Gardening Hacks By Jon VanZile

April 21st, 2021 Kimberly Review 18 Comments

21st Apr
Gardening Hacks By Jon VanZile
Gardening Hacks
by Jon VanZile
Genres: Non-Fiction
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Make your garden flourish with these 300 easy and inexpensive gardening hacks to help your plants blossom—perfect for any green thumbs, first-time horticulturalists, or reluctant gardeners!

Think you don’t have a green thumb? Think again! No matter your gardening woes, Gardening Hacks has the solution.

Perfect for all gardening skill levels whether you’re starting your first garden, looking to expand your crop, or simply searching for ways to make it easier to care for your extensive plant collection, you’ll find everything you need to know to make your garden grow. Gardening Hacks includes helpful tips like:
-Saving your eggshells, which can serve as everything from an organic seed starter to a natural snail and slug repellent.
-Adding a pinch of cinnamon to help prevent fungal diseases that might prevent your plants from maturing.
-Using the newspaper to help deter weeds from sprouting.
-Creating your own DIY seed packet catalog to help keep your seeds organized as your garden grows.
-And many more!

No matter the size of your garden—from a small herb collection to an extensive variety of fruits and vegetables to any indoor plant that needs some perking up—Gardening Hacks will make your plants flourish!

Today we have Sophia Rose on the blog to share her thoughts on the non-fiction novel Gardening Hacks: 300+ Time- and Money-Saving Hacks for the Most Beautiful Garden Ever! by Jon VanZile. Grab an iced mocha and your gardening gloves!

Sophia Rose’s Review

Growing your own vegetables and landscaping your own yard or home is a necessity for some and a fun hobby for others.  It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.  I love finding books that give me ideas beyond what I’ve already learned about making my yard a lovely place to see and be, spend less and repurpose what I have, and get better results especially from my veggies and herbs. 

Garden Hacks caught my attention as soon as I spotted the title.  It shouts practical and do-able to me.  The book is broken into five chapters:  Chapter One Seeds Seedlings, and Cuttings, Chap Two Container Gardening, Chap Three Outdoor Gardening, Chap Four Indoor Gardening, and Chap Five Tools, Pests, and Harvesting.  Followed by a thorough Index and helpful further Resource List. 

The text of the book is straight up what the title says- a list of hacks sorted into the topics of the chapters.  Some are just quick ideas for how to do something like a simple science experiment that determines the acidity or alkali of the soil or another might offer a how-to with illustration for building risers to make tiered growing stations.  Sometimes its advice for how to keep tools from rusting or a quick suggestion for saving your 2-liter plastic bottles and plastic gallon milk jugs to further their use as garden aids. 

The ideas and suggestions lived up to my expectations and my head is buzzing with excitement to go out and do so many of the ideas.  Some are old tried and true methods that I’ve heard from other gardeners while others were new-to-me and welcome ways to use materials I already have or recipes from items in my pantry for pests or diseases that attack the plants.  I admit to being skeptical about a few of the hacks whether it was the idea working or my ability to make it work.  But, there are a plethora of suggestions.  Even suggested ways to extend the life of a few different vegetables to keep producing.  I definitely want to try growing a second head of Romaine leaf lettuce from the base of the one I just finished.  And, I spotted some extra cinder blocks out behind the garage that are left over from one of my husband’s projects that I can repurpose into containers and raised bed borders.  And, the list of hacks I want to try go on…

Oh yes, Gardening Hacks was a wonderful find.  Not everything was new to me and probably won’t all be new to other gardeners, but it was easy to pour through the book and find several ideas that were.  I can definitely recommend it as a practical resource for the beginner to moderate gardener’s shelf and especially those who are gardening on a budget or want to use up and reuse what you already have.

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18 Responses to “Gardening Hacks By Jon VanZile”

  1. ShootingStarsMag

    I love books that share various hacks. They make me so happy!! Glad this was a good read and you learned some new tips and tricks.


    • Sophia Rose

      Yes, they sound easy to do and will make me look good as a gardener. LOL Kidding, but I do like to find ways of gardening better.

  2. Joyousreads

    The Plant Parenthood movement is becoming increasingly popular. So this is very timely and probably a must for those who do not kill plants on first touch. Lol.

    • Sophia Rose

      LOL There are some good explanations about how to work with plants, but also a lot of cheaper or easier ways to do something with indoor or outdoor gardening.

  3. Carole @ Carole's Random Life

    After killing the plants in the garden at the house we bought this year, I probably need to read something like this before I attempt another garden. This sounds like a good resource.