The Winter Wife by Anna Campbell

December 8th, 2012 Kimberly Interview, Review 50 Comments

8th Dec
The Winter Wife by Anna Campbell
The Winter Wife
by Anna Campbell
Genres: Historical Romance
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Will a chance meeting on Christmas Eve…

Alicia Sinclair, Countess of Kinvarra, cannot believe that fate has been so cruel as to strand her on the snowy Yorkshire moors with her estranged husband as her only hope of rescue. During their rare encounters, the arrogant earl and his countess act like hostile strangers. Now that Alicia has fallen into Kinvarra's power, will he seek revenge for her desertion? Or does the dark, passionate man she once adored have entirely different plans for his headstrong wife?..deliver a second chance at love? Sebastian Sinclair, Earl of Kinvarra, has spent ten wretched years regretting the mistakes he made with his young bride, but after long separation, the barriers between them are insurmountable. Until an unexpected encounter one stormy night makes him wonder if the barriers of mistrust and thwarted desire are so insurmountable after all. When winter weather traps Sebastian and his proud, lovely wife in an isolated inn, could the earl and his headstrong countess have a Christmas miracle in store?

The Winter Wife: A Christmas Novella offers a tale of love and second chances. Anna Campbell has long wanted to do a Christmas novella and I quite enjoyed her first one. It’s the tale of an estranged couple either too proud or too stubborn to work things out and their chance encounters on a deserted Yorkshire road in the middle of a snowstorm. Maybe it was the magic of Christmas or fate that brought them together but the tale that unfolded was delightful.

This was a quick, entertaining read that I consumed in a single evening. Alicia Sinclair, Countess of Kinvarra has been ruined for any other man by her husband. After a series of misunderstandings and foolish pride, they separated and have lived apart for the past ten years. Sebastian Sinclair, Earl of Kinvarra has been plagued by the memory of his estranged wife and the mistakes he has made. Circumstances force them to spend the evening at an overcrowded in and I adored every snarky, romantic, passionate moment of this tale. My only complaint is that I would have liked this to be a full-length novel.

If you are looking for a quick historical romance with a little Christmas magic then The Winter Wife is sure to delight. Campbell’s novella gave us a strong sense of the characters and an understanding of their troubled past. Filled with passion and second chances this is sure to get you in the holiday mood. My hope is that the author will deliver a full-length Christmas novel next year. *hint*

I am very excited to have the chance to interview Anna and want to welcome her to Caffeinated Reviewer. As many of you know I loved her novel Seven Nights in A Rogue’s Bed, if you missed my review you can check it out here.


Welcome Anna please enjoy some delicious hazelnut coffee or peppermint tea and try a cookie.

These are delicious and I am happy to be here, the tea smells heavenly

In your bio, it states that you began writing your first novel in the third grade. Was there ever anything else you wanted to be?

Nothing sensible. There was the stage where I wanted to be a prima ballerina! And even then, I always thought I’d write romance once I hung up the ballet slippers.

Your heroes are all swoon-worthy and slightly flawed and I adore them. Are they inspired by real people?

Thank you for saying that about my heroes. They’re so real to me when I’m writing the books. I think there are elements of real people in all my characters and certainly, I use my experience of life to create them. On the page, though, they tend to become very much their own people. I like flawed characters – they’re more interesting and more real and it gives me somewhere to take them as they develop through the story. If they’re perfect already, where’s the character arc going to go?

I love flawed characters and they become very real to me too 🙂

Did you always want to write romance fiction?

Pretty much. I read THE WOLF AND THE DOVE by Kathleen Woodiwiss when I was in my early teens and that pretty much sealed my fate. I love that in a romance you can concentrate in such minute detail on that dance of the growing relationship (usually one step forward and two steps back!). I also love writing happy endings so I guess romance was it for me!

What book are you working on now and can you share anything?

