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November 22nd, 2018 Kimberly Feature 51 Comments

22nd Nov

Caffeinated Cover Captions

The following post is intended to be fun. It is not intended to poke fun at the author, book or designer. After I thought of this post idea, I discovered others have played as well. You can find Harlequin Junkies, “Caption the Cover” feature and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books “Cover Snark

Daredevil's Mistress

“Leave if you want, but I am keeping your horse.”

The scornful look she is giving him as she strokes the horse made me immediately think she had something to say. It kind of looks like he is dressing to leave…  Do you ever caption covers? I do it all the time and giggle-snort in the bookstore isles.

About the Book:

Daredevil’s Mistress
by Charlene Namdhari
Series:Fire & Ice Book
Goodreads | Amazon

Twenty-four-year-old virgin Samantha Harman longs to escape her boring life and overbearing father in South Africa. She gains temporary freedom when she visits a friend’s ranch in Arizona. Her father’s price for letting her go? Return to an arranged marriage. But an unexpected attraction to a sexy cowboy is hard to fight and soon she’s in bed with the devil.

Cody Bentley, a hardworking no-nonsense rancher, has been hurt before. To him, women are wanton troublemakers out for gold. Then his sister’s feisty friend comes for a visit and ensnares him in a white-hot passion that threatens to melt the icy wall around his heart.

Will Samantha dare to defy her father’s demands and convince Cody to take a chance on love?

So what do you think of my caption?

What caption would you give the cover?

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51 Responses to “Cover Captions”

    • Kimberly

      Hello cupcake. When I find a cover that speaks to me. My head is killing me slowly, so I have been avoiding the internet.

  1. Mary Reiss

    I don’t usually caption the covers but I seem to need to start. I love yours. She is giving him a weird look. Like yeah, this horse is mine buddy – get lost. Cute post.


  2. Melissa T.

    I don’t have an idea of what I’d caption the cover. But your caption definitely made me laugh!

  3. Melanie Simmons

    Those two pictures don’t look right together. If they had just used the picture of the girl with the horse, I think it would’ve worked. But adding in the model styling the shirt off the shoulder is just weird. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Melanie Simmons recently posted: Gratitude Giveaway 2018
  4. lisa thomson

    I love your caption, Kim. Haha! This game reminds me a little of the one Fred Armisten plays on Seth Myers where he describes the plot of a book based on a cover of a book he’s seeing for the first time.

    This is kind of funny: ” women are wanton troublemakers out for gold” Is this set in the Klondike days? LOL. Still, I shamelessly wouldn’t mind delving into this book.

    lisa thomson recently posted: Six Degrees Of Separation From the Narcissist
  5. Stormi Johnson

    Haha! Great caption! I was looking at the tagline and thought to myself with that look she is giving she could burn a hole through him….lol.