome to Coffee Pot Reviews! These are short and sweet reviews done in the length of time it takes my coffee pot to brew! I have two yummy adult books to share from the Earth Angel and Kali Sweet series.

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Coffee Pot Reviews: Wounded Angel by Stacy Gail and Sweet Soldier by Misty Evans
Wounded Angel
by Stacy Gail
Series: Earth Angels #3
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Source: Publisher
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Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star

A descendant of the Angel of Vengeance, Nate da Luca was gifted with an uncanny ability to find things. It made his job as a detective a breeze—until he learned the hard way that some things should remain hidden. After that, his powers vanished, along with his belief in himself. Which is going to make tracking down Gabriella Littlefield for his latest client a challenge. Personal trainer Ella Little paid a hefty price for her life—now all she wants is to live it in peace. Then a sexy hulk of a man turns up in her gym, reigniting desires she thought she'd left behind along with her real name and hair color. Desires she can't deny even after she discovers Nate's no stranger to her dark past. Before he can convince her the attraction is mutual, Nate's going to have to earn Ella's trust. But a demon is playing for keeps in the world of humans, using Ella as bait, and the last thing they have is time.

Wounded Angel the third installment in the Earth Angels series introduced us to Nate da Luca; a descendant of the Angel of Vengeance. As a half-human angel, his abilities make him a natural as a police detective. He can find anything he is looking for, but when his last case goes wrong and his powers fizzled he retires and starts his own private investigator firm. He is in Chicago looking for Gabriella Littlefield and something is hunting him. Each book in the Earth Angels series features a new angel their love interest and its all wrapped up in an action-packed mystery/case. I loved Nate, he is a well-toned, smexy, kind-hearted, swoon-worthy man who is deeply scarred by events from his past. Gabriella now known as Ella has done everything to put the horrors of her past behind her and for the first time in years, she feels an unexpected attraction to a man. Ella is such a strong woman and her story survivor story is exceptional. The tale that unfolds was suspenseful and I loved how it tied into the overall ARC of this series. We learn more about the demons as the angels communicate with each other through a website and I loved the interaction between Nate and the previous characters. The relationship that developed between Nate and Ella was filled with sexual tension, denial and a sweetness that felt genuine. I laughed at some of their banter and loved the way they gave each other strength. While the tale was predictable I found myself turning the pages to see how it all worked out. This series is such a fun escape and each time I open a new book in the series I am rewarded. Fans of romantic suspense with a paranormal twist will adore this series.

Coffee Pot Reviews: Wounded Angel by Stacy Gail and Sweet Soldier by Misty Evans
Sweet Soldier
by Misty Evans
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Source: Author
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Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

Armageddon is coming and it’s up to me to stop the Four Horsemen and their heavenly army of angels. Unfortunately, one of the Horsemen happens to be my rock star boyfriend, Radison Beaumont. At least that’s what his ex-fiancée, Parker Burkett, claims. Parker wants revenge on me for stealing Rad and she’s working with my archenemy, Queen Maria, a succubus who wants me back in her court of supernaturals. The only way I can stop them and the coming biblical apocalypse is to recruit an army – an army led by the king of hell. Lucifer’s not about to help without getting something in return, and following anyone’s orders – even his – is not my style. I’m turning my inner demon loose on Parker, Maria, and the Horsemen – and saving the humans I love at the same time. But what price will I pay for dealing with the devil? Going to the dark side has never been so sweet.

Wow, Misty Evans brought us the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in Sweet Soldier the third installment in the Kali Sweet series and the action was not stop intense. Kali is up to her neck in chaos, her nemesis Queen Maria is back and so is Lucifer. We see growth in Kali especially in the romance department and I loved her little chat with Di. Rad is back and hotter than ever but he is one of the horsemen and Kali needs to decide if she can kill the man she loves. I love all the banter between the characters and Kali is such a snarky kicking-ass!  There is a softer side of her emerging that I loved discovering even if it makes her want to barf. Evans delivers a wonderfully paced tale, and skillfully fleshing out characters that I have come to adore. She rips one of my favorites away from us and it broke my heart. I am excited about some changes coming up in the series and cannot wait to read the next installment. Fans of action-packed urban fantasy with kick-ass fleshed out characters, and well-developed world-building this series is for you!

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20 Responses to “Coffee Pot Reviews: Wounded Angel by Stacy Gail and Sweet Soldier by Misty Evans”

  1. Turning the Pages

    I was just looking at Wounded Angel on NetGalley I think I really want to give it a try. Can it be read as a standalone or do I have to read books one and two before?

  2. kimbacaffeinate

    Yes, although the overall arc is really good. The ebooks are around 2.50 on Amazon. However each book deals with one type of angel and their story/romance

  3. Heidi

    Yes, I am indeed a fan of UF with fleshed out kick butt characters. I want to check out both these series now! I haven’t heard of them. Guess I better head over and hit up a challenge while I have got time.

  4. kindlemom1

    I love this meme!
    I actually have one of Misty’s books to read, I think the first one in this series and I have heard great things about it.
    I have so many books I forget about until I see someone review one and go, “oh yeah, I have that book.” *sigh* I have so much reading to do!

  5. Nick

    I haven’t read an Urban Fantasy in a very long time. I think Barb reads the second series you’ve featured if I’m not mistaken. I do love the sound of the main character. She sounds like my kind of girl! 🙂
    If only the covers were a little more attractive to make me want to buy them!

    P.S Sorry for not visiting this past week. I was drowning in exams and assignments!

  6. kimbacaffeinate

    hahaha..only you could make me stare at a cover and then agree with you. It’s at a weird angle and yeah it looks a little strange!

  7. Kristin Clifton

    I have never heard of the Kali Sweet series and when I was ready the blurb, I was like, “what the heck?!?!?!” The non-gender names threw me a bit but I think I got it! I’ll have to put this on my TBR and watch for it at the library or on Amazon!!! Four cups makes it very intruiging 😉

  8. Barbara Walker

    Oh no, I did not want to know Wounded Angel was at Netgalley. You got me started on that series and I already have too many ARCs this month! I’m glad this is a good addition to the series. The first one was sort of meh, but I liked the second – it sounds like Gail is getting better as she goes. I really have to get moving on the Kali Sweet series. I’m already a book behind. And someone dies? *sob*

    Great quickies! My own cup has gone cold though. 😉