I’m currently writing the third installment in the “Sons of Sin” series which started with SEVEN NIGHTS IN A ROGUE’S BED. Title and release date to be confirmed, but I suspect sometime in 2014. It’s the story of Camden Rothermere, the Duke of Sedgemoor, who has devoted his life to restoring the family name after it’s tarred by scandal. What happens when fate matches him with a woman who can’t play by the rules? I’m having great fun with this story. Cam is a man who pretty much arranges everything to suit him and when he falls in love with his headstrong wife, his nice organized world falls to pieces in a big way.
Wahoo! I cannot wait for book two and am delighted you are working on the third.

Since it’s December I have to ask- what is your favorite holiday tradition?

My favorite holiday tradition is taking the time off between Christmas and New Year to loll around and read and watch TV and swim. Last year, sadly, I was on deadline and I missed my break. This year, let me at that TBR pile! Other traditions include lots of bubbly! 😉
We take the week off between the holidays too and enjoy the downtime with our family. Enjoy and I hope you catch up on some reading *eyes TBR pile *

Quick and easy:
Coffee or tea? Tea
Salty or sweet? Salty
If you could have a superpower what would it be? Flying
Book on your nightstand? The Regency Country House from the Archives of Country Life by John Martin Robinson (gorgeous!)
Favorite song at the moment? Do you mean current song? I like Mumford and Sons’ “I Will Wait”. Favorite classic at the moment is “Can’t Take My Eyes off You” by Franki Valli.
Well I can agree on all of those Anna, except the tea over coffee *hums Franki Valli song*

Thanks so much for stopping by Anna!


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50 Responses to “The Winter Wife by Anna Campbell”

  1. Bella's Shelf

    It seems to be a Christmas Novella day around here. You didn’t have my peppermint mocha latte though. I read an awesome one this week too. Seven nights in a rogues bed rocked. This is the 2nd book this week, no third I bought because of you. * grabs some cookies* I’ll forgive you for the peppermint mocha snaffu..lolz

  2. Julie H.

    Sounds like a great holiday read! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Anna Campbell

    Hey, thanks, Kimba! Late August seems forever away but there’s a novella out before that (Cam’s sister) so there will be lots of Sons of Sin stuff around next year.

  4. Anna Campbell

    Hey, thanks, Maja! I can’t tell you how desperately I wanted to be a ballerina! Still love going to the ballet! Laughing at your daughter wanting to be a fireman – how cool is that? Thanks for saying you enjoyed the interview. Kimba asked some fabulously interesting questions.

  5. Anna Campbell

    Hi Kindlemom! Yeah, I have favorites who never disappoint. Susan Elizabeth Phillips springs to mind – I love her stuff. Liz Carlyle. Sarah Mayberry. Annie West.

  6. Anna Campbell

    Bella, this time of year for me a novella just hits the spot. Gives me my romance fix in a short time! Thanks so much for saying you enjoyed 7 Nights and for picking up The Winter Wife. Hope you enjoy it too! Kimba’s all out of pepermint mocha, sadly! Next time! 😉

  7. Anna Campbell

    Thanks for swinging by, Julie. I love Kimba’s review!

  8. Anna Campbell

    Kimba, I love tales that sweep me away too – one of the reasons I always come back to a good historical.

  9. Anna Campbell

    Heidi, I definitely think The Winter Wife falls into the sweet category – I was so pleased that the cover gives that impression. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia so Christmas is our big holiday for families to get together. Most of the country closes down between Christmas and New Year – it’s our midsummer as well. Because I live in a really hot part of the country, swimming is majorly appealing! 😉

  10. Heidi

    I am with Barbara where is the peppermint mocha lattes? Sigh for me that week between Christmas and New Year’s is my least favorite I get depressed that the holidays are over….swimming? Well perhaps if I were still in Phoenix. Does any kid really think sensibly when they are deciding what they want to be when they grow up as a kid? Fun questions and a sweet little novella for Christmas. Sounds like fun! My Christmas read yesterday wasn’t exactly warm and cozy….

  11. Anna Campbell

    Nom, nom, nom. I’ll answer you once I finish the cookies. Unless Kimba gives me some more? Hint, hint! Hi Blodeuedd. Lovely to see you!

