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August 24th, 2016 Kimberly Blogger Tips and Tricks 32 Comments

24th Aug

When you stop by to read a Caffeinated Review are you taking advantage of all the links and additional information at your fingertips? Caffeinated offers a wealth of information with each review designed for you the reader. I am going to show you what each link does to enhance your experience.

Some of these are obvious, but from responses and questions it became apparent that some guests weren’t taking advantage of these features. I hope you find this enlightening and discover something new. Most of these features were made possible through the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin. A paid plugin available for blogs on


Breakdown of Review Post

    1. Title of Book
    2. Author – If you click on the author’s name it will generate a complete list of review posts I have written for this author.
    3. Series – This shares name of series and number of book in series. If you click on the link it will show you the following: overall series rating from Caffeinated and list of posts and reviews by Caffeinated for this series beginning with most recent. Charley Davidson Archives Caffeinated Book Reviewer
    4. Publisher -Clicking on publisher’s name will bring up an archive list of books by this publisher that reviewed here at Caffeinated.
    5. Release Date -let’s you know when book was released
    6. Genre- If you click on link it will show you any books reviewed in this genre.
    7. Source- Discloses how book was obtained: publisher, BEA, Prime Lending Library, purchased, gifted, author etc.
    8. Purchase: Direct link to retailers. When you purchase books with these links you help support Caffeinated. It may be pennies but they help fun giveaways, readathons and more.
    9. Goodreads: Add book to your Goodreads bookshelf
    10. Rating: Caffeinated rating.  See ratings system
    11. Flames: How Hot Was It? See Heat level scale
    12. Date: post was published
    13. Book Cover
    14. Synopsis
    15. Icon Tags: Visual Impression of book. These are clickable and each will show books with the same icon. Do you like Smart & Funny books? Click on icon to find books with that feature. These icons are made linkable through a UBB Add on: Tag Add-on and the icon images were purchased through Parajunkee.
    16. Review (not shown) Here you will find my thoughts on book, excerpts, quotes, audible samples, giveaways and morecafeposts
    17. Click to Tweet: Like the review, click and share to Twitter.  plugin: Click to Tweet
    18. About the Author: Deets on author and social media links
    19. Reading Challenges: Shows which challenges this book fulfilled. See all of My Challenges
    20. Share this post- share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more
    21. About Me: A little about me and links to social media
    22. Caffeinated Your Inbox- Never miss a post enter email address to receive posts in your Inbox.
    23. Related Posts: Find reviews and posts similar to current post

Did you discover something new?  Is there something not featured in a the review that you would like to see?

Caffeinated Review Information At Your Fingertips - features designed for you. Click To Tweet
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32 Responses to “Caffeinated Review -Information At Your Fingertips”

  1. Sophia Rose

    Oh yes! I like these links and I’ve used a few. My favorite tends to be the ‘add’ button for my wish list on GR. I also like being able to go back and read former reviews for the series if I’m seeing a review for a book mid-series. Very handy stuff!

    Sophia Rose recently posted: Must Love Kilts by Angela Quarles #Review
  2. Laurel-Rain Snow

    Great post! I have been aware of some of these features, but I’m especially excited to know that clicking on the author’s name generates your list.

    The series info is really helpful, too. Thanks for the great post!

    Laurel-Rain Snow recently posted: AUTHOR’S HOME PAGE
  3. Kaela

    Oh my gosh! I love this! It’s true what they say. You learn something new everyday!

  4. Whitney

    Great post Kim! I usually click on the author link to see what else that particular author has written and what the fellow blogger thought of them. I always wondered how you added the “click to tweet” under your post — thanks for sharing it was very informative.

    Whitney recently posted: The Wish Rider by Barbara Casey
  5. Jennifer

    LOL I had a future TBR post very similar to this but I deleted last week. I think this post is helpful for the small group of people (or maybe larger?) that doesn’t use UBB. Many do not realize all this stuff is linked when you work to fill everything out. It’s worth the money for it.

    Jennifer recently posted: Unraveled by Jennifer Estep
  6. Kay

    I didn’t know the series thing! So cool! I always love looking at how many coffee cups and steamy flame you give each book. 😀 This is a great and helpful post.

    Kay recently posted: Library Loot #50
  7. Melanie Simmons

    Great post Kimberly. Even though I use UBB on Rabid Reads, I still learned about new things. I didn’t realize your icons were links. On RR, we just use the images for visuals. They don’t link to anything. I so love your design. I love that there is so much information and so clean.

    Melanie Simmons recently posted: Hammered Audiobook by Kevin Hearne (REVIEW)