  12. Anna Campbell

    Hi Pnrirnfantasyreviews! Glad you enjoyed the interview and the review. Thanks for swinging by.

  13. kimbacaffeinate

    Aww bummer Heidi, my husband always takes it off and we do nothing but hang out with the kids, feast, catch up on tv shows, watch movies and play games.

  14. Anna Campbell

    Hey, thanks, Christy! High fiving back! And an English breakfast chaser! 😉 Thanks for saying you enjoyed the interview. I loved the questions!

  15. Anna Campbell

    Hey, Kimba, I couldn’t have put that better! LOL!

  16. Anna Campbell

    Thanks so much for swinging by, Diana! Hope you enjoy THE WINTER WIFE and all those snowy moors!

  17. Anna Campbell

    Kimba, thanks so much for hosting me today and for the great questions and lovely review. Thanks also to everyone who swung by to chat. Wishing you all Happy Holidays!

  18. Anna Campbell

    Hey, wow, thanks, V! So glad you enjoyed The Winter Wife. I really enjoyed revisiting both these characters. And yeah, I’m with you on the cookies!

  19. Vanessa Barneveld

    Hi, Kimba and Anna! Do you mind if I have a nibble of those cookies? They look divine…

    Anna, I loved the Winter Wife. I’m with Kimba in saying it would make a great full-length novel. I liked Alicia’s spirit.

    Great interview and review! 🙂

  20. Anna Campbell

    Hiya Annie! Thank you for saying you enjoyed The Winter Wife. I agree with you that at this time of year, it’s nice to have something bite-sized to stick your teeth into! Thanks for saying you’re looking forward to A Rake’s Midnight Kiss. It’s out at the end of August next year – I had fun writing Richard’s story. He’s nowhere near as tormented as most of my heroes and that made a nice change.

  21. Annie West

    Ooh, nice quick interview. Thank you! Loved the review too. I’ve read this novella and had a ball with it. Just the thing for an evening’s read, especially with Christmas around the corner. i’m looking forward to the next in the Sons of Sin series, Anna. Can’t wait to see what you do with that.

  22. kimbacaffeinate

    Aww I think your daughter would be a wonderful fireman! Glad you are enjoying all the holiday reviews, I love them and am delighted to share!

  23. Maja (The Nocturnal Library)

    Awww, I think every girl wants to be a prima ballerina at some point! (Except my kid… she dances ballet, but desperately wants to be a fireman. Go figure). and that time between Christmas and New Year is my favorite too. I loved this interview.
    Also, I want cookies.
    Also, Kimba, you keep throwing Christmas reads my way and I love you for it. 🙂

  24. kindlemom1

    Great interview!

    This sounds like it was another great read for you! I love it when an author can do that with each book. I have several favorites that never disappoint and it sounds like for you, Anna is one of those authors.

  25. Anna Campbell

    Kimba, I was once a mad coffee drinker (hmm, perhaps I was once mad but as above, that’s a whole nother ballgame!) but these days, it’s tea all the way. Drink it by the bucketful.

  26. Anna Campbell

    Thanks for swinging by, Michelle. Glad you enjoyed the interview!

  27. Sharon Archer

    Fun interview, Anna and Kimba! I’m “tea” person too… though I must confess that the hazelnut coffee sounds divine… perhaps I could just inhale!

    Anna, you know that I’ve got the words from “Can’t take my eyes off you” running on repeat in my head now! LOL

    I’m looking forward to more of your Sons of Sin!

  28. Anna Campbell

    Sharon, I just love, love, love that song. I think it’s mega romantic. There are worse things that could run through your mind – Gangnam Style for a start! 😉 Thanks for saying you’re looking forward to Richard’s story.

  29. Diana Leigh

    Nice interview! The blurb had me at “snowy Yorkshire moors.” I wasn’t going to buy any books for myself this month, but I really need this one for the holidays!

  30. Aurian

    Thanks for the lovely interview ladies. I enjoyed reading it.